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Starman 08-01-2018 04:56 AM

Planes of Existence
The thing about any concepts, or beliefs, about the afterlife is that at the time of human death, or to go into the light, we must give up all of our concepts and beliefs about death and the afterlife; including any beliefs which I have written here. Our beliefs can create expectations which might hinder our further transition beyond this physical world. I believe that beliefs, or faith, serve a valuable purpose but they are as a double edged sword. What we put our faith in we open up to, and at the time of human death I feel it is best to open up to nothingness, which is clear of all thoughts, beliefs, and concepts.

Life transitions are very intimate and highly subjective, and it is no different with the transition that we call “death.” We leave our physical body at the time of human death, but we must also leave our mental and emotional covering as well, to enter the light. We are always traveling and transitioning through our own being.

What I share here is from what I have gathered from my own out-of-body experiences, talking with others who have had out-of-body experiences, and my spiritual studies and insights over the decades. None of us are really in our physical bodies as our consciousness, or essential nature, extends far beyond our physical body.

Right now, at this very moment, we exist on many levels simultaneously; we are not only physical beings but also mental beings, emotional beings, and at our innermost level spiritual beings. Actually, it is all spirit, just vibrating at various frequencies giving the illusion of different textures and qualities. Existence is a journey through various textures and qualities; it is ongoing, transformational, and experiential.

We travel the various realms of our own being; Some call them planes of existence, others call them realms, or levels of existence, and still others may call them bardos, but it does not matter what we call them, they exist in the here and now right within us and are part of our being. Human death may look the same with everyone on the outside but each of us have our very own unique journey on the inside. There is really no such thing as “nothing” so what we open up to are finer levels of ourselves in various realms.

Starman 08-01-2018 04:57 AM

The journey of life is inward as we travel our own being; we go within our physical being only to expand outward beyond our physical being. The realms, or planes of existence, become more vast the deeper we go. The spiritual plane is more vast than the emotional plane, and the emotional plane is more vast than the mental plane, which is more vast than the physical plane. We look on the outside of our physical being to see what is going on inside, as our behavior on the outside is but a reflection, a projection, of our inner life.

All space is curved, all motion is spiral; we eventually end up where we began; understanding that there truly is no end or beginning. Each successive plane of existence becomes finer, and finer, and more subtle, than the physical plane. All planes are contained on the spiritual plane, which is the largest but cannot be measured, then there is the emotional plane, which is smaller than the spiritual plane, then the mental plane, which is smaller than the emotional plane, and lastly the physical plane, which is the smallest of them all.

They all exist simultaneously occupying the same space at the same time but with different qualities and textures. We can not see these planes with human eyes but we do constantly interact with these planes as human beings; when we think, when we have emotions, we are operating on different planes of existence. We exist simultaneously on all of these planes right now.

It is only a mystery to us as humans because we are exploring and discovering our own being. Actually there are no mysteries; everything is always taking place right inside of us and right in front of us; nothing is hiding from us rather it is us who are hiding; thus the need to wake up to what is and has always been. What we see happening on the outside in this physical world is generated from inside of people on their interior planes of existence and expressed through them into this world.

Starman 08-01-2018 04:58 AM

At the time of physical death, we pass through all of the levels we exist on before consciously merging with the light. Actually, we are already merged with the light and never left it; it is just a matter of being totally and absolutely conscious of it, and experiencing it with every bit of our being. On the physical plane of existence all of the elements are present; Earth (solids), Air (gaseous), Water (fluids), and Fire (ecstatic); the same internal fire which burns us also purifies us (not talking about the external fire). These elements correspond with the planes, or realms, of our being. The physical plane is solid but it also contains all of the other elements.

The mental plane (Air), often called the “astral plane,” is right next to the physical plane and it is responsive to thoughts; it is a gaseous-like realm of existence. We see on the mental plane what is contained in people’s thoughts, including our own thoughts. We may see our loved ones, buildings, streets, and in many ways it may look like what we have seen here on earth. We transcend the mental plane by keeping our thoughts quiet and nurturing inner silence.

On the different planes of existence our body, or covering, will be of a similar quality and texture as the plane where we dwell. Just like here on Earth, our physical body is 2/3rds water just like the earth; in a gaseous realm we will have a body similar to that gaseous realm, and so forth in other realms. The closer we get to the realm of pure spirit, the more formless and energy-like we become. This is the way that we already are within our own innermost being.

