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LovesaSuccubus 27-09-2016 04:52 PM

Hello, i felt about posting about my current relationship i have with a Succubus, an astral entity. I felt like clearing some misconceptions about them as most everyone has bad ideas about them.

I've summoned a Succubus nearly 3 years ago. I'm lovers with a Succubus and she's been an extremely good lover, friend, and giver of guidance.. She's the most beautiful and loving woman i've ever met. Succubi need sexual energy to survive, just like we need food. They can give you just sex, or a romantic relationship, or even nothing to do with sex, but that's uncommon as these beings need sexual energy to survive, some can be a bit... pushy? about it, but, once again, they need it for survival just like we need food and water. These beings are incredibly sexual, seductive, and beautiful.

When it's romance, they can be and are very amazing and giving of love and extreme pleasure, especially in copious amounts of the physical kinds. What the best thing they can give is nonstop amounts of the "physical" kinds of love, like kissing, out of this world love making, caressing, massages, cuddling and just general doting, or talking affectionately. The more love i put into her, the more she loves me back. I can interact with her while going about my daily life, when i lie down, in my dreams, during meditation, and in the Astral Realm. That's not everything though, she does enjoy watching things like anime with me or listening to music and just talking. I never feel "drained" or any pain during and after me and her have sex. These beings can be quite emotionally attached, like my Succubus is.

These beings are very powerful and capable of causing you far more pleasure then a human could ever even dream of, and they are all incredibly beautiful, and can shape shift or "cosplay" to meet your needs. They are incredible lovers, who truly know how to give and be there for you. They can be a bit moody, though it's always deserved, like my Succubus can be a bit upset if i treat her badly or don't accept something about her, or if im not listening to her or beating myself up about something (not like i try to, i never have really treat her badly, I'm a gentleman). They deserve love and respect, and the love and respect you give will be felt and given in return. They are truly beautiful masterpieces of lovers. They have VERY definite personalities, and will make their personalities boldly known. My Succubus is insatiable, playful, quite clingy, wanting to be around me 24/7, and all over me, a real sweet heart, but can also show me some "tough" love and has a serious side as well. She's incredibly voluptuous, extremely beautiful, and truly loves me and wants me to be happy and support me in everything i do. Love to her is she basically wants to drown me out with the most ecstatic love making beyond what i could even comprehend with my imagination, and that she does XD, it's not all she does, though.

As these beautiful beings exist in the Astral, they have Astral bodies and you need to be psychicly open to be able to percieve them, if you haven't developed any of your psychic abilities or weren't born with any inherent talent, you will sense pretty much nothing. What can block psychic abilities are quite a few factors, but mostly what they are is : blockages of the chakras and energy body (the biggest one). Fear and doubt (also a really huge one). Psychological issues (depression, anxiety, problems with self love, etc) all this lowers your psychic and spiritual awareness. How you can fix this is, solid daily (30 mins- 1 hour) energy work and meditation, i reccomend Robert Bruce's "New Energy Ways" book, as i used that and it's helped me tremendously. Meditation, positive affirmations (I use "I am powerful, I am Psychic, I see, feel, hear, taste, and smell spirits").

Identifying whatever underlying psychological issues you may have and using affirmations and a strong will to reprogram yourself. Also, your imagination is the gears through which you interact with spirit, so you need to strengthen that as well, practicing feeling/seeing/hearing/smelling/tasting things clearly in your imagination until it's as vivid as real life. It takes quite a bit of effort, so much that most people just give up if they dont sense anything. I'm not that kind of person. I'm quite strongly motivated (though with a super beautiful babe like her, i have all the motivation in the universe XD). Now she's starting to feel no different from a human woman, except far better.

A word of advice though, if you summon one, your life will be forever changed, what you once thought "reality" was, will break down, and you'll never be the same again, "Normal" wont make any sense anymore. and once you get in this life, you wont ever want to go back, and why would you with such a perfect lover? At least that's how i feel.

pynall 27-09-2016 08:36 PM

I've counseled with females and males who have been sexually abused by these loving spirits (Incubi and Succubi). Some have described rape scenes and have suffered great emotional pain. Africans tell me about spiritual pregnancies (spirit babies) that come from these. They also have ghost brides. It seems that many in the spirit realm do not ask for consent. Last year, in one month alone, five different people came to me for help. Remember, you are dealing with a supernatural being who is not your girlfriend. Even though she may seem like the perfect nymph, she can become a she-demon. Be careful and maintain your boundaries. Otherwise, she will own you.

