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Pinkroses 25-11-2012 01:11 AM

After Death Communications Experiences
It seems like so many people have received some form of communication or signs from a deceased loved one or friend. I thought it would be interesting to share our experiences here.

I'll share a couple of mine:
1) Several years after my grandmother passed, I was dealing with a life crisis. I woke up one morning and felt like someone was laying next to me. I also smelled my grandmother's perfumed powder. When I opened my eyes no one was there.

2) After my ex-boyfriend passed, I started hearing songs by his favorite band (from 25 years ago) everywhere I went. I would hear a song, change the station and hear another. Then a few minutes later, hear a 3rd song. This happened several times.

What signs have you received from those who have passed?

Gracey 25-11-2012 01:14 AM

i had a dream my daughter was walking to school and a flock of tiny birds came out of a bush and one of them touched her face. then i saw her grandma who has passed. and i heard some music.

that morning my daughter went to school and a flock of tiny birds flew out of a bush and one of them touched her face. when she told me this i showed her the dream i had recorded in my dream journal and let her know that her grandma loves her and is with her.

Tobi 25-11-2012 01:46 AM

I'm afraid my answer is going to be a bit doggy
I was walking in a big field feeling a connection to my dog who passed this year, and thinking we used to play in there, we used to throw sticks. I felt the love....walked on a bit....and then....trod on one of the sticks we used to play with! It was definitely one of ours, as when I pulled it out of the tangled grass, I noticed it had been stripped of bark. I always used to do that with a stick she played with.
Honestly, the chances, in a 10-acre field, of treading on one of our at least 8-month old dog-sticks was remote. Because I felt her affectionate Soul near me at the time that happened, I was sure it was a sign.

Pinkroses 25-11-2012 02:42 PM

Thank you both for sharing your wonderful experiences! Reading them is very uplifting. I look forward to hearing more after-death communication experiences. :)

Tobi 25-11-2012 03:21 PM

My mother had dementia in the last 2-3 years of her life. She could not remember anything, didn't know what day it was, etc, and she didn't make much logical sense.
Anyway, about 3 weeks before she died, (age 90) she was in a hospital. I went to visit, and one day she told me she had an interesting experience. She said my father (who died 8 years before) had come to sit on her bed, held her hand, and said "Why don't you come with me? We could go now, come on".
She said she had answered him saying no, she wasn't ready and still had things to do, but she wouldn't be long.
Now when she told me this -(very lucid experience) she remembered every detail, and she recounted the experience in a totally lucid way.
She passed away 3 weeks later approximately.

EarthyGirl 25-11-2012 05:47 PM

I have a hat that belonged to my Grandpa. It was the only thing of his I wanted when my Grandma asked me. I used to keep it on top of the lamp by my bed. One day, while making the bed, I bumped the lamp. The hat did a flip and landed square on my head... exactly as I should be wearing it! I said, "Well Hi, Grandpa!" :o)

travelgirlfl 26-11-2012 04:51 AM

Ooo, I love this question & reading all the different ways people's loved ones show they are with us!

My beloved was killed by a drunk driver 8/23/11..right away he started showing us signs (the first night after I was with his oldest son and his brother in law) -- we saw shooting stars while talking about him, and each song on the radio after that (until we all said, Okay, this is cool but so weird, enough! :) ) had a meaning to one of us, or the title held a message. These have continued for me so many times for me; I'll sit outside & talk to him & see shooting stars as I ask a question or say something key (though I joke that he may be right there beside me sorta giggling at me gazing at the night sky talking to him, as though he's 'up there' :) ); on important anniversary dates I've turned on Pandora & I call it "Kelly playing cosmic DJ", the messages in the songs & lyrics just can't be denied it's him (including 2 I'd never heard before - one described his tattoo, and philosophy on life, and another, an odd talent of his, he could do splits on the trampoline like a 16 year old cheerleader, though he was 40 year old former football player...and who knew there was a song about bouncing on a trampoline!)

Mostly, though, he sends the yellow smiley faces to all of us (me, his family) :) One was in this infamous tattoo of his & now they pop up everywhere -- balloons, flags, license plates, servers nametags, etc. (esp. server workers with the name Kelly, many with a smiley on it, too...)

These have all helped me IMMENSELY, esp. with the suddenness and shock of 'losing' him, that he remains close in whatever way he can...

Thanks for the opportunity to share these, as I love talking about it, and, learning more ways others experience the ongoing connection! :)

Pinkroses 26-11-2012 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by travelgirlfl

These have all helped me IMMENSELY, esp. with the suddenness and shock of 'losing' him, that he remains close in whatever way he can...

So sorry for your loss. I agree that these signs and communication experiences are very helpful when dealing with grief. I also found that it helps to talk to your loved ones who have passed and recently discovered that you can actually ask them to send you signs. Many people don't realize this. I wasn't aware that it was possible myself until I tried it. I'll share another one of my experiences. This one is by far my favorite and most amazing one! :smile:

A few months after my ex-boyfriend passed, I started receiving signs but was unsure whether or not to believe they were real or brush them off as coincidence. I decided to ask for confirmation. I spoke aloud to him and asked him to send me a pink rose. A couple of weeks later I was at a park to have lunch with my family. As I was about to sit down on the picnic table bench, I spotted something directly underneath my seat. I bent over to pick it up and was amazed to find a PINK ROSE! I got chills and was sure the rose was meant for me. It was artificial, so I was able to take it home and put it in my kitchen. I view it as a very special gift, and keep it nearby as a reminder that our loved ones live on after death.

Miss Hepburn 26-11-2012 02:49 PM

I have them a lot with my Uncle...but this one is too cool...
2 yrs ago my friend Brad's dad died, Alzheimers for years, didn't know anyone...
Brad's 28 yr old nephew went to his hotel after The Wake to notice all his coins
had been stacked on his dresser!...chambermaids, he thought?

When he came out from the bathroom they were all scattered...then his
Grandfather was their in a flannel shirt all perky, winking and motioning,
The nephew ran outta the room...Brad had to drag it outta him!
Wow...what a FAST appearance!

MutedBlue 26-11-2012 09:41 PM

I received an after death communication from my dad the day after he passed. I was ripping music off a cd to put on my music player when suddenly the video that I shot of him not too long before started playing out of nowhere. It freaked me out a bit so I tried to close the window. A notice came up that asked are you sure you want to stop ripping music and I clicked no, and the video continued to play all the way through. This definitely was no coincidence, and any doubts I had about if there is life after death were taken away after this experience.

Thanks for this discussion, it felt good to share my experience, as I'm sure it will be for many people.:hug2:

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