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Tati Tati 06-08-2013 10:25 AM

)(¬Empowering Thoughts¬)(

Discover ,
Tune in to this inner incredible Creative Power !!
Activate this Power right now !!
The Power to Create.
There is a frequency which feels so good !!
Align with it.
Visualize a strong and healing ,
pure and cleansing bright powerful Light
surrounding you and penetrating into you,
into your every cell.
Feel like you are taking a bath in this dynamic and transforming light.
Feel your Aura become Strong and Thick,
Feel your Aura expanding and expanding,
Visualize Vibrant Aura Colors.
Feel your body being harmonic elegant ,
feel weightless ,
floating in space ,
floating while you are Radiating this Wonderful Healing Light .
You are very Attractive now,
you are a Gem.
You are Magnetic.
You Attract Divine Gifts.
Feel your Power.
You are fearless ,
filled with inner Strenght and Courage.
Your Vibration is High.
You are glowing .
You are creating so much joy and love right now .
You are Realising Healing Vibes
which overflow from your body.
You are very Healthy.
Energetic. Compassionate ,Kind,
Peaceful .Happy.
.Honest .Trustful.
Flexible. Intelligent. Smart.
You have great Communication Skills.
Creative Skills.
You have the Power
to Create any Ability You Want.
You are Good at Anything you Choose to be Good At.
You are filled with Virtues.
You are Forgiving.You are Forgiven.
You Respect and Value Yourself.
You Respect and Value Others.
You are Respected!
You are Confident
and youTrust Yourself
in What you Say,
in What you Do,
in What you Represent here on Earth,
in What you Are.
You are Glowing.
Your eyes gaze softly
From your eyes comes out healing light
and Compassionate Energy
which can Reach to the Core
of every being.
You are Accepting
and you are Acceptable.
You are warm and friendly.
You love to give.
You love to receive.
Your relationships are balanced.
You are a very good Teacher
but also a great Student.
You can easily get in Touch
with the Inner Knowledge and Wisdom.
You can Easily Understand Any Lesson.
You are the Master of your mind.
You are centered in the Light of your Soul
You foat easily surfing the Cosmic Waves.
You can effortlessly let go and move on
after the end of any chapter in your life.
You are strong and powerful enough
to break any 'habit' ,
any addiction you want.
You are wise enough to be aware of death.
And not mourning for any loss ,
but having the knowledge
of what is lost is never lost
but only changed into some other form.
All of your energy is flowing to the present moment
creating Energy right Now ,
bright and powerful ,loving and peaceful.
healthy,abundant Thoughts.
You have discovered your inner gifts
and talents
and you love sharing them with the world.
Everyday you expand you expand you exand
to new knowledge,
to higher frequency ,
to more love,
to more unconditional love,
to generocity
to compassion,
to more wisdom.
You Learn how to Encourange people,
instead of putting them down.
We are one family here on Earth!
Feel the Love, feel the joy!!!
Trust the Divine!!!All is well
because you have chosen
to Think and Create the BEST.

(Affirmative Writing.Tati-August 2013)

12meadows 06-08-2013 03:27 PM

spectacular! :)

Tati Tati 07-08-2013 07:32 AM

Thank youuuu :angel1:

Jezebel 11-08-2013 08:31 PM

That's fantastic very empowering.

Tati Tati 12-08-2013 01:14 PM

Much Love to you Jezebel :hug3:

Tati Tati 12-08-2013 10:42 PM

)( For Night Sleep)( <3 )(AFFIRMATION- VISUALIZATION)(
For Sleep--- :angel11:

Right now It's Dark in your Planet.
You are about to Sleep.
Right now you will receive Relaxing Soft Energy
which is surrounding you
and filling you with Calm and Peaceful Vibes.
Right now your mind becomes very Light ,
Your body becomes very Light.
With Tender Vibrations massaging your Body Slowly.
You are about to Enter Another State of Being,
The Sleep State.
Take deep breaths.
Breath and Relax.
Make all your muscles tense.
Keep them for a while.
Then release them.
Feel your Eyes being weightless and soft gazing.
Relax your shoulders and neck.
Feel all of your muscles,feel
your whole body swimming
in a pool of Healing Water
and See your body Radiating Sparkles of white light.
You are floating in Water Dimension
Everything becomes Easier here,
you float, you swim, you relax ,you enjoy.
Water is carrying your body ,
Let go.Surrender.
Don't be afraid to go to sleep.
Don't be afraid to lose the reality you are now
and to die to sleep
and born alone into another world,
in the world of your Dreams.
Right now
See yourself as Spirit, as Energy.
Relax ,Relax, Relax.
Your mind is being healed.
Your emotions are being healed.
Your physical body is being healed.
Everything IS Balanced.
Right Now.
Let Existence take care of You.
Watch the most beautiful dreams.
Take the most important lessons.
Expand in Understanding.
Expand in Love.
Divine Is taking care of You.
Be Open.
You Are Safe and will be Always Protected.
Rest Deeply ,Sleep Well.
May you wake up in the morning easily
and in a joyful,peaceful ,loving ,full of energy moodat the Exact Right Hour you Want.
Close your eyes,go to Sleep.
Feel hugged by Love ,
by Loving Energies.
Sink into your bed and into your pillow
while feeling Love
which is all over you and within you.
(((((((((( Bath in Love and have a Good Night )))))))))))

Tati-August 2013

12meadows 13-08-2013 05:56 PM

beautiful... thank you :)

Tati Tati 13-08-2013 07:03 PM

You are welcome !!!!!!!! Much Love <3

Tati Tati 14-08-2013 09:14 PM

In The Morning, don't look at the Mirror First.
First Look Within.
Are you feeling beautiful there?
Are you feeling comfortable inside your skin?
Are you feeling joyful ? Loved? At Peace?


Tati Tati 15-08-2013 09:40 AM

)( Good Morning )( Affirmative Writing <3
Good Morning my beautiful friend ,
my wonderful light and strong being.
You have just got out of bed.
Your body needs to be filled with high energy.
You need to wake up all your body cells now.
Create the Energy and Bath in High Vibration Energized Light.
Send Right Now Mind Signals to your whole body to wake up.
Your eyes are wide open now,full of joyful energy.
They Radiate Softly and Serene,Joyful and Loving Energy.
Wake up Wake up Wake up.
Another day here on Earth and the World needs you.
You are here because you are needed.
Don't cover yourself and get back to sleep.
Wake up and tune into your Power.
Awaken your abilities, talents, gifts.
Another day to share with the world,
your wisdom , your knowledge,
your song,your dance, your music ,
your healing vibes,your positive and creative mind ,
your artistic nature, your beauty,
your work of any kind,
your wonderful servings.
Inspire !! Encourage !! Uplift !!
Feel your beauty ,feel your power,
Smile ,make your whole body smile.
Stay Centered In The Love and Joy and Peace
you have just Created.
Stay there.
Remember you are Always
Guided, Safe and Protected.
Enjoy a Full Of Wonders Day !!
Be Open Enough to Receive.
Be Generous Enough to Give.
You are Balanced in All Levels.
Have Fun ,Learn, Enjoy ,Create,
Play , Work , Heal ,Grow ,Expand.
Create Your Own Purpose in Life.
Live It.

Tati~Affirmative Writing-August2013

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