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simplenotsosimple 22-09-2019 07:16 PM

Shadow person
I had an experience about 9 months to a year ago that I still can't really make sense of. Wondering if anyone here can shed some light?

I want to start off by saying that I have several relatives who have had experiences with shadow people, and usually they appeared before something major (usually bad or trying) happened. This is my case as well, as I went through the roughest patch of my life shortly after this experience.

The experience itself is pretty short. I was sleeping and was awoken by what I thought was my husband coming into the room. I saw a dark figure moving towards me and assumed it was him. I actually reached out to the figure to hug it (still freaked out about that!) and started talking to it asking what it was doing. Sudden the figure vanished I was left sitting up asking what the hell was going on. What I saw was similar to what you might see when the lights go off and you are left in a pitch black room, like when your eyes adjust to the darkness. Except the room was already dark and I could see just fine. At the time I brushed it off thinking it was just a trick of the dark, and my dog who was in the room with me was undisturbed. I keep coming back to this though and I feel like there was more to it. It had never happened to me before or since. I didn't really enjoy it, but I didn't feel threatened either.

Lepus 23-09-2019 06:35 PM


There's this video I've seen on youtube recently regarding a shadow figure. The people recording felt threatened just by starring at it. So I would assume your intuition will tell you whether it's a harmful shadow figure or not. However, you were'nt aware of it being there so you might of had a different reaction if you knew it wasn't your husband. I would assume not all of them are bad, but I could be mistaken. I just find it strange a shadow being would linger inside a home one time and never to return. Perhaps there's some history behind your house, maybe a murder?


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