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Nameless 16-12-2018 03:20 PM

The "Event"
Back in 2012 I channeled on the subject of the 2012 phenomenon. I had not been channeling long (since about July of 2012) and I was myself amazed at the answer I got. I had never heard of any of that information before, although I knew what Reiki was and had watched a lot of documentaries on the Mayan Calendar (which I think a lot of us did that year LOL).

It has been six years since then, and many people are calling the new energies that are still coming in as “The Event”. I had never heard of “The Event” until this year. A lot of fearful information is being put out there about this Energetic Event that is supposed to happen, and I didn’t care for it. I think it is time to ditch the fear. I know by now that giving energy to fear just creates more fear. I want this next year to all be about finally being about to get out of the pattern of creating my life by placing my attention on other people’s fears, which then starts vibrating my old fears. I want to focus deliberately on creating my life from Joy and finally, finally, finally, not react to what is around me.

Maybe it starts with meditation. I have not meditated much.

We get to be the creators of our own lives. I have proven that to myself over and over this year. When I deliberately try to feel better, I can make myself feel better. When I listen to the news, I start the slow descent back into not feeling good again. I so want out of this cycle. But on the other hand, sometimes the news is fascinating. Is it designed that way? I don’t know. But when I don’t listen to it, I am able to free my thoughts up and get to creating my life again by raising up my vibration and feeling better about myself and the world around me. But I have been in this up and down cycle all this year, and I want to break free.

But I find myself fascinated by QHHT sessions on you tube, and this Event that they all say is coming. A lot of these facilitators are promoting this idea that a New Earth, a new physical Earth, has been born, and this huge wave of energy or light will be hitting us soon (although soon keeps being wrong and they keep having to revise their timeline).

My belief on this topic before I channel about it are that this loving energy has been “bombarding” was the world I channeled about it before, since 2012, and it is here, and has been here, but in order to access this loving every you have to raise your vibration to be able to feel it. When I raise my vibration and I feel better, I can feel this energy all the time. In my body. As a sort of humming. My atoms and molecules hum, and it feels amazing, and it is all the time. But when I watch the news and slowly start my descent back into not feeling amazing, it usually takes me a few days and I feel bad again, and then I start attracting the fearful thoughts, etc. and I can’t feel this loving humming anymore.

In order to expand our consciousness, it is an inside job. I have proven that to myself over and over this year. Up and down, back and forth. I want a more stable vibration. I want to prove to myself that I can stay there. I have this thought that if I do a few things every day to set the tone of my day, I can achieve this state of feeling good most of the time, and I can control the things that happen around me to an extent, or at least I can control if I react to them, and how I react to them.

I am on a quest this year to finally stabilize this loving vibration I have found. That would be my “event.”

So I am asking the sky again the question, What do your guides say about the 2012 event, and is the “event” a real thing that is going to happen, has the Earth itself created another version of itself (like cells dividing)? I am asking a Higher Guide or Guides for help with this answer, and to be as clear a channel as I can be to get a clear answer. Thank you Sky.

(I also just remembered that I channeled about this subject verbally a few weeks ago on an older recorder and I wasn’t able to listen back to the answer, so it will be interesting if I get the same answer now as I did then, or if it will be different when I use automatic writing?)


These things take time. Time is a construct. So you are able to access them in your time of now, that have not happened yet that will be in the future.

Who am I speaking to?

We are a collective consciousness, beings of light who are here to help with this transition of the earth. And yes, it is a physical earth that has been created, a new Earth to discover for you all if you so choose.

How we can explain it in 3D terms is this. Say you are on a ferris wheel, and you are going round and round on this ferris wheel, and you have ups and downs and the momentum of this ferris wheel is very real to you as you travel along on it, going up and down. This ferris wheel is holding you constant. You are sitting on a chair on this wheel, and you haven’t moved from the chair, even though your body is going up and down physically and you can feel this and see this and hear this.

The new Earth is like that. You are sitting in your chair on this new Earth. You are going up and down, as you have described above, on your ferris wheel of life, feeling good and bad, joy and fear , up and down. But you are still living out your life in this 3D world (your chair, so to speak), which hasn’t changed, is still the same chair, in the same house.

So we are discussing space. Now let’s discuss time. Time comes into play as the lightening bolt that it is. Time moves you through space. Time makes it possible for you to live in this 3D world, putting one foot in front of the other and going, moving, through time. Without time, would you still move?

So, if you are in the same space and living in the same time, and you now know that there is a new Earth you can access, how do you access this new Earth?
There is a force in the Universe that is coming your way. Light. Light will propel you all into this new Earth, so you can all see it and hear it and feel it, all at the same time.

The energies that we spoke of in 2012 was the loving energy that had been coming your way. This energy proceeded the light. Was pushed by the light, as the first waves of energy. So energy, love energy, travels faster than the speed of light.

That is something not known. As this light gets closer to the Earth, there are those that would stop the people of the earth from seeing the light as it enters your atmosphere. This is all true. They are deliberately blocking out the sunlight from your view, for a reason.

The light that is coming towards you is coming from the Sun.

This light was generated from the center of the Galaxy, so you have to ask the question, which Sun generated this light?

When the planets aligned in 2012 it was something that is difficult to explain that you could understand, but it was a cosmic event, it was an event that affected your galaxy, at a galactic level.

All of the beings in your galaxy will feel, or have felt, these changes.

