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BigBlue 07-03-2017 05:09 AM

Essential Oil Smudge
Hello there My fellow massage therapists
Today My Spirit Guide showed Me a new way to clear my body and sort of like smudge My aura. I have been taking Parafree by Young Living lately, and after I took this mornings dose, My Spirit Guide came and threw three sprays of the essential oils threw My body, as I took three pills. So then I smeared a whole bunch of Theraputic Grade Lemon oil all over and tried it myselft, kind of like how I smudge My body, in the same fashion as that, and I was able to throw out so much junk, more today than I think I have been able to smudge out of My aura in the last five months.
Honest, You all should try it.

Miss Hepburn 09-06-2019 06:38 PM

Lemon oil, eh? :icon_thumleft:

Miss Hepburn 14-06-2019 09:56 PM

I did get ess lemon oil today. :)...it's not Young Liv, I know.

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