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xXeNeRGy86Xx 19-02-2018 05:21 PM

NDE Story (audio)
I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by posting this here but I felt the story to be significant and spent the morning yesterday editing out part of a neat NDE story I heard rerun from 2001 on the radio. Took alota work so I thought I would share the link for anyone interested. It's a little over an hr long.



Former Atheist (now Reverend) Howard Storm discusses his escape from near death and spiritual rebirth/awakening.

Rev Storm has some books out on Amazon (I haven't read) with near 5 star reviews, and although the story line is from a Christian perspective, I think there is an important point to note when 'God' explains how it does not matter what religion you follow, whichever takes you closer to God (a philosophy I've been trying to drill into my parents for a very long time). There is a vital message here that can be found in several paths of spirituality regarding the importance of living our lives with higher purpose and selflessness.

Enjoy :biggrin:

linen53 24-02-2018 12:07 AM

I'll listen to it tomorrow. Thank you.

linen53 01-03-2018 03:26 PM

I finally found some time that I could just sit and listen. Interesting that there were some elements outside of the Christian belief.

Namely that he judged himself during his review and as I have heard and read before, that any religion that brings you closer to God is the right one for you.

I sure wish he would have been able to answer the one about the Buddhists.

And the part about hell was interesting. But the definitive part, that you don't remain in hell forever, was never talked about. And that is a very big problem that I have with the Christian religion, all of them.

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