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marshmallow10 17-09-2017 02:44 AM

Does a triangle have any meaning?
I was reading another thread and it got me thinking about something that happened to me about a year ago. One day I discovered this perfect triangle on my skin, located just below my left collar bone but on the side closer to my shoulder. I thought it was unusual because it was so perfect, it was made up of tiny pin sized dots. I didn't count them because they were quite small, but I estimate each line of the triangle was made up of around 15 or so dots. My first thought was some sort of bug (maybe with OCD lol), but I had no other marks. The dots weren't raise, or itchy, or painful. They were flat and a purplish color, almost like a tattoo.

It stayed for around a week, and then one day it was gone. After that I just put it out of my mind. Now I'm curious again. There could be a perfectly logical explanation for it, but just because of the shape and how suddenly it appeared with no other dots anywhere else, it does seem strange. Any ideas?

SneakyBadNinja 09-02-2020 06:55 PM

I have the same thing! three dots underneath my left eye. pin sized as well shaped as a triangle. I came on this website to try and figure it out as well. they came out of nowhere and I still have them.

Lucky 1 11-02-2020 07:02 PM

I come from an engineering background and the qualities of a triangle immediately came to mind.....

First....a triangle is the strongest geometric shape...it is supported on all sides.

Look at ANY engineered structure...a bridge for example.....its superstructure is a series of triangles.....a simple sawhorse.....look at the legs....it has triangles and those shapes are what gives it its load bearing capacity

A tripod (vertical triangle) is self-leveling....a table with three equidistant legs is always level...all three touching the floor....a table with 4 legs is NOT
self-leveling....one can be short because of the surface it sits on and the table will rock.

The ancients knew this about triangles going all the way back to Pythagoras....

Since you are displaying a triangle on your own body you could I suppose look within yourself for strengths associated with the universal constant of the triangle.

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