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Originally Posted by Burntfruit
Death is just going home.
LOL, you ARE "home". What else could you be? Your ego may not understand this but you, the Reality, ARE HOME - not at home but ARE the "home". Death is an aspect of your divine play here. There is no actual "death".
Often we hear incarnation on earth to be like boarding schools.
that is true for the (imagined) ego but not for you, the Source.

This statement has various ramifications, such as we are here to learn, we have to follow the rules, we can be child like.
Who/what is this "we"? You are not a "we"! Your are the Absolute appearing as this "we" or a person. You, the Infinite Being are ONE appearing as many.

Do you get fed up of life, and yearn to be in the after realms, where there are no misunderstandings, you have the company of your eternal soul group, and can explore a beautiful environment.
This is only about the apparent ego/person/entity that you, the Source, have projected into your cosmic drama for your own enjoyment. You, the Infinite, do not get fed up with life although your imagined ego might. Everything in that statement is about the cosmic Dream that you, the Eternal, have projected.

Or do you love life, and want to live forever?
You, the Infinite Being, do "love" life and you already are living FOREVER and beyond whereas, you, the personal, limited and short lived ego may love or hate life and wants to live forever as this limited ego.
None of this comment pertains to you, the Reality or Source or whatever you want to call your divine self.
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