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Luna1 01-11-2017 03:07 PM

Question i have for years.
Hello all, first im new and my english isn't really good so i will do my best. Im not sure this is the right section to post this.

Years ago when i was 7 or 8 i can't remember which age i was im now 20. We were in france on vacation we were spending time on the beach. (Details i can remember perfectly) surfing swimming and a sunny day with no clouds. I was laying in the sand and suddenly i felt a hand on my back, that was weird because i was laying alone, i looked at the sky towards the sun and the sea. And i saw in a circle the face of my uncle. (That was the day he commited suiced but we didnt know then) we went back to the netherlands and a few days later we got a phone that my cousin found his father hanging in the room. He didnt hear something from him in 7 days so he went to look if he was home. How can it be that i felt a hand on my back and saw his face in the sky the day he commited suicide ? I hope someone can help me answering this questions and is there a way to contact the otherside or am i open to this side ? I think its possible, my girlfriend saw a woman at her bed when she was young and her mother saw it to. Again sorry for my english.


shoni7510 01-11-2017 03:14 PM

Hello Luna1 and welcome to spiritual forums, your English is perfect. Your uncle was probably coming to say goodbye. Are you a spiritually open person? Anyway, at the age of 7 or 8 children are still receptive to the spiritual world and your uncle saw that. It is fairly common for people who are passing on to want to make contact to say goodbye and they look for members of family who can hear or see them.

CrystalSong 01-11-2017 05:05 PM

Welcome to the forums Luna1. :)
As strange as it may sound, your experience isn't at all uncommon. Many have experienced similar things.
Those who pass out of bodily presence into Spirit presence can still make contact, they just have to do it in other ways. He came to say Goodbye to you. They often will do this for those they love.
Feel Blessed and well loved that he wanted to take the time and effort to say "Goodbye For Now" to you.

Luna1 02-11-2017 10:56 PM

Thanks for your answers! It really means alot for me.

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