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The three score years and ten, that period which apparently is alloted to us as an average, is in my case well in the past. Maybe I've got another five minutes, five months or five years. I can't know. What I do know is that I'm lucky, I have no illnesses, no pains, no regrets. Unfortunately my wife died eight years ago so I've had to get along without a close companion - which, after 50 years of marriage takes a while to get used to.

Finding a new 'girlfriend' wasn't and isn't for me. No-one could replace the one who's gone.

Whether or not I go further after death (in some way) or not is all the same to me. I do actually have more than just a few reasons, due to my life experiences, to think that death isn't 'the end'. To ask whether I'm looking forward or not to dying isn't a good question. Because it depends. I certainly don't want to be the one remaining. Lots of my friends and neighbours are no longer around and nowadays almost every week brings another little reminder.

We all experience a little death each night when we drop off to sleep - and this doesn't cause us any worry. Could it be a symbol, this dropping off and awakening thousands of times during a lifetime to indicate how things are?
What I can say is that I've had a good life. A very good life. To be reborn and not to have an improvement upon that which went before would be a terrible shock.

So, if it is going to be a life not matching up to this one then I'd prefer to forgo it. An even better life would be welcome. A famous French philosopher said 'it's no more a miracle to be born twice than it is to be born once' - I tend to hold this as a truth - and hope that if I see those pearly gates open that I'll see green grass and sunshine.
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