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Peachboi 10-07-2017 09:46 PM

Near Death Experiences ?
Does anyone have a NDE in which you saw an afterlife that did not include God/a higher being? Or, to people who have, did you believe in one before and did your views change with your experience?

TinyToad 06-08-2017 11:05 AM

I was raised in a Baptist household and environment but was simply spiritual and not religious at the time of the experience, some eclectic pagan/esoteric interest in the mix.

Only encountered one entity. It did not identify itself, and my perception also did not clearly identify it in any category familiar to me at the time. The communication was not with words or language as I experience language in life. It was like an exchange of the conclusions of thoughts, rather than an exchange of thoughts or any tool of exchange such as words. Difficult to articulate. I also could not 'see' the entity, but was intensely aware of its presence. Again difficult to articulate, I'm not sure if there is a word in this language that is fit for it. The interaction was very intense and fairly brief. A deal was struck, and I was revived. I have no idea what that entity was, but it did not strike me at all as the concept of "God" in the religion of my childhood.

Colorado 06-08-2017 09:23 PM

I was in my mid 20s, and I had been raised in a very religious family....my fathers best friend also had a big family, lots of kids who we were close to, and he was a pastor....so guess where we went to church? Lol. My relationship with my parents deteriorated in my 20s and I had very little to do with them. I had two NDE in my childhood, which I had forgotten bout, The time away from my parents, helped erase any conditioning I had from my childhood about religion. I know that I was in a place, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in my life, where it was just me, my thoughts, and feelings. That's pretty much what I saw in my NDE, I was in a grey fog...now in hindsight would represent where I was emotionally....no clear path, no black or right religious or clear cut direction. I know a lot of people like me see this when they pass over, who don't have a firm foundation in belief or religion. I don't think it was to punish me, it was simply me living my own life, finding my own answers, being young...and in a state of confusion. What I did see....was a deceased loved one waiting there for me. I know he was there because he's apart of my family, and I wanted him there, and he wa red to be there in case I needed any help navigating back into this place that I had forgotten about many deaths and lives before. My life here was so conditioned, brainwashed, and concrete in what my family had taught me...against what I knew as a spiritual toddler, where I often had dreams of past lives, and past soul connections. Those old memories from my toddler years were brought forward, past my conditioning...back to a time I had forgotten. And al, of a sudden, I was shown instinctively, that I knew more of truth as a baby, than I had as an adult. I was more spiritually aware as an infant in those first five years, than I ever was as a teen or adult. It all ca,e together, energy was what was being pressed upon me...I knew everything was possible, sleep ding in what I focused on, or my beliefs....but the truth of my past, had been revealed to me subtly all these years...and I had not known to pay attention. Drea,s, random me,Oreos, feelings, connections to people, feelings....all of which I had not paired attention to or gave much real thought to.

MARDAV70 07-08-2017 05:12 AM


Originally Posted by Peachboi
Does anyone have a NDE in which you saw an afterlife that did not include God/a higher being? Or, to people who have, did you believe in one before and did your views change with your experience?

I was raised traditional Christian (Missouri Synod). By the time I had my NDE I'd completely rejected Christianity (or any religion) and the idea of a God or gods or an after life. During my NDE I experienced incredible joy and perception. What I learned seemed to come from within. I didn't see any other being except for plants and trees. I knew there was something beyond the bottom of the small hill I stood on with a line of trees and plants at the bottom of it. I assumed there was a creek or small river there. Tried to go there, but I learned I had to return to this life so wasn't successful in my joyous desire. Some NDE researchers say there's a barrier many report crossing, such as a river, gate or marking of some kind, before they encounter any entities. I'm sure it wasn't my time to cross that barrier. A couple other things happened after that, before my consciousness came back to my earthly body.

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