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Originally Posted by durgaa
This is Jurgen Ziewie's new book. Should be out August/Sept.

lt's possible this person comes to you. Who knows, you might be connected through previous lives. Look at how many famous ppl there have been throughout history - most of us will have come into contact with them at some time..
l've even had many signs and synchronicities about my own twinsoul having been a famous egyptian queen. So, anything is possible IMO..
Just be very cautious, because, as said in previous posts, there are many imposters in the astral worlds who are adept at shape-shifting, and taking on the appearance of a celebrity is one sure-fire way of deceiving those who idolise such ppl. Obviously, you don't seem to be as gullible as that, but for any others who might be going through this, it best to watch your backs..

And definitely follow the advice of Howla..
Don't worry, I have never played with a ouigi board and don't plan on ever playing with one. I just feel deep in my soul that he is the real deal. Thanks
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