Some have been in the forefront, so to speak, and have come to the Earth to help the humans on the earth to deal with this galactic event, prepare for this galactic event, participate with you during this galactic event, help you with this galactic event.

These entities are not human, but they are loving beings.

They have compassion for the old Earth and are helping the old Earth shift into the new. As the earth evolves into another version of itself, giving birth so to speak, the people of the earth have felt this shift. Some of you have heard the sounds coming from the Earth. You yourself have heard this sound.

It was massive and something you have never heard before, like a giant being screaming, like two tectonic plates grinding together, as they moved in different directions.

That was the earth splitting.

The ET’s, you call them ET’s because they are entities that are not from this earth, have sent their helpers down to earth to help. There are a lot of entities helping.

So, having explained all that, how does it affect the human? When will it affect the human?

We don’t give out times because time is a construct. It is not real. That is something that you just can’t explain to a human, because they are stuck in time, like a fly stuck in amber. Because you are stuck in time, you will not understand that this event is without time.

So we cannot tell you a time. That is the short answer. Because, in your version of time, it has happened, it is happening, and it will happen.

How do you explain that to someone who is stuck in time?

Before there were humans on this planet, the earth was whole, she was complete, she was herself an entity. Since the humans have been on earth, they have changed the earth. They have not helped the earth, they have changed it. The earth is self healing, like humans are self healing, and the earth is fine, and she is not fine. So the new Earth is there, and it is not there.

Depends on what timeline you are living in, which dimension you are living in.

The human has the choice to live on this new Earth. Now. This minute of their existence, if they so choose.

It is all available. Now.

When you meditate you can get there easily. When you raise your consciousness you are there, faster than the speed of light, if you know how to meditate and you practice often.

Being in the state of meditation and raising your vibration, you are accessing this new Earth.

So when the light comes in the Now point of past/present/future, you won’t have to ask, you will know.

If you shift your consciousness by mediating, but allowing yourself to feel good, by limiting your time spent doing things that lower your vibration, when the light comes in the Now point, you will be living upon the new Earth.

Has it happened for you? We would say yes it has. Has it happened for everyone? We would say no,

So those that are seeking this new earth, this light, have access to the new earth Now.

The more you shift your consciousness up in vibration, and hold your vibration steady, the more gifts you will be able to access and the more this will make sense to you.

It is an inside job.

Thank you. That is a lot to contemplate.

************************************************** *

I was just talking to my husband about this, and he reminded me, yet again, of another reason not to listen to or buy into the news. The Romans controlled the masses by free tickets to the show to watch people being eaten. Wondering if that ever really stopped happening…


************************************************** **

Merry Christmas to all. I hope you all have joy this season.

WildHairedWoman 03-04-2019 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by Nameless

I was just talking to my husband about this, and he reminded me, yet again, of another reason not to listen to or buy into the news. The Romans controlled the masses by free tickets to the show to watch people being eaten. Wondering if that ever really stopped happening…

No, we live in the new Roman empire. If you learn history (real history) you will know that when the Romans decided to hand over the empire to the "Church" they also gave the secular part of the empire to the British and that started what is called the British empire, but it is really the Roman empire. All the same kinds of things went on when the British took over and they are still going on now.

As for the Mayan calendar, the infamous roman pope Gregory spread the rumors and lies about the Mayans and their "calendar". They actually have several calendars and if it wasn't for them we would not have a leap year. Pope Greg's mathemeticians found that the Mayans had much more accurate solar and lunar calendars than any european group and they integrated their solar calendar into what we now call the Gregorian Calendar, and the proof that the empire is going strong is that all business around the world uses the Gregorian calendar to stay in synch with the rest of the world.

7luminaries 03-04-2019 08:39 PM

Nice message - much to resonate with. Thanks for sharing!

Peace & blessings :hug3:

Nameless 24-04-2019 12:13 AM

Wild Haired Woman - thank you for your answer. I have been disconnected from the News since I posted this (well, there was that one time...) and I feel so much better. I do feel it is deliberate, and a way of controlling our thoughts. Don't get me started on the school system we have in the US.... thank you for your comment, very insightful.

Nameless 24-04-2019 12:14 AM

You are most welcome :)

Unseeking Seeker 24-04-2019 02:59 AM


Thanks Nameless!

Bliss and fear
Cannot go together
We need to choose
One or the other



soniiiety 24-04-2019 03:21 AM

thank you for msg, one problem i need help with meditating, i get loud tinnitus?

white noise/brown noise, it gets louder when i meditate and feels like im being drained maybe???

Unseeking Seeker 24-04-2019 03:29 AM


Originally Posted by soniiiety
thank you for msg, one problem i need help with meditating, i get loud tinnitus?

white noise/brown noise, it gets louder when i meditate and feels like im being drained maybe???


Astral sound
Does abound
Go in, within, beyond


janielee 24-04-2019 03:50 AM


Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker

Astral sound
Does abound
Go in, within, beyond


Do you focus on it, US?

Unseeking Seeker 24-04-2019 04:08 AM


Originally Posted by janielee
Do you focus on it, US?


Diversions during meditation abound
Just like the astral sound
Reversing polarity in stillness
Thought ... analytical to intuitive
Senses ... external to internal
As presence without identity
Free flowing by allowing
Depending upon surprises sprung
Along the pathless path
Astral sound, divine fragrance
Vibrant void or the gentle light
May with divine grace be felt
Or maybe not
The measure of stillness
Is simply in being-ness
Of magnetism rising in innocence
In permanence


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