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I don't mind death if that is my path. I let the end come when is it necessary to be so.

Until then i live life, that i can't find as a blessing, but that is probably way, that im not too attached to anything. Have wish for pleasant experiences and with time, that i make a connections about everything that is present and is going on in my life and when i am able to see everything will be probably even more saticefied and abble accept what is and what was and will be.

If i would have to live this life again i wish i would have more guidance. But then again i ask myself, what is the path of living this way, somehow in darkness when there could be better. I can feel it, but can't reach it.

Should be more active than writing on forum, but that is the way i have choose for this life. Im really interested to find answers through internet, or lets say, not personal level.

I also tried to imagine death in many ways and situations, so i became really confident about this topic. So i realised there is no meaning to die, until you have find out and accomplished at least the most interesting and hidden things that you were not aware before. So im into some kind of development, but lacking to see bigger picture.
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