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Showlin 26-08-2019 08:04 AM

Kidneys,immune system,back pain
Hi,I'm struggling immensely healing these 3 parts of my body to regain health,or even to where I feel adequately healthy to function normally,and have been doing my Qigong excercises focusing on them for alittle over 9 months now,for at least 15-30 minutes a day. However,only recently had my condition worsen exponentially in a very short amount of time for no appearant reason and im struggling with

Hallucinating and hearing voices\ringing in ears from weakness in the Kidneys and Immune system

Incredibly painful lower and upper back pain

I've been dealing with the back pain. For years,but the Hallucinations,voices\ringing and Kidney deficiency is starting to take it's toll,and it's nearly unbearable. some days I can't even get myself up to do my normal Qigong routine,and much less practice for fire\ physical exercise and get sunlight since its summer. I have much more anxiety than usual,and fire Qigong is supposed to help with anxiety,yet it is very difficult for me to manage 5 minutes of Qigong sometimes,and vitamin D is a natural cure for depression.

Medicine\herbs that I take all.focus around healing( "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food"). 100% vegan diet And my medicines are too,which include: Honey\CBD oil, Pau D' Arco, Cat's Claw, Echinacea Root, Astragalus Root, Goldenseal Root, Eleuthero Root, Licorice Root, Androphagis, Shiitake, Cinnamon, Clove, Cayenne, Black seed/Black seed extract. Also drink a gallon of water a day. It's very strange to me how I could be practicing health so strictly for all these months,yet I feel the worst I've ever felt in my life.

I currently do not see any practitioner\doctor of any kind due to financial reasons,and haven't felt the need to until recently.

Im the near future,medicines that I'm looking forward to buying are:

miltake,reishi mushrooms
Chi Spleen Tonic*(Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Also,I prefer holistic\alternative healing over.pharmaceutical,but like i mentioned before,i.simply haven't needed to rely on doctors for the past 9 months because I've felt so great. I'm thinking about seeing my old doctor and taking pharmaceuticals for.a little while along with what I've been taking,just to balance it out and see if it helps me regain my stability.

If anyone has any suggestions\info\support of any kind it would be much appreciated!

Native spirit 26-08-2019 08:45 AM

Then what you are doing is not suiting you. you need to see a doctor otherwise you will end up in the Hospital


JosephineB 26-08-2019 08:58 AM

The money you're spending on all those supplements you're taking, for now, would be better spent on the doctor. Getting basic blood, urine and blood pressure checks can show up so many possible causes. I hope you feel better soon and get to the root of the issue.

BigJohn 26-08-2019 02:07 PM

Your kidneys might not be able to handle 1 gallon of water per day.
If you can't go to a doctor, try cutting back on your water intake.

JosephineB 26-08-2019 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by BigJohn
Your kidneys might not be able to handle 1 gallon of water per day.
If you can't go to a doctor, try cutting back on your water intake.

Jeez, I didn't realise how much one gallon was. Just done the conversion into litres. 4.5. I have about 1.5 litres of water alone which I thought was a good bit.

The water is probably swilling most of the supplements straight out of the body.

Lucky 26-08-2019 04:56 PM

I would strongly advise you see a medical doctor as soon as possible due to the sudden severity of pain in your kidney area. That's something you don't want to mess with. Take it from me, because I just had a kidney infection and it's painful!

I know how you feel about conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals because I am the same way. I too would like to believe that by taking herbs and vitamins combined with a healthy diet and spiritual practice that I can avoid illness and heal any minor physical symptoms on my on but it doesn't always work that way.

For many years I've suffered symptoms related to the kidneys and bladder, including ear ringing and balance/dizziness issues. I have seen an ear nose and throat specialist on a few occasions and they've prescribed a diuretic to take consistently to help drain what they think is fluid retention behind the inner ear (an educated guess I suppose, since they can't see that deep with an instrument) and diagnosed me with Meneires disease (equilibrium disorder related to inner ears).

I've also seen an acupuncturist for the dizziness/ear issues and they determined the kidney and bladder are weak organs based on my constitution and advised a special diet which includes a lot of warming foods while eliminating watery, cooling foods such as fish, cucumber, watermelon. They also advised me not to drink excessive water. I thought drinking a lot of water would be good to flush excess water?

