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Answer 25-01-2020 09:36 AM

Red triangle shape symbols in cosmos
Again and again during astral projection taking my journey to cosmos I have been experiencing red color triangle type / shape symbols in red color. After them I was routed to different symbols in green color and than after that symbols in blue color. I stopped there my journey and returned back.

Has anyone else experienced such symbols in space during astral projection?

The feeling was rather cold.

iamthat 25-01-2020 04:41 PM

I hesitate to try to label your experience but I wonder if you were actually on the mental plane beyond the astral plane. The mental plane is more associated with geometry, colour and number rather than the more familiar forms of the astral plane. The mental plane is also more impersonal.

Just a thought.


Answer 25-01-2020 07:06 PM

I wake up my consciousness during dreaming. I know its a dream and I can: create objects, transform surrounding, I can transform my self even to a water, etc. And I can fly. I can do that all because I know dream is in my control. That is lucid dreaming and I know how to control it since my childhood. Now next what I do when I wake up in dream, if I want it, I choose to astral project. And that experience has nothing to do with lucid dream. So when during lucid dream I choose to astral project I do this way (practicing many years, for me its fastest way): i than choose to jump from anything: building, cliff, what ever and than aumatically my flying senses switches on and I already feel much lighter than what I do I raise my body 90 degrees upwards in sky where i activate my choise: I am leaving my body, than electric vibration goes my body and feeling I am leaving and seperating my nody starts, my consciousness is split and I can feel and even hear how my breathing changes to not very pleasent sound and proccess is in progrees. There is a like a star vortex that I go through and after that its no dream. I am in space and its more intense feeling than being here alive. Its about million times more intense. And i can not imagine or create there. Its not in my power. It would be as stupid as to imagine things in this "real life".
I am aware what is difference between dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection and beaing in different planes. For two times have been let in soul plane.

So please back to my question about symbols.


rumpe 26-01-2020 07:25 AM

In my "introduction to spirituality course" we were given green triangle drawn on paper to look/watch/stare at and see what will happen.
I had it completely become invisible from the paper(no not erase but me seeing blank paper, no triangle there when I was concentrated enough), then had what felt like when clouds cover the sun and suddenly surroundings, peripheral field of vision become darker.

Next month we were to draw yellow one (and given explanation) that yellow triangle "enhances spirituality" (I know explanation sucks but can't remember and explain it better.)
And if it was red (triangle) it would be fire.

Dunno if it helped anyhow but that's all I "know".

Shivani Devi 27-01-2020 02:15 AM

Personally, I am not hesitant to label anything because of my "if the hat fits..." and "if it walks and quacks like a duck..." conditioned, biased upbringing.

That being said, what is being talked about and experienced here, sounds a lot like the Chakras and the visual representations thereof.

A red triangle (usually inverted) symbolises the Muladhara or the root Chakra.

Meditation teachers usually give visualization methods with associated shapes, colours and sounds (bija mantras) to bring awareness to the Chakras.

Seeing a red triangle in the astral could be associated with the need to ground oneself, bring the awareness out of the Third Eye (Astral Realm) and back down to earth to balance the energies out.

Answer 27-01-2020 04:30 AM

Thank you for your reply. I looked into that version and I must say that there is similarities of root chakra symbol.

Ewwerrin 20-02-2020 12:04 AM

They are reminding you of the purity of white light. That is the warmth you were seeking. Of your true infinite nature of being and becoming evermore effortlessly here and now, as your highest light of unconditional love, that is who you truely are, as a consciousness, as an inseperable extension of your infinite and eternal ever expanding source of being of infinite intelligence, eternal wisdom and unconditional love. The path of least resistance through which all is being and becoming evermore naturally and effortlessly and joyfully and truely and vividly and consciously and lucidly and freely, and knowingfully, here and now.

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