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ribbons of color 13-10-2017 11:21 AM

Needing direction:

Hi all,
my son's friend hung himself about three yrs. ago. My son had a dream, and in his dream, he woke up in this gray area, no plant life, no ground, no sky, no nothing, just gray, then all of a sudden he was walking down the drive way in the neighborhood where he grew up, and all of a sudden this friend that hung himself was there, My son asked him how he was doing, friend replied, you know I'm dead right, I been dead for three yrs., my son replied yes I know, what have you been doing all this time, friend said just walking around, my son asked for three years you have just been walking around?, friend said yes, my son asked what do you just think about where you want to go and you are there, friend said yes, they continued to walk to my sons childhood home, my son said to friend, I have to run in my house and get something, I'll be right out, his friend waited outside the house, but when my son was going back out to talk with his friend he woke up. My son also mentioned to me his friends eyes, and outer area were all black. So my question is, is this poor soul just roaming around lost, and can't find his way home, or is this something else, and can we help him go home, even though he did not ask to go there. Thank you.

Native spirit 13-10-2017 11:29 AM

This sounds to me this is something your son imagines death by any other form other than natural causes, is like i can assure you your sons friend would have gone into healing as soon as he passed.
does your son having a feeling of guilt over his friends death?. this could be one reason for him to dream this.


ribbons of color 13-10-2017 11:46 AM

I am sure he had guilt feelings over his death, just as we all do when something like this happens, like, why did I not see this coming, why did I not hang out with him that day, maybe I could have saved him, maybe if I only..., you get the picture. This person had a very troubled life, always felt he didn't measure up, he was not good enough, this is why I worry he carried this into the afterlife, and thinks this is all there is, I have no experience about this, and just want to help if this is what I feel it is, thank you so much for responding.

linen53 13-10-2017 12:35 PM

Your son's friend is exactly where he wants to be. You said yourself you son told him he only had to think of a place to be and he would be there which the young man acknowledged.

Sometimes we just want to be alone to think. 3 years? Time does not matter on the other side. I was in a similar place for much, much longer in between lives once.

ribbons of color 13-10-2017 01:28 PM

No, my son never told him, my son asked him, do you just think of where you want to go and you just go, and his friend acknowledged, yes. So you feel he wants to be where he is, and maybe ponder his previous lifetime on earth, I never thought of that, its just the black eyes that made me think, maybe he feels he is not worthy to move on, thank you so much for you input, good to know.

linen53 13-10-2017 03:17 PM

Ask, tell, what's the difference. The young man acknowledges that he knows he can change his location any time he wants according to your original post.

Black eyes mean he doesn't want to see. His choice. Don't read to much into the appearance of it. It's symbolic for how he feels.

He'll move on when he's ready. He probably has some serious thinking to do about not only this last incarnation but the combined incarnations and he has some problems to solve and is looking into a different plan to get where he wants to go in his next incarnation.

The frustration I felt when I was in a similar situation was palpable. I just couldn't seem to get to where I needed to be. I kept side-stepping the problems incarnation after incarnation. In this incarnation I am currently in, I did manage to conquer those mountains because of devising a plan before I was born. A life-plan that would work for me.

But when I figured out a plan, I was outta there so fast it would have made your head spin.

ribbons of color 13-10-2017 06:07 PM

thank you so much for helping me see the true meaning of this visit, the eye thing is what had me a little worried, but now that you explained it, it make good sense to me. Thank you for sharing much about yourself and your situation, Have a great weekend.

BlareCrush1991 10-11-2017 01:26 AM

I'm new here sad to read this. The best thing to do is always pray for his soul to be safe and at least put some candle to guide his soul to the right path as it may help him find his way back him.

revolver 10-11-2017 05:59 AM

For me personally when your dead your dead, there is nothing more to it, suicide or not, there is no one to suffer after death.

Colorado 11-11-2017 12:23 AM

I just want to tell you....I feel that I’m a good person, atleast my intentions are. I had a NDE in my 20s, I was going through some major ****. It was self induced, although not intentional. I also saw this grey area and fog.

I honestly think when we die, and we see that grey area....it’s because our energy is confused. Like attracts like, it’s science....but it’s also spirituality. So many of us will see that that grey area.....life and emotions are confusing.

I do ask that you pray for his his confusion to be lifted, and that he see the truth, and light....and he feel his worth and love from this universe, amd God/energy/light. He’s not the only one who doesn’t......we all feel the way he did, and does.

I’ve had psychic experiences my whole life, even though I didn’t know what it was until I became an adult.

I’ve had most of my psychic experiences through dreams, that’s where my emotions come to light....that’s also energy, and my true self is shown. The afterlife is all about emotions, and our mind or beliefs are guided amd shaped through these emotions.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and I believe the eyes show our spirituality.

I saw my great grandfather after death through a dream, amd his eyes were dark and hollow, he was helping me...I called for his help. He was not evil, lost, or in dispair...but his eyes were dark and hollow....because we are all learning in our ways, and our own timing. It shows me, that my papa was still learning....he knew a lot....but he did not know everything. As good as he was, he was still searching for himself, his spirit, and his truth...the eyes are only glowing with color and vibrancy....when the soul knows itself, amd has found true self knowledge, and is at one with itself, and the source. It is not black and white, heaven or hell....it’s a a lot of grey in life amd death. What we believe about ourselves....

My papa was good, he came to help me....but his eyes were dark, he was no demon, no negative spirit, no deceitful entity.....he just showed his true self...his eyes were dark because he still hadn’t found himself, but he is still good. We all who haven’t found our true self, our God given beauty and truth, all have hollow dark eyes....because we do not spiritually see our beauty and truth, yet.....in life or death.

I felt his spirit, I knew it was him, but his eyes were dark and hollow....because papa hadn’t learned his beauty, he made mistakes, his child died in Vietnam, he wasn’t a great worker, he wasn’t always a family man, or great husband, he was a WW2vet....and papa knew that. That’s why his beautiful blue eyes, that I had known.....were hollow amd dark, because he didn’t see what I saw. Papa was showing his,spiritual self....hollow dark eyes show that we do not value, and see ourselves as God does, and we do not see our true worth. Your sons friend still doesn’t, what happens in life, carries over into death....emotions and thoughts, they are our energy.

The message I am sending, whatt God has told me....Love yourself, know your self worth, not vainly, not egotystically....but truly and divinely love yourself...and only then, can you truly love others, and do Gods work.

Most of us have hollow, dark eyes, spiritually ....because we haven’t learned to love ourselves...the eyes show self love.

I will pray for this little sprite of light, to love himself....because that’s what he needs to know.

Don’t ever think God hates or rejects suicides....they reject themselves, but we still love them. They need to love themselves. But even people who don’t commit suicide don’t love the self, they have dark hollow eyes, spiritually.

If you all do not divenly, truly, Godly see who you are spiritually, no matter what spiritual level you reach....your spiritual eyes will be dark and hollow...they will show, no matter how good or bad. The eyes show,self love....the most important love.

Sorry for the typos.

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