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Nakae 16-01-2013 01:05 PM

Brain feeling scrambled? Is this normal
Hi everyone,

I did an extensive 30 minute tapping session last night right before bed over the anger frustration and betrayal of a relationship. The thing is I've done several tapping sessions in the past and they've worked for a while and then something else comes up and I'll tap on that.

The difference I think last night was I was triggered and angry and said the person's name and all the issues that I was angry about during my tapping.

The thing is after I was done, I didn't feel release, I felt anxious because all of a sudden my brain felt and still feels scattered? Like it's trying to go back to feeling bad about the situation and get me to go back to being depressed and guilty and angry. But I can't. I just kinda feel numb but know that my brain is trying to piece things back to the way they use to be. Is that normal. It's never happened like that in such a big way.

It's almost like that movie eternal sunshine for the spotless mind. I have no feeling at all. It feels like my subconscious and conscious state are one but my subconscious is trying to fight against it??

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