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SeekingTheShift 16-05-2011 02:30 AM

Opening the Cosmic Closet
Since joining SF, I have been looking for the proper place to post this thread… I believe this will a good place.

I wish to start sharing what I have been learning over time from the Guides that are working with me. There are several close friends that I talk to about these things and I admit that I have been slow to ‘go public’ with much of it. Why? Mainly because I am not much on tooting my own horn nor do I want to sound loco. Due to a brave acquaintance who speaks freely of his thoughts and experiences, I have decided I too could come out. So here I am, cracking open the door of my ’Cosmic’ Closet.

Gosh where to start… I will do this in a Reader’s Digest version. Okay, I have been communicating with Guides since 2004 when I lady showed me a way to use a pendulum and alphabetical chart to spell out words. LOL This a very slow process but one that is comfortable for me. This started me ‘talking’ with Guides.

This method, as with any other channeling calls to always ask for light, truth and discernment.

In 2006 I had a reading from a very talented lady in Atlanta who is gifted in reading a person’s Akashic records. According to Patricia I am a very old soul, as many of us are. (A friend has my tape and I would have to listen to it again for just how old Patricia recalled me being.) There are others that are even older than myself. I was told that I had lived on both Sirius A and B. She also told me that I had a master teacher coming in… Elican. Elican would be of the Sirius star system.

Not long after, Elican came through to ‘speak’ with me using the pendulum method. I consider him to be my Gate Keeper or main guide. Slowly he has shared information with me as have other guides. My galactic origin is Sirius. It has always been my favorite star. Now I understand the why of it.

The focus had not been regarding my lives on Sirius nor any one particular life time. If I understand correctly I have had many lives on Earth. Now keep in mind, that is just on Earth. This current incarnation is my ninth time with the purpose/mission of being a Seeker.

This past October I began to learn about a group of intergalactic beings that are explained as being the Seeders of planet Earth. I am in the process of rereading my notebooks from the past several years and have begun typing them into the computer.

The name of the Group is Telstar. There are eight members of the Telstar Group. Eight Light Seeders who are like teachers. I have all of their names and spoken to each at one time or another. Eight Star Seeds, eight types of seeds that came to earth in the millions. There is also the Eight Fold Quest for Hope… Eight is a huge number in my life. My birth date even reflects this as it is August 8th. An eight on it’s side is infinity.

It is from this group, Elican in particular, that I learned about the Eight Fold Quest for Hope for humankind and the Great Shift into the 5th Dimension that we are experiencing. They are sharing with me information about the seeding of Earth and the reasons behind it…

We are Star Seeds. The Earth was barren when the first seeds arrived. Eons have been involved for our planet to become what it is today. I am still working on understanding about the seeds but I did get that Sirius was a part of the process and the seed/element they provided was water.

The star seeding goes much further back and is far more important than ‘aliens’ coming down to the planet and procreating with primitive humans. Telstar and the seeding is not just some experiment in a Petri dish for grins by ETs. These star beings are our parents, brothers and sisters. Our relatives. The evolution of humankind into physical form is a gift of life. But life with a deeper purpose. Life is not just for the sake of being a human being… but so that our star family has the opportunity to experience life in physical form.

We are Star Seeds, our own family in human, physical form… so that they/we, light beings, can experience life in a physical form… this is the why behind the seeding of earth.

Well, I think I’ll pause for now and look forward to your feed back.

Hugs, hope and blessings.

themaster 16-05-2011 04:16 AM

Well, here's a hearty "welcome" family

Thanks for sharing.. :smile:

SeekingTheShift 16-05-2011 01:39 PM

Thank you themaster... I would love to read the thoughts of others on this subject and more of your own. Please.

To date I have written 10 smallish portions on what I have been learning. I will add more to SF at a later date. Just getting my feet wet here for now.

Hugs, hope and blessings.

themaster 16-05-2011 03:25 PM

Well, I validate what you’re saying..

But my understanding of the plan was.. the human body was developed about 200,000 years ago.. it was part of a galactic seeding plan.. and wasn't refined into the shape it is now.. till about 20,000-30,0000 years ago

According to my teacher and other sources.. during some of the better times in atlantis.. angels and aliens alike walked the planet hand in hand with us.. that would be somewhat what we will create in the next 100 years.. give or take.. :D

Also I have a lot of friends/classmates in altanta/georgia.. if that's where you live! :D

SeekingTheShift 16-05-2011 04:07 PM

Themaster.. Thank you for the validation.

As for time… linear time is something, I feel, we take on for the human experience. Recently the words, Time is a Living Thing, came to me. This is how the thoughts of Living Time played out…

May 8, 2011 - Sometime during the night hours between Saturday evening and Sunday morning I woke up with the words, ‘Time is a living thing.’ clearly in my mind. My first thoughts were… What the heck does that mean? So I have been pondering it off and on since the words came through.

Here is where my thoughts are wandering…

Time is a living thing. No, not like a human being with consciousness. Time, in and of itself does not ‘think’, yet it is alive. Not like alive such as a tree either. My experience is that trees seem to be able to communicate at some level. There is a sentience within a tree. Trees speak with a deep, slow and well… grounding tone.

