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euphorie 17-01-2018 02:39 PM

Old dream
This is a dream I had many years ago, so perhaps it's ridden with false memory. I'd love to hear different interpretations of this, but recently, I've been researching paganism and thinking about deities... and it then went to me recalling the dreams I've had that significantly affected me, hoping that I'd find something there.

I distinctly remember dreaming that I was sleeping in the bedroom I had at the time. I was definitely a pre-teen at the time (I lived in that home between ages 10-12) so this was very strange dream. In the dream, I was sleeping alone on one side of the bed, just waiting... when the grim reaper showed up. He woke me up (in the dream) but I didn't feel fear at all. I greeted him as a wife would to a husband, and wanted him to get into bed. I felt protected and loved, but he wouldn't physically touch me, despite the fact that it was pretty clear he wanted. This wasn't an erotic dream but... it felt like I was in a romantic relationship.

I cannot recall how the dream progressed but I jolted awake in the early hours of the morning (around 3) and had a bit of trouble getting back to sleep because all I could see when I closed my eyes were coffins. All that was very unsettling to me.

The next morning, I heard that one of my peers' dad had passed away in the early hours of the morning. He had a motor vehicle accident around 3am. Not that it really mattered but he was a pilot, so he wasn't always home... but on this occasion, he was travelling back home.

At that age, I was curious about deja vu and psychics. I think I was fairly intuitive as a child because a lot of my dreams would come to fruition, and I'd meet people I've never met or be at a place I've never been until a future date. Headaches were frequent for me then and it was debilitating at times. This dream? I left it at coincidence. It did make me feel less fearful about death though.

Edit: Oopsie Daisy. I swear I was on the 'Dreams' forum, but I suppose I accidentally clicked the wrong one... but it happens to be related to death too.

Lynn 19-01-2018 06:56 PM


I moved the thread to "Dreams" as you will find more replies here.

It is possible that you felt the event on the energy level. Being that he was a Dad he would have been reaching out with his last physical energy to say his goodbyes and to try and understand what happened all at the sometime.

I remember my teen year's and trying to get a handle on it all to understand what I was going though that others just told me not to talk about or discuss. I knew when relatives passed before the call came. Yet I could not talk about it.

I remember once blurting out at the dinner table the phone was going to ring and that Uncles so and so was dead. Boating accident, man I heard about that one, then the phone rang. I was right.


dream jo 19-01-2018 07:37 PM

iv had thes dreams wear i wz dreamin in a difrnt room i wz evn wall pappr off abot 20/30 yrs go
thn wok up in room wear i had dream

evn had dream wear iv had nobrs hav a termnil ilnes ir thyabot passs thn herd a few days thy ill or thy hav died

i no yr befr my dad died i kpt on dreamin of sea opnen coffns i did
or opnnin cofffns in nxt twn i did in sid a herse goin by sea
o thng dream it timwz tryn y tell me tryn spendss mush tim on my dad as i can i no now u get it

H:O:R:A:C:E 20-01-2018 08:13 PM

there is a cosmological theory in which all that exists is present in the
"here and now"; perhaps it's involving fractal patterns of expansion.
my thought is that your headaches may have been a physical symptom
of discomfort you'd experienced due to shifting your perspective between
distinct points within the 'matrix'. prescient knowledge may be obtained
by recognizing patterns and translating them into present circumstances.

the idea that the grim reaper is your loving partner is suggesting to me
that the ability to shift between realities has been 'disowned' by you and
given to another (your partner)... transitioning between perspectives
within the matrix has become associated with death to you in this form.
for him to have been reluctant to embrace you seems to imply that you
are not due for passing through the death experience any more (or at
least not at that juncture). redefining his function for you may allow you
to come into reunion with your full self -- without a need to blink out of
existence and reappear somewhere else bereft of your memories.

euphorie 22-01-2018 05:45 AM

Thank you for your insights.

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