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starchild90 09-05-2019 10:12 AM

The Earth and his development.
The earth and his development.

The earth will rise in the next years very fast. The humans can develop helfpul and useful technologies, to make their feelings more healthy. Through their rosed awareness. People can help each other out of the stadium of the illness to more healthy situations in their lifetime.

People will increase in awakening experiences and asking behind their surface in their life what is played here. Humans recognize their true self and can connect with their true powers and forces again and again. Even they use their personal forces, the can change their whole life into positiv challenges..

In the extended awareness of the peoples awareness the are able to feel information. Their field of information research will be more activ when they need information. People can get connected by their higher selfs, and even they are connected, they can heal each other like an own universe.

Even the awakenings moved on, the life will turn into more together, what means that people get stronger together and do not fight against each other. People got more friends and īthe hate is sinked to a minimum because the love inside the room exchanged.

However it is, the humans will have a long way to go infront of them. Enhances in the healthcare will open up to a new field of happiness and freedom, when they learn how to heal them self by activating self healing powers. So people can heal the opposite of them bei easy frequenced technologies, that make a movement into the right direction.

Psychic Problems can be healed through modern forms of therapy, that have never known before. Through imagination healing with the feeling people can imaginate a better feeling as pain. So even the people imaginate they can exchange their pain through joy. Which is called transformation.

Anyway, the people will envolve more and more technologies to make their lifes more smart and smart. Through new technologies, they can force the freedom in their personal way. Inner Peace could come to a big businenss, and even the people get more vital, and healthy, they can live a better life.

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