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I do not have children, so no reliance in that regard, but my parents are still on earth, & I will be staying in the flesh, to help them through their elderly years on earth. They are in their eighties, & I figure that I owe it to them to help them in their old age, because, well, they gave eternal consciousness, to a soul, which brought the "eternal" me into being.
& without my folks I would not be in existence.

I have a funeral fully payed for & have chosen a wicker casket.& have retired from work & am fully self funded & do figure that my funds should last at least another 15 years, just long enough I believe.

& i have chosen my choice of exiting the flesh.....
.......& if my folks were to pass today, I would see to their funeral & last wishes & then depart myself immediately there after.

Iam extremely fit & healthy & sane of mind & have everything I need to survive comfortably, but I would rather like to live eternally in the spiritual form without the flesh from this moment on...but alas I will have to wait.

I did tell my folks of my desire to exit the earth life & I asked them if they could cope without my help as they get older, & they said yes & it would be ok by them if I left the earth, but they said they would definitely miss me of course....& well I decided that it would not be the right thing to do, in leaving them behind. I am still here on earth for them, 5 years later.....& my desire to exit the flesh, is growing stronger every moment that i have to, stay in the flesh.
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