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jeremy67 14-02-2006 09:15 AM

OK, so who else out there is a Reiki person?

I've done Reiki 1, and so far I tend to use Reiki for my own personal benefit, having done only a handful of treatments on others. Very often I try to send distant Reiki for various people and situations with varying degrees of success. Eventually I'd like to go further through the degrees and maybe even offer treatments on a professional basis. Recently I've been getting the feeling that this is how my development should go - by helping others in this way.

When I started Reiki, my teacher warned me that it could bring about changes in my life, and that was certainly the case. Within a few months of my attunement I knew that I had to move house, though there was no rational reason to do so. My partner and I moved out of London to Hampshire and are very much happier as a result :smile:

I find that the energy of Reiki fits very well with the energies of Spirit; essentially they are both manifestations of love.

So, at what stage of Reiki are you? How do you use it?

Love and Light

Jeremy :cool:

auricman 14-02-2006 03:43 PM

hi i got my reiki degree 1 too, im gonna try and take my degree 2 sometime soon.

i dont really use pure reiki for anything, i mix it in with my own type of healing to make it stronger, my own hybrid :)

I do do a good bit of healing on others now, and when i leave school i want ot make it my job, its a very profitable bussiness too. but healing others is always worth it :)

silver swan 14-02-2006 04:28 PM

Hi how does reiki differ from spiritual healing?

jeremy67 14-02-2006 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by silver swan
Hi how does reiki differ from spiritual healing?

Hi silver swan. I'll try to explain as best as I can, but as with anything of this nature it's difficult to pin things down into words!

In its pure, Japanese form Reiki uses the infinite "soul" energy of the universe to heal mind and body with no reference to a god or the healing powers of angels or spirits, though in the west it is quite common for practitioners to use spirit guidance in order to direct the Reiki healing.

Reiki energy can be used by anybody who has been attuned by a Reiki Master, thus opening up their channels in order for the energy to flow. There is no pre-requisite to believe in anything spiritual to be able to use Reiki.

It's my understanding that spiritual healing relies on the healer using his or her own energy, thus depleting their own reserves and necessitating re-energisation. With Reiki you are simply channeling energy that originates elsewhere, so the practitioner doesn't lose his own energy. In fact, by channeling the Reiki energy the practitioner himself, as well as the recipient, benefits from it.

Hope that all makes sense! :confused:

Love and Light

Jeremy :cool:

Medicineman4 14-02-2006 06:07 PM

As a Reiki Teacher, it is really great reading this! Its wonderful that people are learning so much, and enjoying this journey!
Wishing much light as you continue your journey towards self healing and inner peace.
Thanks for even more inspiration!
Peace Out

silver swan 14-02-2006 07:25 PM

Thankyou Jeremy for your reply. I am interested in healing and have begun to learn about spiritual healing through a spiritualist church. I believe that the healing I send out comes through me but not from me. I protect myself when healing so as not to pick up illness myself. My cousin is a reiki healer and has begun to teach through workshops. I have always wondered about the differences . However it sounds as if the two are very similar. I wonder if the vibrations feel the same. How long does it take to complete the training?
I have never experienced reiki myself but whilst in a development circle I received spiritual healing. I felt very peaceful and calm and felt a tremendous surge of wellbeing.

jeremy67 15-02-2006 09:15 AM

Hello again silver swan :smile:

I was interested that you said the spiritual healing you give involves energy that comes through you rather than from you. In that case I had misunderstood how spiritual healing works, and you have my apologies. Reiki and spiritual healing must be even closer than I had imagined!

As regards how long it takes to train in Reiki, in theory you could receive the attunements for the different degrees one after another and be a Master within a matter of days, however I don't think anyone would advise this. Once you've been attuned to any one particular level it's a good idea to become comfortable with your new energies and give treatments to yourself or others to bed yourself in, as it were. Most people leave a few months between Reiki I and II. I have to confess, it was over a year ago I did Reiki I, but a number of things have happenend in my life recently that have taken precidence over further training. I fully intend to do Reiki II at some point, though :smile:

Having not been there yet, I'm on unfamiliar ground talking about higher levels of Reiki. Perhaps as a teacher, Medicineman4 could take over and patch up my shaky knowledge, as I wouldn't want to misinform anyone!!!

Love and Light

Jeremy :cool:

silver swan 15-02-2006 02:01 PM

Thank you Jeremy. Yes it does seem as though the two have lots in common. It sounds to me as though both use the healers body as an "instrument" as it were, in order for the healing to be channelled. When you are giving healing can you feel the vibrations or a heat sensation in your fingertips? I can feel sensations similar to pins and needles when my aura meets with the person I am practising on. We have also done exercises to train ourselves to feel our own aura by very slowly moving our hands towards then away from each other in order to feel the subtle changes.

jeremy67 15-02-2006 02:50 PM

Silver swan, what you describe sounds very familiar. Reiki energy is very often perceived as heat, both for the giver and the recipient, though my own personal way of experiencing it as I pass energy on is as a tingling, the same as when I feel auras. You mentioned feeling the sensationin your fingertips.... Reiki seems to be felt most often in the palms of the hands, and when you're being taught Reiki you are taught that it's through the palms that the energy acts most strongly.

Bluedigits 16-02-2006 05:09 PM

You can be attuned without cost actually.
There's a growing movement of free healers.

Here's a link (though don't put your email address in it, unless you want to be attuned within 24-48 hours) for being attuned for free to Usui Reiki:

It's legitimate, and they give you the option of ordering a book for additional learning, but it's not required.
A girl I know, just recieved her attunement, and she is still whirling from the energy, but she is happy.



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