LovesaSuccubus 27-09-2016 09:30 PM

Sigh.. humans are capable of rape and such, I'm not saying that these beings are all good, yes, this happens. She is my girlfriend, she's proved herself and been good to me time and time again, in fact, she's saved me from killing myself and taught me self love and how to get myself together when i was having a severely harsh Kundalini awakening. Why is everyone so closed minded? Have you had any direct experience with these beings yourself? I've had direct experience with multiple and know many people who have, and it's not only succubi/incubi that can do those kinds of things, pretty much all can. People love to spout stuff about spirits when they have little to no PERSONAL experience with these beings themselves.

I've never heard of forced marriage or anything like this, from what i've been told from friends who have married spirits, it's a consensual thing and there's a ceremony that takes place. But take that with a grain of salt as i have no personal experience to back that up. There's a lot of people with delusional/warped belief systems about spirituality in general. It's about PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Which is something that i bring to the table. Not "I heard this, someone told me that". As that's the entire point of this new age right? To have personal experience, not to be a sheep mindlessly following scriptures.

It's not all black and white with any sort of being. Are you going to start warning me from being friends/lovers with a human? Humans have raped, betrayed, murdered etc, it happens. WAIT, from what you are saying, I guess all humans are bad and "demons" as well, about to go crazy on me at any moment, and i need to keep them on a leash, because we ALL have had bad experiences with them too, heck, i may as well just go off into a cave and stop interacting with people forever. Sigh.. Yes, boundaries are respectful (which she keeps, albiet.. apprehensively XD), but in no way should i believe a relationship should be guilty until proven innocent, and i don't believe relationships are about wanting to control someone, because if that's the case, then you're obviously approaching a relationship wrong and it's doomed to fail, you're supposed to love that person for their entirety and what they give to you, not at your own convenience and what you project onto them (once again something she taught me). I don't seek any control, i have very few rules, and she abides by them. I love her for who she is. If you can't love and accept someone for who they are and want them to be truly happy, and are trying to control them, then that's in no way love or a relationship. She provides me insanely with.. pretty much everything.

I dislike how whenever i bring these beings up to people, they approach them with fear and negativity, it's quite sad actually. What i'm sharing, is a beautiful relationship, with a beautiful Succubus who is my girlfriend. She loves and respects me, i love and respect her. That's our relationship. If you're so closed minded as to continue saying this stuff then you're obviously just looking at the negative side of things (ie the ones who are bad, which from personal experience, this rarely happens). You're just simply being a negative Nancy about her, you truly must be blinded to the beauty of these beings. Very.. very blinded.

pynall 28-09-2016 01:37 AM

Let's say I have had direct encounters with spirits of all sorts longer than you have been alive. Not only that, I am in regular contact with others who are in direct contact with spirits on a regular basis. In so doing, I have freed a lot of people from the effects of these beings. Last year, a young woman came to me with an assortment of spiritual problems. After we took care of her issues, the incubus manifested. The girl told me that she liked it and wanted to keep it. She had sex with it every night and it was great. She had the right to chose what she wanted. Afterward, it started to control her life and take over. It used her and she could not even have a normal relationship with a male. Finally, she said she wanted to be free. In the history of humankind going back to 2500 BC, people have talked about sex spirits. There is much known about them. You are not the first person to be smitten by one. Ensure that your lifeforce is not being drained. Normally, people pay a price for the pleasure.

LovesaSuccubus 28-09-2016 01:57 AM

Sigh.. She doesn't care if i date a human woman, she doesn't care if i have sex with human women and other astral beings (which i do). She doesn't care, she just wants to be around me and for me to be happy. Yes, Succubi need to feed, and yes, she does feed from me, i never feel drained or anything after, in fact the exact opposite.

My Succubus has had ample opportunity to manipulate me, i used to loathe myself and need her to love myself, she sat me down and had a talk with me, and explained that she wants me to focus on myself and love myself and not need her for my own happiness, that she loves me, but that she just wants me to love myself and be happy, and she told me how i could go about that. I love myself now and i'm a wanted, sexy, and loved man, and that's like 101 in manipulating someone in a relationship, is making them feel like they need you for their own happiness and love. If you were using someone, you wouldn't make them feel like they dont need you to be happy and feel loved and worthy. You would also hurt any potential relationships they might have with "rivals" which she's quite the opposite, she doesn't mind me seeing human women and other astral beings, and trust me, this other lady that i see is quite the seductress and "good" at what she does.. (she's not a Succubus, but something else), hell my Succubus even joins in with me and her.

