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Honza 28-02-2017 01:13 PM

Is Humanity the Son/Daughter of Yahveh?
I think the genius of Christ is that He named Himself as the SON of God. Not God Himself but the SON.

That gives us a clue as to the workings of God. Why was He not Yahveh Himself? Well ask yourself, is that possible? The question is how can a manifestation or expression of God be the whole being? That logical answer is that it cannot. Christ claimed He was the Word. Christ is a Word of God - meaning that He is something tangible and manifested. He is perceivable.

Since we are perceivable and manifest as well then is it not logical to assume that we are The Word too....although as yet in a minor form. Is it not logical to assume that we are Christ or The Offspring of God too.

If God is Absolute then perhaps any expression or manifestation of God is the Offspring of the whole. It is perhaps a more fitting declaration to say I AM the Son/Daughter of God rather than claim to be the whole.

I sincerely do not believe it is possible for anyone to be EVERYTHING. Because EVERYTHING is just too darn BIG. In other words there will always be otherness and duality. The trick is to learn to live with it.

SpiritofZoe 02-04-2017 02:55 AM

I think you got it right. I agree anyway. He also said he was the "son of MAN" - I think this was a way of saying the Christed path (seeking the Light of ALL Truth and unconditional love) or the path toward Ascension is the birthright of all humankind (regardless of particulars of their religious beliefs).
Do you know about the letters for Yahweh being the sign for Pi?

Honza 04-04-2017 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by SpiritofZoe
Do you know about the letters for Yahweh being the sign for Pi?

Have never heard of that before.

neemish 20-08-2017 01:43 AM

Jesus is the son of Jehovah...and still is...and always will be...Jesus came here to prove to us that we have a spiritual being within us and paid a heavy price to do so...And showed us the way to get back in to the spirit world..At least to the Jews and the Gentiles..( the grafted branch of his Jews.) Using the key of David..to open what no one can close and close what no one can open.. Those who obey him and do not deny his name and do as he asked of us, and go into their room and close the door behind them and take a candle and place it on the Bible and use the prayer he gave us in secret will be rewarded openly...and that door will be opened within them and they can pass into the spirit world and not be hurt by the second death...Just like he promised.....neemish

Honza 27-09-2017 11:23 AM

But Jesus came over two thousand years ago and not much has changed spiritually since then. I would love Jesus to be God but I cannot help but doubt it at times. I think that if Jesus actually was God then it would all be over by now.

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