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Nature Grows 24-03-2015 03:52 AM

Communication with Trees.
Hello, have any of you communicated with Trees? Or have any knowledge about communication with Trees? Maybe some personal stories or stories you've heard from others?

Thank you, please share.

002 Cents 24-03-2015 03:57 AM

Yes, I do. In a sense. I allow my energy to connect to them. But they are all connected and you can sense the network between them. Then I will do energy sharing with them. When I am in a good place I will send them positive vibes and when I am in a bad place they will send me positive vibes.

sunsoul 24-03-2015 05:08 AM

I see myself standing under an oak tree and presenting Chirps with an acorn.

IsiahHolmes123 24-03-2015 05:35 AM

I've never done it but have always gotten the sense that they are very wise and hold a lot of knowledge. I mean think about it, the oldest tree's have been here longer than most of anything, at least on the land and in any given spot, they outlive even tortoises-which outlive humans of course. I also see entities, I call them others, you may call them elemental, around forests and the woods a lot. I sometimes entertain the idea that these entities are actually the tree's soul projected outward to further interact with the environment and live around it rather than just remaining static. If tree's have consciousness, or spirit, then could they be in a prolonged state of meditation? Or could it be that spirits use tree's and the network of energy they form to enter between worlds?

Miss Hepburn 24-03-2015 07:00 AM

Haha, smile...reminds me of this young boy that died, came back.
Posted his NDE , now a man, online somewhere, maybe at
www.NDERF.org ,

Oddly, it took place in Seneca Park...a place of my youth, in central NY.

When he was shown his life review...he was not just shown, but felt
the feelings of a tree that he was walking past once and stopped and thought, "What a beautiful tree."

Can you imagine?
My God, the significance of our kind and appreciative thoughts and words
on every living thing!


AmarenLux 24-03-2015 07:04 AM

Ive never connected to or communicated with a tree, but as they have a soul we can certainly connect to them and them to us and I'm sure they have a very special connection with Mother Earth :)

Miss Hepburn 24-03-2015 07:23 AM

Cute little link on tree spirits:


QT Pie 24-03-2015 07:48 AM

Actually yes...
I'm not a meditator, though I've certainly been known to. Usually now I just fall into meditative states if I'm not otherwise occupying my brain. This happens quite frequently in nature. I'll tell you a story. I had moved to a new town, I wasn't at all happy about being there but was resolved to not be a baby about it. Inwardly I felt two things: it was going to happen quick, I wouldn't be there long. And it had to do with my spirituals. When I finally stopped dragging my feet and settled in I went to a nice park they have downtown and was mediating on a bench and felt like I had connected to the tree across from me.

Now, this is a vision, I don't usually bring those up, they are personal and I don't care to argue their credibility. So please read it as what I experienced and likely through a filter.

I connected to it quite accidentally. I simply examined it and began wondering what it's like to be a tree. What could I learn rooted in one place, no sight perception.. that's how it starts and I am down a rabbit hole. When I connected with the tree I was pretty impressed by it, and it by me (me as in humans, not personally) what I saw was that trees operate like a mind network making accessible more detailed information and contemplation of the evolution of this world. We as humans are the action bit. The component that acts in now. That is our purpose and the only accessible power we have. As the action center we are observed and contemplated on many levels. Trees represent the highest, largest form of this that I know of on the planet. Not observing so much physically but picking up energy patterns, they also have access to pure conciousness, and have a higher mind. I was then connected to the earth who oversees the totality of that, and us. It was more than I could comprehend until I felt the sun on my cheek. Immediately burst into tears.

Later in that same park I was walking around and suddenly got it in my mind that this park had a tree I needed to find for mediating under. I was struck with the idea the perfect tree was there. So I'm walking around checking out trees and I see this huge one and I swear it was glowing. And of course ended up being no joke, the best tree ever. With a spot at the base that looks custom made for relaxing under.

And lastly, I was going through a breakup and was having a hard time letting go of certain things. I had been at my tree earlier that day and in connecting with it I left a heads up penny. So I'm digging in my sad feelings a bit and the song I am listening to is overly melodramatic of course. It has a line in it, she is singing about selling her illusions and it goes "I'd sell them all for a penny, they make pretty souvenirs..." And suddenly in my mind my tree rose up and reminded me it had a penny... So there I was in my mind down at my tree hanging all my meant to be's like Christmas decorations.

I definately dig me some trees. The whole world speaks though.

Impulsv 24-03-2015 08:14 AM

This post just reminded me of"The tree of life " something my twinflame mentioned along time ago.
Not sure why, but I can't say I have connected to trees but maybe I should connect more to earth for grounding. I tend to be more in the 5d world n as all needs balancing maybe more meditation in nature.

I had an amazing experience in Alaska recently with the northern lights, in all this trip random people, song, ect pointing at letting go of my past hurta n pain.

So asked on my return how Since i e been at tempting for past give years. Perhaps receiving this link was guidance as to the how n connecting more to Mother Earth n all beings in it, including tree:)
Thanks op

LadyMay 24-03-2015 10:38 AM

I think I have the ability to feel plants? Don't know. I think they can hear me too. I don't have much experience with it though but I always felt a connection there. Also, I saw what I think was a Deva once resting in the roots of a large tree.

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