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mindanalyzer 17-01-2018 05:45 AM

warning or inner fear
I have been experiencing time synchronicities for over 13 years; suffice to say that there are days in which I would experience such a number of them that it escapes the realm of coincidence; we are talking about straight 11:11 am, 1:11 pm, 2:22 pm, 3:33 pm, 4:44 pm, 5:55 pm, adding 11:11 pm as a bonus and 1:11 am as a dessert for staying awake until late. What are the odds?

I have thought about this and they might be a mechanism to develop a high perception for synchronicities; something like a learning mechanism that allows me to activate/keep sharp my sensors on a conscious level.

Lately, I have experienced a couple of synchronicities that have me worried ...

I recently bought a brand new 2017 Yamaha motorcycle FZ-07; This is my 1st motorcycle and honestly speaking my skill level needs a little sharpening; especially where I live, Miami FL, where drivers are notorious for being one of the most stupid in the country [and maybe on the planet] (I have been riding road racing bicycles for many years with good skill levels).

Basically, I had been entertaining the idea of buying a motorcycle for some time, got a good offer and jumped on that, with the plan of riding on the weekends with fellow cyclists (that also loves motorcycles) in areas without much traffic

well, since I bought it I have experienced several synchronicities with things like: thinking of my motorcycle and check the online news right away, only to find in the 1st headline an article about the fatal motorcycle accident (something that is not very common), or getting to my work and start talking with some random guy and for a mysterious reason that person owns a motorcycle and starts talking that his brother died a year ago in a motorcycle accident and that he also had an accident 6 months ago or so. Another weird one was me crossing path with a friend in the parking lot (he loves motorcycles and knows I bought one) and upon mentioning to him that his mod pickup looks beautiful; he comes back with "no, this is not mine, it belongs to a fellow Puerto Rican, that maybe you know him; he is the one that walks in this particular manner because he lost a leg in a motorcycle accident" (not in overseas wars or anything else but a motorcycle accident)

The other weird event was today. I had an appointment for a nerve block shot in my lumbar area (lower back pain has been bad and I was diagnosed recently with disc degeneration disease). Well, while in the waiting area at 7:30 am about 5 minutes before my name is called I decided to check the soccer news (Spanish online sports news MARCA). I start checking the headlines to see what's going on with Real Madrid and starts moving down and I see an article of Pele using a walker during an interview (something like hip and back surgeries). What freaked me out the most is that at this exact moment an old lady passes me by my left side using a walker and then goes and sit in front of me. I mean, I have been reading Marca for a long time and this is the first time that I see one of these star athletes using a walker ... plus the lady. Truly I was a bit worried about this procedure and even had the negative thought of associating a wheelchair as a worse case scenario outcome but somehow I never thought of a walker before this event

At that point, I seriously considered bailing out but ... started hesitating and finally stayed and had the shot (they put me through the same procedures as a more serious surgery which worried me at the time). Well, the procedure was apparently uneventful although the doctor had told me (right before the procedure) that she was going to use local anesthetic and for some reason, she ended up using general which knocked me down big time. My pain is pretty much the same level now compared to before the procedure, and also with these procedures, you are supposed to start feeling the improvements in about 1-2 weeks.

so, question:

Am I letting my fears take control of me and I am looking too deep into the synchronicities or this is something real that is happening to warm me of possible ugly consequences?

I abhor when fear controls/stops me in life, but there also is a saying about a guy drowning and he starts praying to God and sees a boat that offers help; he dismisses the offer and keeps praying, the same situation repeat a couple of times and after he drowns, already in heaven, he questions God about his prayers for help and God answers ... but didn't you see the 3 boats that I sent you? I always pray to God before any embarking in any risky activity so that's why I am finding pertinent the parallel

Basically, I would hate to become neurotic about this synchronicity stuff but at the same time, it would be silly to ignore the [possible] signals that could be sent my way. I mean, I think about it over and over and come to the conclusion that what's the meaning of the time synchronicities if not to reinforce my discernment for real warnings?

please, I would appreciate if you offer your perspective and forgive me for the long post but I needed to include all the details

SaturninePluto 17-01-2018 08:11 AM


With motorcycles as with any motor type vehicle, as well as other things non motorized, caution should be used, and safe driving laws, practices, and technique should be adhered to and utilized. You know this, obviously. That that is out of the way. I feel you may simply be indeed worrying too much.

I feel if you do as you already know and drive safely you should be fine.

That no is not a hundred percent guarantee you will always be fine on a motorcycle. Truth be told, things happen. These things that happen do not hold prejudice in any way shape or form. You could drive safer than aunt betsy, and still there is a possibility something could happen. You would not be the only person (chances) on the road. Someone else not practicing safe driving could hit you, someone practicing safe driving could have a malfunction, mishap etc and do the same. Motorcycle or any other form of vehicle.

Things happen. It is a possibility, it need not however be a probability, and these thoughts need not be a warning at all.

Like I said, I think you are thinking about it way too much (worrying) and letting the numbers game of synchronicity bother you perhaps.