Time is more like a river. Ever changing. A large living body. The words, ‘Rivers of Time‘ jump forward. Time can flow fast or slow, there are quiet eddies and raging rapids, places of clarity and places that are muddy. There are twists and turns, oxbows and straight segments. There are even islands to be found in rivers…. Perhaps islands in time? In an odd way… rivers breath their energy.

When I asked the Guides, “Is Earth time cyclical as we think it is?”, I got…

“Time does seek to sing in great turns. The tune truly, quietly, varies the flow in time. The utter tune to the flow is like the terrestrial movement of a river. Half tones from tender currents form the subtle waters of change. Yes, time is fluid. Earth teaches the terrestrial flow of time.”

Then I asked, “Yet the date of 12-21-2012 is set in time?”

“Yes, Greeting the seed of Earth’s time for her quest to change is set. Great time for the Great Shift is an element that is set in the flow of time.”

What I think I understand is that there are two types of functioning time on Earth. One which is set such as the use of calendars. Julian calendar, lunar calendars and seasonal calendars… like solstice and equinox cycles. The other type of time is a flow… like a river.

BTW… Originally from Savannah, GA but now living in the Florida panhandle. I have been to Atlanta several times…

Hugs, hope and blessings.

in progress 16-05-2011 04:08 PM

It's neat that you came to these ideas on your own StS. I've read a lot of stuff myself and like the idea. There are a lot of people writing about what you discovered on your own!

themaster 16-05-2011 06:05 PM

What I know about time is.. it's a illusion.. all of time is right now..

I also know that we create time..

My teacher says a time is coming called "instantaneous time" where all things exist in the same moment, in the same place (if I said that right!) :D

In between now and the illusion of then time is just speeding up.. getting faster.. and I don't know what its called but there's a label system for what level were at now.. and another one is coming :tongue:

I also know our portal dates of 11-11 and 12-12 besides for these dates being guidelines in are very far past.. are great days of energy cause we allow it to be so through our illusion we call the calendar :D

Originally Posted by SeekingTheShift
BTW… Originally from Savannah, GA but now living in the Florida panhandle. I have been to Atlanta several times…

Yep, I've been there.. (savannah/atlanta) and the panhandle too! :D

SeekingTheShift 16-05-2011 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by in progress
It's neat that you came to these ideas on your own StS. I've read a lot of stuff myself and like the idea. There are a lot of people writing about what you discovered on your own!

I give credit where credit is due.. the Guides that are sharing this information. Overall, I feel like it is a part of the bigger puzzle we are living in. Earth... one great big puzzle. :smile:

Many folks hold pieces of the puzzle. I truly enjoy sharing with others, to assist if I can and in turn, to learn something new to add to my thought process.

A appreciate your kind words. Thank you, In progress

Hugs, hope and blessings.

Nameless 10-08-2012 11:53 AM

Well, I think I have passed this thread a lot and finally read it... maybe I wasn't "ready" for it yet, but some of the concepts I have been getting in my channelings relate somewhat to what you have written. I had channeled Seth and posted it under channeled readings and someone posed the question, This Seth?, so I asked him and his answer, although it doesn't mention Star anything, does make me wonder if he is not one of your 8 that you speak about. The time concept resonates with me, this is what I am learning about time and how to use it to my benefit, and when I remember to ask "psy" time to get to work on time, I get to work on time. I once channeled psy time, and I have channeled light for several people lately, and the most recent channeling I have had is about the shift, which I posted this week. I am very interested in what you have to share, a lot of it sounds right up my alley!! Thanks for the posts. Feel free to share more. :)

SeekingTheShift 11-08-2012 06:18 PM

Hi Nameless…

If the words were of even a tiny bit of assistance in your walking of your path, then I am pleased for you. As you are a fan of Jane Roberts and Seth, it was the “Education of Over Soul Seven” book that was a mind blower for me. It really resonated with me… helping me to think way out of the box. Now as I am reading the Life between Lives books by Michael Newton, PHD and Rich Martini I feel many thoughtc and ideas falling into place.

It is hard for me to believe this thread first started over a year ago… I still work with these dear Guides. I don’t know if “Seth” is one of the eight but would certainly consider/think these wonderful souls are all working together to assist us here on Gaia as we continue to shift. Gee, what a ride this is!

And oh my, time is %#!*& for me these days. I feel the quickening in areas and wonderful bits of information as it trickles in. At the same time I have a waiting period taking place that sometimes leaves me in a ‘no time’ feeling. The waiting period is a part of my agreement for being here, what I came is to experience. I take care of my 86 year old Dad who is moving toward an exit. He is a dear, the transition is age related and my time is his time. Whatever ‘time’ he needs.

Anyway…. Yes, a number of people I know have mentioned the ‘get where I am going on time’ request working and working perfectly. Amazing!

I will take look for your post. I take it that the thread in under ‘channeling’?

Love, hugs, hope and blessings.

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