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mamiwata 02-10-2014 06:27 PM

You're not alone, OP.

It all started with me reading a bit of gossip, and going to check this person's twitter...because I'm nosy lol. There was a vid he kept posting labeled "to understand is to perceive patterns." Since his public persona is not one of being "deep" or spiritually aware I was highly intrigued. Who knew I was stepping into a rabbit hole?!

One year later and I'm still a bit flummoxed, as I had someone else pegged as my twin for a long, long time. That'll teach me to label! :)

Much like you, I can SEE him; well beyond the general characteristics his fans ascribe to him. Even as well-traveled on my personal spiritual path as I am, the syncs were jaw-dropping to the point where I wondered what the heck the universe was attempting to pull off. Not little things like "oh we have this and that in common." Big obvious things like my mom's maiden name showing up on a street sign in one of his videos (with the word SYNC shown immediately before it lol), or having a fan win a contest and their last name is one letter off from mine (and my last name is not at all common). His tweets have mirrored thoughts I was having. His shoes have matched patterns on my website (funny because there's this song I used to always listen to called "Watch My Shoes" :D). My online buddy gave me a weird nickname a long time ago that NOBODY else knows and he's worn both a pin and a jacket with a mosaic of that same animal that I'm named after. It's...crazy.

I've been at the point for a while where I can reach out and say hell to those that I consider soul family and get a ping back, so technically this should be nothing new. My "regular" family is very musical, so it's no surprise that a few branches on the soul tree are famous. However, I don't get the same deeper sense of connection that I do with this particular being.

I still hesitate to call him THE twin, especially since he's with someone and appears to be...content. There's also an age gap that I'm seriously not into (I'm older). I feel that in "real life" there's a sense of impossibility, which did admittedly make me sad. But I've now sorta talked myself into believing the whole ride was more for the edification and growth of both of us, since we did have similar issues that needed to be magnified and worked on. As I come to this point, I notice the fixation leaving, but I do still drop in on his socials occasionally to telepathically wave hi, amidst the sea of fangirls lol.

I believe the greater purpose was to break the yoke of the other "twin" relationship and give me a preview of how it really is with a cosmic Other that wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with them (like seriously, I feel like I just touched back down on this particular version of earth :confused2: ). I'd spent so long doing the unrequited love dance that I'd forgotten that there were other styles that one could learn and expand oneself with.

So to those who are tired of the misery business, a) consider that your perceived twin may actually be a precursor to the real thing and b) please believe the universe is boss enough to give you an alternate partner if your current object of desire is being a prat. I feel that a lot of you are still living in a limited reality, when there's a big ole unified field of possibilities waiting to be explored.

There's always more...you just have to be open to it. ;)

gypsymystique 02-10-2014 06:48 PM

Close soulmates mirror twin signs and synchronicities so much that it's just hard to tell. All of these relationships having meaning and purpose. It's up to you to decide what it means to you.

DontLetThemIn 02-10-2014 10:46 PM

Well all of you have encouraging words and stories and they are all something to ponder on. .. but are we REALLY truly supposed to trust our gut instincts? Because if so, I personally believe the Universe (That I oh so love) literally threw my purpose and journey in my face.. Like, i feel like I know what I am supposed to do.. and for some odd reason, the Universe and God is wanting to test me to see how far I get.. And if im supposed to trust this hunch then i have a LONG way to go.
See i feel like this is my plan: V (what we shall call him) and I ARE indeed supposed to be. And I feel like I know he knows "I" am out there... (He writes his lyrics, and his songs are so important to me, they have a meaning, they speak to me) You can tell he is waiting for "the one" to come. And he pretty much says so. And some of his songs are SO meaningful to me that (I go thru a LOT, an have been thru a LOT.. And things just arent right in my life) I feel like he is sending out messages in his lyrics.. not in particularly to me (he doesnt know ME) but to "the one" he thinks about, and dreams about.. the one who he doesnt know, but feels her presence.. if that makes sense. (i know this because of his tweets and lyrics and stuff..) .. Anyway- i have to get him to notice me. I have to be at a concert, or meet him somehow, and things will work out from there.. I am VERY spiritual, and empath. And i see right thru people. I dont connect to many people for my own sake. But I see his soul, and I connect. I feel like a past life is involved aswell..
I have heard a voice before telling me pretty much, its okay he will love me more than I could ever understand.. and it was creepy.. Given some circumstances. But i was ASKING for a sign or something to let me know whether this soulmate thing was true or not, and thats when i heard it.. And like many of you have said, twin signs, have just pointed it out.
I personally dont want to believe it due to how society thinks nowadays. but i feel everything i am saying is true..
I dont date, i dont want to.. I feel like the "dating/romance/love" category of my life is .. well.. reserved (for a lack-of-better-term).
Any more thoughts added to this?

