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MissCreativeSpirit 19-10-2018 03:56 AM

Vibes consistently cause abuse in public situation.
Say there is one type of public place a person attracts abuse by employees as well as other customers. The percentage of felons in this place is higher over income status.

I want toget by for the stf my life never going back to this place ever again no matter what. I literally absolutely have tried but I just cannot fix my vibes around this. Isn't it better for me to walk away. I now am physically injured over being getting certain services in this place.

Relief such as Abraham teaches to find relief. I cannot find a more relieving thought than walking away from the scenario altogether. I have whiplash and will need maybe weeks to recover because I didn't turn away from this group and manifest confidently tha5 another way will work. I guess I am mad at myself here. I got to the point where relief can only sanely go one way.....I need sanity so bad. It had been just like choosing to walk down the same dark alleyway where bullies beat you up every time. I am flipp'n DONE!

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