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kishore 12-04-2017 08:33 AM

what is the goal of continuous astral projection?
I want to ask what is the goal of astral projecting many times? Because i have been astral projecting for a long time now although i just felt floating outside my body and only got a real peaceful state of mind and that is it, there is no other benifit but infact i faced a hammering in my practical life due to ap as my interests and nature changed.

MergingWolf 12-04-2017 09:36 PM

there is a lot of knowledge and things to learn out there , people and being to meet, than just going out there feeling floaty and at peace, those feelings wear off quickly after coming back but those other experiences can last a life time and beyond.

right now i'm on a mission: i have something i want to achieve, that may not be achievable in the first place, at least most don't think so cause no one has done it, but its been my mission and goal to try it, but every since i came to the conclusion to try to do it, my projections stopped all together, making me thing maybe i'm onto something that something don't want me achieving.

well let me ease your mind already, i been trying to met my higher self to try to merge with it, so that i can come into my psychic abilities so that i can try and help heal this world and its people and inspire millions of people through psychic means like no other, not in the way of these real and so called fake mediums, but in my own way.

And after that I will continue to project to help people from that standpoint and keep learning new things.

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