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LoGronn 24-03-2017 05:17 PM

What's up with March 25th?
Heard some important planetary stuff is going to occur tomorrow.. Something to do with Venus, Sun, money, love stuff. Any ideas?

Bindu* 24-03-2017 05:48 PM

Transiting Venus is slow going in the sky now. As venus is Retrograde.
A special phase of that several month long retrograde cycle is occuring 25 march when there is the Inferior conjunction with the sun. The sun and venus joins at the same degree in the zodiac.
I'ts no big deal. But issues with venus may come up, such as relationships, or money.

"At the time that Venus forms an inferior conjunction with the Sun (March 25th), relationship issues are magnified. Fateful events can occur now. This is equivalent to a New Moon but marks the beginning of a new Venus cycle. We are symbolically in the dark during the retrograde, but starting fresh and re-energized from this date forward

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