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Kathrin 01-07-2017 06:25 PM

Thought form remainders vs. "ghost" interaction
Special quest: How would you discern between a thought form encounter and a ghost interaction?

So far, I understand there are still all thoughts existant. And there are "ghosts" like ancestors, non-physical beings etc.. The second type seems to have a "mind on their own". The first seem to be just remainders, spurs, traces. Nothing "independent". In addition, everything is just perception anyway. And not real. Why is there this distinction between the "independent" energies, beings, and those more "simple" thought remainders? What's your experience or conclusion?

desert rat 02-07-2017 01:17 PM

I dont believe a thought form would have any persona info as a true ghost would have .

Kathrin 09-07-2017 09:25 PM

I see that also. I'm wondering how this difference comes about. It's all just thought and thought forms. What makes a thought form be a ghost? What's the link? What's your impression?

desert rat 13-07-2017 12:56 AM

People create thought forms with out knowing what there doing . I think some ghosts are still living people, but asleep in there astral bodies .

Kathrin 15-07-2017 09:58 AM

I think thought forms are created intentionally and unintentionally. Phenomena in hauntings are probably mostly unintentional creations. Some phenoma seem to be different. Maybe it's all gradual as usual. The more there is still thought gathered on a topic or person, the more it still "exists". The less it is thought upon, the more it dissapates into its former components and fades away.

Kathrin 15-07-2017 10:09 AM

Just wondering how this works with ancestors etc.. They seem to be present somehow when called. Even when not called they come to assist and help. Also non-ancestors come help. I guess you would say they live in the astral plane and can make contact when they want. The astral plane however is also just thought scenario. Everything is vibration, gradual. There's tipping point, taking thought to physicality. What's that interaction though between physical and nonphysical!? As if there were nonphysical people interacting. What if they are not and also just mind work? They would be also just my mind's creation. What if there is nothing besides God-ness, the basic Om kind of Love vibration as a source of all Life? Nothing else would be "real". It seems as if we're just playing mind games, even with ghosts. As if there's nothing but the Mind and God. So, we're making things up. It's not real.

Kathrin 15-07-2017 10:24 AM

There may be a difference in those creations pre and post tipping point. Once a creation had been manifested it remains as a "construct". While others will fade if they had never crossed the tipping point. And a "construct" has a "mind" on its own. Being manifested means not only the state of physicality, but a state of being "agreed upon" as wanted.. useful... helpful or so. Had that topic before, it's about closing a circle of thoughts to a state of decision. Once a decision is made on it, it will either "become" or vanish. If it is considered to be "useful" it will become. Those are probably receiving Life and a mind on their own. That's "giving birth".

desert rat 15-07-2017 02:24 PM

Lets say that many people believe a place is haunted , and there is left over energy . People keep feeding the thought forms with therre beliefs .

FallingLeaves 16-07-2017 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by Kathrin
It seems as if we're just playing mind games, even with ghosts. As if there's nothing but the Mind and God. So, we're making things up. It's not real.

pretty much all of life as we know it... we just want to make up the idea that it is otherwise as well.

Kathrin 16-07-2017 10:18 AM

What about the distinction between those having a mind on their own and others? Do you understand what the difference is?

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