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Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East


As long as I've been involved in this Spiritual Forum, I've quoted numerous times from the set of books for which this thread is entitled, as written by explorer Baird T. Spalding.

Since the time a wise friend loaned his hard copy of the 1st volume (of 6) to me over 30 years ago, I have used them to orient and enrich my understanding of Spirituality, along with numerous other sources.

I'd like to share the online URLs I recently discovered of 4 of the 6 volumes in PDF format to whomever may desire to benefit from the wisdom within.

Allow me to share the event documented in page 6 of just the 1st volume, which changed my life.

Excerpt on page 6 of Volume 1, from the Master called Emil speaking to Baird Spalding's group:

"I wish to call your attention more fully to the fact that man in his right domain is limitless, knows no limit of time or space. Man, when he knows himself, is not obliged to toil wearily along for five days to accomplish ninety miles. Man in his right estate can accomplish any distance, it matters not the magnitude, instantly. A moment ago I was in the village from which you departed five days ago. What you saw as my body still reposes there. Your associate, whom you left in that village, will tell you that, until a few moments before four o'clock, I conversed with him, stating that I would go to greet you as you would arrive here about this hour... [edited by staff/refer to copy and paste rule]"

These capabilities not be news to many in this forum, but reading about such for the 1st time 30 years ago, became the start of my journey of awakening, ignited by the realization WHY it is true that:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Hope you enjoy these references as much as I still do, and have, since....




“Why, that’s true! I am a perfect, unlimited gull!” Jonathan opened his eyes asking, "Where are we?” The Elder Chiang said, “We’re on some planet with a green sky and a double star for a sun.” Jonathan made a scree of delight. “IT WORKS!" “Well, of course it works, Jon,” said Chiang. “It always works, when you know what you’re doing." (and even when you don't)
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