I do not adhere personally when I see repeat numbers. I do not consider them signs of anything in and of themselves. Others are more than welcome to their own views, and to disagree, however I see this view of mine to simply not adhere to them as an important synchronicity or sign as a blessing in that it frees up much of my time to concentrate on signs and such that hold relevance and meaning to me personally, and frees my mind of worry and too much concentrating.

I have never heard of number sequences being an active part of spirituality until coming here to this forum, and then reading about what everyone was talking about with angel numbers and number synchs online.

My view of a sign prior had been things such as if I see a certain feather fall into my path while walking, I stop short to see what type it is, I stop just short of walking off a curb due to not paying too much attention, when I stop to take note of said feather is when someone driving turns sharp around the corner where the curb I was about to walk straight through is, and I quickly realize I would have been hit.

That is to say in my faith signs and warnings have always came to mean something very profound, and were never whenever I looked up or at the clock and the time read 222 or 333 or 1111, or 111.

Now the feather case above is not too much of a far fetched example. I have had something similar recently happen only it was no feather nor was it I at the curb. It was a woman pushing her infant in a carriage and I was given certain time but not too very much before she reached the curb. I had a heard a voice inside me say to stop her, say something to stop her- a male voice- I am female so this strikes me as odd. I immediately thought you want me to say something and make a fool of myself? Do it. Yes. Make a fool out of yourself this time. Then the "I'm not even F-word asking you" comment. I increasingly grew nervous as she pushed the carriage toward the curb, increasingly anxious as she got closer... wondered as quickly as possible about what I was to say to distract her without obviously and blatantly shouting the word stop, so I ended up coughing very rudely and loudly, and attempting to be strange enough without being obvious as the word stop. So I coughed out the word "Right" rudely in response to the voice. She turned and looked at me like I was weird her carrier right to the curb and a car took a nose dive straight away turning right before she went to push the carrier across. Right before. The child's carriage was so close to the vehicle that turned she moved it back a couple of inches after the vehicle turned.

I do not know what would have happened if I had not been weird. It happened quickly. I do know seeing she had no intention of stopping to look before she crossed. As it was she moved the carriage back a couple inches in shock, and was by action and deed about to cross, did not bother looking, assumed she was alright. I do not judge as I myself never even heard this vehicle approach to begin with. I suspect neither had she.

That is a warning. Only I was not being warned in regards to myself you see? I rarely am. It happens rarely. There is more concern on others.

Numbers for me do not equate to signs, though many do see it this way, that they are synchronicities. I simply do not.

Whether something happens here to you or not, no I do not think you should be worrying too much. And I will say and I do realize it isn't easy, but I absolutely wish you not to succumb to the fear feelings. They do not serve for anything but undue anxiety, and certainly are not the best emotions for emergencies should they arise.

There has not been a motorcycle accident you have been involved in, I do not think it wise for you to worry yourself sick over one, before you have even given yourself an opportunity to practice driving, safely.

Things will happen, sometimes not at the fault of our own.

But do not fear life, and living. Enjoy your time with reason and respect for yourself and others.

Consider giving your healing more time after the procedure. Docotors really do not allow us too much time do they? :biggrin:

That is to say we do not all heal at the same rate.

Those are my thoughts. Hope you found some of it helpful.

All my best to you.


OEN34 17-01-2018 08:14 AM

I experience 'negative' synchronicities quite often, and they had me concerned initially too, but I truly believe they're healing synchronicities; signs to basically let go of whatever it is you are seeing.

Sometimes they're so deep rooted in our subconscious, we aren't actually aware they're a fear. But, when you're experiencing these negative (or healing) synchronicities, it is time to ask yourself some questions, IMO.

Are you consciously or to your knowledge, subconsciously, fearful of having an accident on this bike?

I'm not talking about sat there shaking all day long thinking this thought, but does it just sit with you somewhere? Or do you get momentary thoughts throughout the day?

I'd explore, personally. I'm only speaking from my experience, but the signs are always linked to fears or thoughts I have consciously or subconsciously.

Enjoy the bike!

PoppyBlue 20-01-2018 08:35 PM

I'm wondering if you had any concerns or reservations before you bought the motorcycle. Now that you have it, youve become more aware of them. Like when you buy a new car, you noticed the same car here and there before you bought it but now that you own it, you suddenly see it everywhere. I believe in synchronicity but sometimes its easy to confuse it when there are strong emotions at play. I have my own fears about motorcycles and when my husband considered getting one, suddenly I started seeing more motorcycle accidents being reported, drivers were more stupid than normal, etc. But I know he is a good driver so my reservations would have subsided.

I think if you are safe and follow the guidelines you will be ok. :)

happy soul 23-01-2018 06:36 AM


It definitely might be a message for you to be very careful.

What I would do is pray for protection. Ask God not to let you get hurt, and to help you be careful. Pray for safety and protection. God answers all prayers, so have faith, but still be careful.

mindanalyzer 23-01-2018 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by happy soul

It definitely might be a message for you to be very careful.

What I would do is pray for protection. Ask God not to let you get hurt, and to help you be careful. Pray for safety and protection. God answers all prayers, so have faith, but still be careful.

That's exactly what I am doing: Be very careful, avoid dangerous situations and pray for protection (I always do that anyways)

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