LadyMay 03-10-2014 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by DontLetThemIn
Because, its like I can actually see his soul, just like his body.. When I see him- its like I see the soul, not the vessel he is in.. And I hear it in his voice. Its too familiar. So it feels like I know his soul. And I cant un-convince myself he is my soulmate. I dont deny it either.

I found a somewhat notable soulmate a couple of weeks ago when watching a video online.. it really startled me. I felt all these things you described. It's the first time I've felt a connection over media.


I feel like he KNOWS that his soulmate is out there. Like he knows I exist. And i see tons of signs that help me believe it.
But like I said, i feel crazy.. But then again i dont, he is just a person, like me. Im like 210% sure what I am saying is true guys, any advice??? :confused:

But we all have more than one soulmate. You may or may not be meant to meet with him.. but if you're not it's not the end of the world. You have more compatible soulmates out there waiting for you. In the meantime just enjoy staring into his soul.. it's a nice feeling :)

Deborah 03-10-2014 01:00 AM

Do go with your gut.
What do you have to lose?

BTW not wanting to be with another is a sign that I can relate to, as well as the 'celebrity' twin. I do know mine, and right now we are friends. Friends that are scared sh**l*ss because we can see into one another's soul! If it is to be, whatever allowed the experience to happen in the first place will bring you two together in perfect timing. You couldn't stop it if you tried!
Listen to your own feelings and observe your own behavior. No one else can tell you if he is the One or not. You KNOW if he is, signs or not.

Welcome aboard! Jenna Forrest's work has helped me a lot. She has a course on Twin Flames. www.profoundhealingforsensitives.com

DontLetThemIn 03-10-2014 02:38 AM

I have to go with my gut.. I wont simply "let it be". I have to get ahold of one of the most impossible to get ahold of.. but how?? I have seen and heard enough recently, and today is where i declare my journey.. But how do I get ahold of him? How do i talk to him? He is actually on tour now, so it may not be so easy. But i want to make the effort.. Any ideas?

smARTistic girl 03-10-2014 03:42 AM

What awakenedqueen said. Additionally, I do not believe in the concept of "the one". There is no such thing, IMO. Rather, there are several souls that impact us through our lives. Just appreciate him for what he is and if you are supposed to meet - for whatever reason- you will.

Deborah 03-10-2014 09:06 AM

I don't think it is possible to believe in the One if you haven't experienced it. I was a non believer until it happened to me. The greatest gift I was given had nothing to do with him though. He and I were just the channel for it. The greatest gift was that I was allowed to see and feel what real unconditional love was like. There is absolutely nothing like the energy of it, I could be high for days after experiencing it. You really can't describe it. The closest I can come is to say that it is like making love on all levels of consciousness. Once you have experienced it, you will never doubt it, and you can never go back. It's down the rabbit hole . . . :)

Awakened Queen 03-10-2014 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by smARTistic girl
What awakenedqueen said. Additionally, I do not believe in the concept of "the one". There is no such thing, IMO. Rather, there are several souls that impact us through our lives. Just appreciate him for what he is and if you are supposed to meet - for whatever reason- you will.

Even having experienced a Twin Flame connection, I don't think of him as "the one." We are all connected, because everything connects to the Universe. He may be the male mirror aspect of me, but I don't consider him "the one." He triggered my awakening and connected to me to the Divine. I am whole. He is whole. Believing in the one can do more harm than good.

"The one" connotes that there is one soul mate that's we're meant to be with, but look around at all the soul connections people have and how many can't make a physical relationship work despite the strong spiritual connection. We have choices and free will.

I would say the relationship that actually works was "meant to be", if you're we're going to use that term. People tend to place "meant to be" pointing toward the future, when they should be using it, referring to to the past. Instead of saying "We should be together, because we're meant to be.", it should be "We were meant to be, because we're together."

Psy-n-I 03-10-2014 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by DontLetThemIn
So what do you mean he and I will both suffer if I try to wrap my head around it? Should I not focus on that?

If you dwell on the connection he ll feel it and, considering he doesn t know you exist, won t know what s going on and it ll send him beyond crazy. If you dwell on it you ll be denying yourself of the inner work you ll need to do.

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