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nikaway 20-06-2019 09:20 PM

Can I to do Juice with this "Aloe Vera" or is it toxic??
Hi there!

I have Psoriasis disease in scalp, and searching in the internet I found good stories of people who have healed your Psoriasis with "Aloe Vera" plant juice.

My fear is because I have discovered that some species of the "Aloe Vera" are toxic, and I do not know if this one I have is. I do not know how to identify ...

Can you tell me what kind of picture this is? What is the species?

I don't know if it is "Aloe vera" or other species...

Sorry my English, I'm from Brazil...! :biggrin:

Native spirit 20-06-2019 09:43 PM

Hi I would ask the garden centre which is the plant you need Aloa is used in a few things but I couldn't tell you which is the one you want.
you need to ask someone who grows this plant


inavalan 20-06-2019 10:51 PM

Are you diagnosed with Psoriasis by a doctor?

My mother had Psoriasis on her scalp and other places, and a homeopath cured her with 1 dose of Psorinum 200. The homeopath said that when it works, 1 dose should suffice, and she'd be healed in less than 2 months. In no case should she take more than 1 dose, and shouldn't drink coffee until cured because that makes the Psorinum ineffective.

Obviously, this isn't medical advice, just somebody's story ...

I'd suggest that you contact a homeopath, or / and look up a forum frequented by homeopaths and ask there.

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