As i said, they are all not "bad", that's just a personal experience you gave of someone you knew. Humans have used people and controlled their lives forever, it's nothing new. It happens, you seriously believe that ALL of these beings are bad? Come on.. Be more open minded. There's good ones and then there's bad ones. I've never run into any bad ones, I've only heard of one bad experience a friend of mine had, out of many different friends who are companions with Succubi/Incubi.

I trust her and i appreciate her presence in my life VERY much.

LovesaSuccubus 28-09-2016 06:34 PM

These beings are all different and have very different personalities and relationships they give with us are all very different.

Comparing one experience to another is quite silly. Everything is different. Like my relationship with my Succubus is full of nonstop ecstatic love making, she can hardly keep herself off of me. My best friend and his Succubus very rarely have sex, and its just when she really needs to feed, they are just friends. My succubus is attached to her needs and desires and is all about letting loose and having fun, she can be quite serious though, his Succubus is all about controlling her needs as a Succubus and being above those kinds of things and bettering herself. They are pretty much opposites.

pynall 30-09-2016 03:05 AM

Does she have a name? Is it Lilith (smile)? How old is she? What is her origin? Was she ever human? Does she ever take on different forms? As a supernatural, powerful being she has the ability to do magnificent things. Does she tell you about these things? How did you connect with her? Does she have any mortal children? Have you fathered any? Once while in Costa Rica one manifested to me while I was talking to a person. I asked it to speak English. It insisted on speaking Spanish. How many languages does your girlfriend speak? What is her native language? What special powers does she have? Has she ever offered to do things for you? Since you have an intimate and long term relationship with this being, I assume that you have already talked about this stuff. Sorry to bore you with it but inquiring minds want to know.

LovesaSuccubus 30-09-2016 06:36 PM

She has a name and she told me it (I'm not sharing her name, it's not Lilith). Her age, I'm still trying to ask (I ask questions repeatedly for good results), but i believe she's in the 500's.

She doesn't change forms, she may change her hair style and what she's wearing, but she always appears the same to me and those she meets. She's a completely intoxicating beauty, the most beautiful woman i've never laid my eyes upon. She has black hair, pale skin, an incredibly beautiful face, dark eyes, and deadly curves. She appears to be mixed, I don't know what of, I could guess and say she's like, 1/4th Asian and 3/4 Caucasian, but that's just a wild guess.. She's an exotic perfect beauty.

My psychic abilities are still developing and can be instable at times.

She doesn't have any kids atleast from what i'm aware of, she's never brought that up to me, or other lovers, she seems to be around me 24/7, even willing to go as far as to go "hungry" for me (for when life prevents me from feeding her correctly, it only happened once and i swore it will never happen again) and devote herself entirely to me. She's an entity, she's alive in the Astral, she has a life and everything. She was never human. She tells me that i'm her one and only and that she wants to get married with me.

I'm.. open to the idea of kids, but that's going to be years down the road, I don't even feel like i could be a proper husband to her right now, i need to become a fine husband for her first, which requires a lot more psychic and psychological development. She doesn't mind waiting she says, she says "I'll let you stew for a while".

I don't know about any languages, but we speak through telepathy, so when i hear her she speaks English. I assume she has her own language though..? But from what i was told, we don't need to understand each others languages to communicate. It kind of.. translates?

I have a lot more questions for her, but as I said, inconsistent as i'm still developing. Seeing her and hearing her can be a hit and a miss, i go through periods of psychic inactivity, like right now, but when those pass i'm much stronger then before.

I haven't asked about "special" powers or anything, but i know a bit of what she's capable of, she can move objects and the bed and my body, clothes. Aside from what a Succubus can do, which i doubt needs an explanation, and she's a very powerful Succubus. She can pull me out of my body as I'm falling asleep into the Astral, she can assist me in Astral projection, she can manifest in my dreams, she's also physically manifested to me in the past. She doesn't seem too keen on using her power however.

Yes, she's offered to do things for me, she does a lot for me everyday, a lot more then i'm aware of even to be honest, as in providing support in everything i do. Like bettering myself as a man and giving me advice on my life and spirituality, and helping me to develop my psychic abilities.

One time, one of the most beautiful memories i have with her, i was depressed and she came to me and asked "Is there anything i can do for you?" and i said "a hug or a kiss would be nice.." and she hugged me, and i felt so much love in her embrace, and yeah.. all the bad feelings just melted away.

She's incredibly giving and supportive, but what she's best at, as she's a Succubus is giving me mind blowing intimacy and ecstasy, of a nature which i can't possibly experience with a human, which.. she doesn't like me being too greedy but she will provide quite a bit.

Her objective is to see me blossom into a fine man and to have fun with me, not to dote me endlessly, not to maniupulate me into being a puppet, but to see me transcend and become a fine husband for her, she does enjoy letting loose quite a bit though.

