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Originally Posted by Burntfruit
Death is just going home.

Often we hear incarnation on earth to be like boarding schools.

This statement has various ramifications, such as we are here to learn, we have to follow the rules, we can be child like.

Do you get fed up of life, and yearn to be in the after realms, where there are no misunderstandings, you have the company of your eternal soul group, and can explore a beautiful environment.

Or do you love life, and want to live forever?
I am already in the afterlife at this very moment; you do not have to surrender your physical existence to experience the afterlife.
With a heightened sense of perception we come to realize that we are already home and have always been home.
The Self which I am deep within my physical body does not distinguish between physical and spiritual, as it is already in another
dimension removed from the physical but nonetheless supporting and using the physical for its continued growth and development.
All of us live and have our being in our own awareness. It is not the physical body which needs to be discarded rather it is a
limited perspective which needs to be discarded in my opinion. Life is not what I do, or don't do, rather life is what I am and will always be
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