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lumas 10-10-2006 09:45 PM

Hi nutty its great that you can feel their tickleing and you sense a presence from past experience this is usually what happens when spirit children are around us a sure sign that someone close is with you also what i will say to you is tell them you know they are with you talk to them and see what happens listen for a a noise as well normally around the area of the tv or stereo please let us know how you get on ....

Ascended Master 10-10-2006 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by nuttynana
thank you for your replys taking on board what you are all saying thanks very much.

Hi nuttynana.

Hopefully a teaching section will open itself up on here soon.
Nudge nudge - devolution! :wink:

In the mean time however, know in your heart that life is eternal.
Because we've all got an eternity to learn, to develop, and to re-engage with our loved ones.

They are still there supporting us to achieve our very best in this life time, and that's as true as the day is light! :wink:

With all my love, and best regards,


iLLER T 11-10-2006 03:24 AM


Originally Posted by Ascended Master
Yes, definitely!

I get touching on my hair every once in a while. And it tickles, alot!
And once I was being stroked by several spirits at once.
Hands arms face and neck!

Excellent! :smile:


It feels so wonderful to be reassured on that. For the past week or so.. it's felt as if something has crawled through my hair. I hadn't mentioned it to anyone close to me, because it was more "out there" to them than anything else I have going on. Don't get me wrong, I do have strong, close friends in my life that I can speak to about anything... but we all know we still keep contacts with those that will never reach our level. So sad, but true.

I kept touching my scalp and hair to check... kept thinking I was going to find a spider running along my head. Haha. Thanks for the info again... I'm loving this. =)

Ascended Master 14-10-2006 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by iLLER T
I hadn't mentioned it to anyone close to me, because it was more "out there" to them than anything else I have going on.

Can sympathise with that completely.

With love and light,


chi chi 18-10-2006 07:18 PM

hi nana

instead of assuming ask in your head if it is who you think dnt just ask his name so that way you should get your answer confirm by asking him to touch your face
good luck
chi xxxxx

lumas 19-10-2006 01:34 PM

also speak his name nutty and see what happens....

Dariel 19-10-2006 10:06 PM


People usually stay close to the loved ones after leaving the physical body just to see they are doing ok and wanting usually to give some signs to them to show that everything is just fine there. So it is very likely you have this person near.

If you want a contact, you need to know that when you are deep in sorrow, it is difficult to pass through your energies and give you signs or messages so try to be in good mood and calm with emotions even for a while so it is easier to talk to you or give you a sign. you can also ask him/her come to your dreams. Dreams are not always imagination but we do experience life outside the body. This is the time to meet the loved ones passed away as well so ask that and be prepared to have nice dreams. Those dreams can be symbolic as well, but it will most probably come for you as you ask.

Good luck and lots of peace and love
Dari El

nuttynana 20-10-2006 09:57 PM

thanks to you

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