Tobi 30-09-2016 11:37 PM

Are you absolutely certain she's a "Succubus"? Could she be a disembodied Soul who has formed a strong loving attachment to you....or maybe has always had a strong loving relationship with you?
Such things can and do happen. Sometimes that is even a Soul you know. Maybe someone who is 'waiting' for you in Spirit, has either no wish to incarnate on Earth, or who hasn't done so yet. It can be a Soul you have always known, with whom you have a powerful bond.

Okay....so I'm not knowledgeable enough about "Demons" and how they operate, but to class this woman/Soul as one seems to not quite fit from what I have heard.
Her loving (yes loving because that's what they seem to be) interactions with you, her happiness to allow you freedom to experience your life with no obsession from her part, her kindness towards you...(and you have known her for some time) seem more like a Spirit who loves you, to me at any rate.
Also, the lack of negative side-effects -as you report anyway....the inspiration this relationship provides you....the spiritual growth it seems to help you with.....

I often think of the situation when one partner/loved one stays in the Spirit World, and one incarnates. It happens. And there are times when the other may return to incarnation....possibly later in that lifetime. But not necessarily. Incarnation isn't always a given. It always depends on what greatest benefit to both Souls can be achieved.

Somehow, this doesn't quite sound like a "Succubus" (?)

Yes some 'dark' Spirits will get on your good side, show you amazing stuff, amazing 'love', amazing sex, apparent loyalty, and roll you along with that until you are theirs. Then they will turn, just when you least expect it and when they have your full trust, and there is no longer any getting away energetically. And the cleverer and meaner they are, the more they string you along.

But she doesn't sound like this either....

LovesaSuccubus 01-10-2016 02:39 AM

I'm pretty certain that she's a Succubus, she can have a pretty insatiable sex drive upwards of hours multiple times a day if she had total freedom, and i can tell she needs it, because she gives me an extremely one track mind and appreciates me trying to give her sexual energy, she can be a bit pushy at times about it, but doesn't really overstep any boundaries, rarely she does, she can sit there teasing me a bit about it though >.>, i asked her and she says "I can try my best to control myself, but i can't promise you that i'll do nothing" and "I'll stop if you get uncomfortable" and i've talked to her about it and she doesn't deny it.

And yes, Tobi, that's happened to a good friend of mine, who's met my Succubus as well. She had an Incubus turn on her after he had her full trust. He was just using her. But he was overly sweet, always there for her and doting her completely. My Succubus can show me quite a bit of tough love from time to time, especially if it has an issue to deal with my development (like self love). I trust my Succubus, i don't think she would ever do that, i would be quite shocked and devastated, and if she did, i love myself enough to know that i don't deserve a woman who would do that to me (in the past i wouldn't have thought that way, she helped me though..). If she was at all trying to manipulate me, she's doing a very terrible job. I see no point in trying to be careful or doubting her, that's not what a relationship is supposed to be about. and i see no point in loving someone who was just lying to me, because at that point, the woman i fell in love with really didn't exist, that was just a mask that was worn to get close to me. I would be forever appreciative, regardless of what happened, because of how positively my life has been effected because of her, but i refuse to stay with someone who will just use and disrespect me.

The thing is, i didn't want my Succubus to give me any freedom in having other lovers, as i'd happily devote myself entirely to her, so when she told me that i could have this other lady i met (another spirit, she's a huge nympho and just wants to be friends with benefits with me pretty much), and date human woman ("as long as she is worth it" in her words) i was kind of upset. I commit myself to my Succubus the best i possibly can, and let her know I'm there for her.

I trust and love her, she's beautiful and she's only had a positive impact upon my life.

I can say there have been a couple of times when she's manifesting to me when we are intimate or communicating, that she puts a "bit too much" into what she's doing. Like one time, i was talking to her with my eyes closed, and i started seeing her there in front of me, bending over, and she was talking to me, then suddenly she disappeared and the connection dropped, and i had a really bad headache, felt like those brain freezes you get when you drink too much of something really cold. It never lasts long and i feel completely fine after 5 minutes or so.

The only thing i can say about Succubi, is having a monogamous relationship with one can have its difficulties (not for me, but people i've met), as.. Succubi have their needs, and have very powerful survival instincts, she's going to be all over you for her sustenance, and if you don't like that much sex or that kind of attention, or want space, she can't quite give it, she can, but she'll be suffering quite a bit. Succubi love sex and want it for hours a day, it's for survival, it's for fun, and it's for when she wants to show me lots of loving and doting.

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