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Lynn 05-11-2017 11:55 PM

Death - Tragedy - Innocent Victim - Blessing

There are so many levels to the event of death. How its viewed as well is vast in its ideas and notions surrounding it. It is a mysterious thing death, and something that comes to all of us living.

Looking at death as a tragedy - those events where you stop and go "a life cut too short" or "wrong place wrong time" but is there such a thing ? Is there a death that is not in the cards or the Soul Contact we come in to experience. If we are in the path of a bullet that is not meant for us and we are hit and die, maybe that is our time up and that is how we were to go out.

The innocent victim of a crime, is there such a place, it can be said that we are "born of sin" not that I mean to preach a topic here, more that there is no place of innocence as there seems to be no way of walking purely in that place.

Death at times is a blessing, even if those left behind do not feel that death was in the right timing.

Death is simple an event in a life chain of events - that place of transition from one place to another, yet many times we so label it of fear it.

Why do we put such a value on what death is ?


Colorado 06-11-2017 04:06 AM

Hi Lynn,

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me personally....I was terrified of death. I think it was because of how it was introduced to me. My first recollection was on Halloween at 3 or 4years of age. (This should help set the stage for where I’m going with this) Monsters, ghosts, dead people, ect....I had no concept of that kind of death.

The next incident was around the same time...a well known artist, made a video called Thriller. I loved Michael Jackson, at the ripe old age of 4, still no real concept of death...but watching were wolves and dead people chase him in a house, probably wasn’t a very good introduction to death.

My parents did not feel comfortable with such taboo subjects....so I learned from the media, music, and other kids...and lastly, which was probably the biggest shock....the news.

I saw scarey movies, that I don’t think young children should see at 4 and 5 years of age, my mothers love for horror flicks, over shadowed any parenting conscious she had in the 80s...Chainsaw Massacre, The Omen, The Exorcists, ect....were all my little minds idea of what death was.

When I turned 5, I was watching the local news....which I never did, with my grandparents....and I watched in horror as a man was being surrounded by police, after killing his children and wife. That was the first time, I knew death was real....crime was real, and when people die, they don’t come back like on the movies. I do have to give my youngnself credit though, through all those horror movies, something inside me knew they were fake..it was the news that really opened my eyes to death. Because the news was real, you know...

All of this, contributed to my fear of death....and my parents complete lack of communication, growing up in the 80s...where parents were “loosely parenting” and too much damned, hell, sinners, in Sunday church.

I don’t know how I survived my childhood looking back:) I think people are ignorant to who God is, amd what death is...amd they fill the gaps with their imaginations, like people who gossip donwhen they don’t know about something.

However, it wasn’t until my NDE in my 20s, that I was shown.....how easy the transition is, there are no monsters, we are a clean slate, no fear in mine, and that we really do not ever die....we are energy. Infact, seconds before somebody gets killed in a gruesome death...such as car accidents, ect....they actually leave their bodies before it happens. I saw this in one of my many “dreams” I was shown how a volcanoes had erupted into an ancient civilization...and women, children, ect were in water basins next to the ocean playing...and they couldn’t escape. The color of their skin or aura faded before they even were killed.

Like when you are a kid, and you suck all the color out of a frozen pop, when it was summer time. It was their soul leaving their bodies, and the color faded on their bodies...much like a dead persons.

I don’t think that there are real tragedies, some lives are cut short...through suicide, accidents, ect....however, those are exit points. We have several exit points, and we may not learn everything we intended to do, but God knows the road is hard, and not everybody is going to run the 50 mile marathon...some only make it to the 10 or 25mile.

And that’s okay.

I was shown Heath Ledgers death,a year and a half before he died. I had become a fan of his in 2006...and for whatever reason, I saw his death, like a movie recorder right over the actual movie I was watching of his. It was just a small clip of him in a casket....I have some clairovoyant and prophetic abilities that are random...that was one of them

His soul chose to leave before he actually died. I read one other psychic say the same thing, in the same time frame that I originally saw his death.... a year and a half before he died.

Heartbreaking, shocking, gone too soon...yes, for all of us, but not for him, or God. His soul chosen that exit point..a year and a half before he died, I believe that....I saw it.

I actually had my first NDE as a small toddler, I was very sick and in the hospital. I did see light and became apart of that light, for seconds. But,the experience happened when I was a year or 2 old, and it was very light, spiritual, loving, and safe compared to what I learned in the physical world about death...a few years later as I was growing and coming into my own personality....and learning about the physical world....I never associated that,first NDE with death, because I was alive in that sparkling light. Nothing like the way the world shows death...nothing like...


God don’t play that game...people do.

God is love, light and energy of the highest vibrations.

It’s sonsad when Inread NDEs of people seeing hell, because I know open minds don’t see that....people who have had hard lives, religious dogma, and beliefs, unwittingly and energetically see these things because that’s what they are taught, and of course, none of us are ever good enough to get into heaven unless we are covered in Jesus blood, baptized, saved, washed with the white cloth, covered in goats milk, rib free, sex free, sing the song of Abraham, whipped with the golden chain, hung out to dry on the rugged cross to be blessed and s**t on for extra measure and purification, by glittering fairies and golden butterflies*

That’s just not what I saw, okay...:)

I think, I know....that God just wants us to grow in love, for ourselves and other little sprites of light here, no matter how small, or big we are ...he wants us to raise our spirits, and shine like God does, in light. Death is merely a transition, a graduation, so we can go home, much more educated, living and free. Or for those who choose a more bombastic and judgemental type of explanation...your prison sentence is over. You are free...

My favorite are the very religious people, who believe they are entitled, take from, and judge others without shame, believe they are special, and everybody else is going to hell.....(they should know, it was people like them who invented it)..and boy oh boy, are they in for a ride, and a spiritual, backhand of truth!

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