The physical plane of existence is the most coarse while the other planes of existence become more finer and finer. We do not get a new body, we just let go of one covering for the next covering until we have no covering. On the spiritual plane we are naked and do not cover ourselves with any type of body; in that realm we are pure formless brilliant ecstatic spiritual energy; more beautiful, and fulfilling, than words could ever describe.

Starman 08-01-2018 04:58 AM

The emotional plane (Water) is very fluid, and it is mostly occupied with sensations similar to what we may have experienced emotionally here on earth. Sometimes the fluid is hard and sharp, and at other times flowing soft and freely; like the various manifestations of water. We may experience the disembodied sensations, or emotions, of others as well as our own disembodied emotions manifesting and dissipating in this environment. To transcend the emotional plane we must remain centered and detached.

The innermost plane (Fire) is that of pure spirit; an ecstatic realm of overwhelming light and unconditional love, incredible peace and intoxicating bliss; fulfillment beyond anything that could ever be described. It is beyond description, words, thoughts, and emotions, and cannot be known by the human mind. Love, compassion, humility, simplicity, kindness, and all of the other pure spiritual qualities pull us closer to our center and the realm of pure spirit.

Each plane, or realm, has various levels of livingness; like the physical plane has mineral life, plant life, insect life, animal life, etc., there are similar levels of livingness on each plane. On the mental plane we may call one level of livingness “intellectual,” or complicated, simplistic, etc., and there are different levels in the emotional and spiritual realms as well. Every state of mind is a state of being, and every emotional state is a state of being. The human mind is fraught with duality; pros and cons, compare and contrast, etc., yet that most fulfilling realm of spiritual oneness, removed from duality, can be experienced while we are still in human form here on earth.

What we experience now within a physical body we might also experience when we leave our physical human body. “What you have now you will have then,” etc. Although, there are guides, on every plane, that can help us on our journey; a journey that is very intimate, and therefore no one can really tell you what you will experience after human death because others do not know the mental and emotional states you have nurtured while here on Earth like you can. Those mental and emotional states are states of being. “Know Thyself” goes a lot deeper than just us knowing our personality.

I actually wrote some ten pages, so far, on this but only posted a reduced version here for those who do not like long posts; thus there is much more on this which I have written. It is part of a book that I am putting together; the third book which I have written. The first book which I wrote back in the 1980’s, was on “Inspiration,” my second book was on “Awareness,” and this third book will be on “Existence.” Having a very fulfilling retirement, I do this only to share insights. Peace.:smile:

linen53 13-01-2018 05:43 PM

Wow, can't believe no one has responded. This is pretty much what I've read. An excellent book is titled The Path of the Masters by Radha Soami Satsang Beas. He dwells on the different realms as you have.

Actually I only got half way through the book because it's mind boggling. I had to put it down. Maybe it's time to pick it up and finish it.

I trust myself. I am cautious I don't feed into any scare tactics. I've been through this process we call dying countless times. I'm sure when I die I will know what to do since I've done it so many times before.

I try to keep my mind open at all times. Never put a cap on learning something new. My human pea brain can not comprehend all the wonders there are out there and I don't even try to. It's the old wait-and-see game.

Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. :hug:

CrystalSong 13-01-2018 06:57 PM

Enjoyable read. :)

I do lots and lots of Conscious Out-of-Body work and have seen/experienced marvelous and mysterious things/events in the Realms and have taken many others with me. Not being able to take cameras on OBE's we draw pictures of what we each saw and experienced immediately after the journey and then compare the pictures. Where ever it is we are going, there is no question we were all there and all saw the same things. It is utterly remarkable.

There is so much to see and experience and how to 'get GPS coordinates' is based on tuning one's own frequency to the dimension one wants to arrive at.
While we often choose 'physical locations' like other worlds, not all journeys have been to other worlds/species/planets/ships. Some have indeed been to "Emotional Planes" and "Realms of Ecstatic Bliss".

My human mind want to try to somehow map it all, come up with a chart of linear understanding of All which has been seen and experienced in the Multi-Verse...it soooo wants to KNOW! lol Silly brain.

I admire your ambition in this undertaking of charting this, and will be curious to see what further ideas/conclusions you derive. :)

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