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What if a celebrity has been dead over 30 years and he comes to you in your dreams? And you never even thought about this person before this dream/dreams?

There could be many explanations for this.
l assume you were'nt reading, watching a film or talking about this person before sleep.
lf you were infatuated with this celeb years ago they will still keep appearing now and then, because it's still there in your subconscious. You might have created a strong thought-form that is still active.
You could also be having a premonition about some future event in connection with this person - it could be a book you'll read, a documentary or film about them, or a conversation with somebody relating to this celebrity..
On the astral planes there are many shape-shifting tricksters who like to have fun with us or be worshipped in the way famous celebs are here..
They could also be symbols relating to low self-esteem, if you see what l mean..
lt's not impossible that your seeing someone famous in dreams though..
l see them quite often, and l'm still not sure lol..
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