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Yes, we can meet all sorts over there. Quite often we meet ppl there before we meet them in physical life later on..

Celebrities, however, are usually our own mental creations or thought-forms. Or artificial Entities as jurgen ziewie (well-known astral traveller) calls them in his book.

From his book (and website):

On Artificial Entities

Question: A certain point in your book you mention encountering a man who had servants and such which were artificial entities who looked and acted real, and even had personalities and intentions. Was there anything in particular about these entities which marked them out clearly as non-living beings?

Answer: Artificial Entities (AEs) are not normally something of an issue to the projector, especially as they tend to be attached to their creators. To identify them you can rely on your intuition. At first glance artificial entities can look very convincing, but you soon realise there is an element of remoteness to them and although they can appear to have personalities these are usually the results of the projections of their creator and lack authenticity. When compared to real people, the lack of real soul becomes a clear giveaway. People with a strong sex drives often create such artificial entities subconsciously to gratify their needs either in their dreams or lucid dreams and they are inevitably compliant. You may have come across reports on some forums that they made love to a famous film star such as Angelina Jolie etc. These of course are just projections. This applies to almost any celebrity you may meet.
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