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StevieW 16-11-2019 11:53 PM

Dear all,

once I met several people of whom I think, that they have attained siddhis / different supernatural abilities like remote viewing etc. Since then I feel kind of angry and disappointed by myself, because I can't feel myself alone anymore - even if I am alone at home. This paranoid feeling disturbs my sexual life a lot because even there I can't stop thinking about these people and that they could perceive my thoughts and feelings even over a long distance - or even see me. Of course I understand that everybody has his own life but there is still another part in me which is paranoid.

Could you please suggest me something?

Thank you in advance

John32241 17-11-2019 04:07 PM

Hello Alex,

I think it takes a while to become comfortable with these things. Our intellect does isolate itself from reality. However it can be encouraged to accept that truly we are never alone. That those who are with us do love and appreciate all that we are.

As far as those who have skills and abilities are concerned. They are often involved with their own lives and are not inclined towards being curious about others. I also feel that if some one like you wants privacy it will be granted. Your higher self regulates who can and can not telepathically connect with you.


StevieW 17-11-2019 05:20 PM

Dear John,

many thanks for your help!

Best wishes

RestlessMind 23-11-2019 09:56 AM

I guess it would be very hard for anyone to peek your private life if you don’t open the spiritual gates to them. Stop thinking of them and shield them out spiritually may be best way to keep your privacy. Associate them within non-sexual range may help too.

Nightdancer 15-02-2020 04:41 PM

Nah I think paranoia has its virtues. I consider myself generally paranoid but for good reason. I don't really believe that the individual has full control over telepathic things. There are practicalities in play that make that untrue on an individual and real level. While yes all is freedom and we do what we want and all of that I feel however there are considerations like larger scale consciousness like Earth or broader life. Their are effects happening on Earth that must play out and they requires ways to play out. My experience is sometimes if you want to live on Earth then there are things that just happen mentally that you can't stop. So technically I guess that's a personal choice to exist on Earth or not but since Earth is where we are at there are there are things that need to be dealt with. Invasive psychic phenomenon is a real issue in my experience whether its wanted by your higher self or not. We are all damaged and hurt including our higher selves and they have stuff to deal with too. Another way to say it might be we all got our issues deeply or practical on the surface. The one you mention is particularly bothersome I feel and I understand that it is particularly rough given the time frame. All of that said I do have suggestions that do help me be clear though I'm not completely successful I figure time and every road is paved with many bricks.

Enforcing Mental Silence - the routine practice of this I feel can help more innate mental silence in time. Being completely silent shutting down any understood words or unwanted emotional drives that generate thoughts can be challenging. It seems to draw out emotional issues that can be noticed and worked on. Hammering it out and knowing a plan, giving it some thought at some point or even then for a short bit can help make it not be so much of a problem. An attitude of 'this banter is being shut down unless I find it of emotional use to me to address'. Observation, thinking wanted things out, as well as a gruff attitude seem to help me personally.

Wafting - Wafting is also a good practice that helps me to relax. The problem with silent time is that there is a need for expression that gets silenced. So having time to be all right with thoughts and things as they are helps. If there is a reason I'm not all right it's good to fix or understand it or plan about it. It is more like a time to be ok with being stinky and having stink lines. A time to chill and be cool with however you are. It helps me with acceptance of me and what is actually there so I can do what I need to to feel better in life over time or generally be chill. Enforcing mental silence though is more about having power over my own mental state and the ability to say no.

I don't know each person lives their own lives but I found silence and waft time to be helpful. It does seem to get better innately with continual use.

FallingLeaves 15-02-2020 07:01 PM

for a while i played to the camera... eventually I got bored of that and just went along with my own life. Sometimes I think about the fact I'm likely being watched and honestly it is kinda nice once you get past feeling like they are going to harm you...

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