I've also suffered from adrenal fatigue which makes you feel abnormally tired and lethargic, like you could face plant on the floor while walking or pushing yourself to carry on with your day. (The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys)

I'm not giving medical advice here, but it sounds to me like we have similarities with these physical symptoms. Personally, in my case I have not had luck with a conventional Doctor properly diagnosing these various symptoms that seem to have a connection when I've done my own research. That led me to find a chiropractor/functional medicine doctor who could look at me as a whole and take into consideration how these systems of the body work together. He also reviewed my blood work results more in depth than my regular doctor was willing to. While my chiropractor did not "diagnose" me, he gave me a reasonable few supplements based on his findings that have helped greatly with the dizziness, adrenal fatigue and ear issues.

Once those issues were resolved and ceased to exist for several months, my bladder and kidneys started acting up again, like the underlying issue keeps moving between the ears and vestibular system and the kidneys and bladder. I ended up with a really bad kidney infection recently with full body aches, particularly lower back and upper back as well as a fever and felt like I was going to die. After reluctantly dragging myself to the urgent care clinic for a round of serious antibiotics I healed and ultimately went to see a urologist for further tests. After the urologist scanned my bladder and kidneys they found absolutely nothing and all tests were normal, despite my complaint of feeling like I have to pee more than the average person.

My chiropractor believes there may be an issue with my parathyroid as well as my body's way of processing and absorbing vitamin D and calcium. It's been a work in progress trying to get to the bottom of this all.

Of course, I believe there is a root cause on other levels such as emotional, mental, spiritual that ultimately affect the physical. That is also a work in progress for me. Once it does affect the physical level though you do need to see a doctor to rule out anything serious.

Sorry if I bored you with my story, but your symptoms seem similar to mine and I know how frustrated you are when you believe you're doing all the right things to maintain good health. ***I'm not a doctor nor am I giving medical advice, I'm just sharing about the health journey I've been on.*** But... My advice is to work with a conventional doctor, get the recommended testing done, and if you feel guided to see a specialist then do so, and if you're able to find a good functional medicine doctor that doesn't charge a ridiculous price then it's worth checking out (many of them do charge a ton but I was fortunate to find a very reasonable one who takes his time with me).

Feel better!

Showlin 28-08-2019 02:59 AM

All the responses.are.much appreciated,

*Water intake

The supplements are liquid by my preference,and the difference between capsules and liquids is that liquids.Will take effect immediately,but will in fact be flushed out sooner,especially with me urinating 5-10 times a day,and I neglected to take that into consideration. Much appreciated advice that i will.take.into.consideration,even though fluids are significantly cheaper,i might pay extra for capsules. The Kidneys are probaobly taxed,and I have recently cut down to 3\4 .a gallons
day,just because I've been drinking that much for over a year now a2nd it makes it a little easier.in me. On the positive side,I drink.about the healthiest water a.middle class person can get thier hands on(with ACV and shungite added to the pitcher,purifying it of chlorine,Flouride or any other artificial ingredients that end up in the tap). ACV eenhances the nutritional value,along with balancing minor heartburn and helping back pain.

*Doctor and prescribed meds

I'm not against.pharmaceuticals,or.surgery,it's just that I feel it.more beneficial to.self medicate, when in the case of an emergency,I would have 0 access to the bare necessities,such as unprocessed.food\water ,Honey,a variety of calming teas,and.CBS oil,things that have been around thousands.of years,yet i.would have my 1 prescribed.medicine that's taken once.a.month,and take.a.total.of 5 minutes.to.inject and leave me In a hospital.for.who knows how long. Not even taking into consideration EMF's,unfiltered tapwater, "hospital" food.and all.the other available.herbs that are highly abundant at a very affordable price(most.of which are listed in OP,but there are a few more such as garlic). However as native Spirit pointed out,i do feel there needs to be much more. My .living condition isn't the most comfortable and have been searching for.a.more stable.enciornment.for.months,yet.stills.searching . For.instance,doing Qigong for.depression outside.in the sun would be a great solvent.for.depressiom,it's just.that i.don't feel very xomfortabke.with the surroundings.Also,as mentioned by Lucky, I'm even lacking vit D.and C
and I have very little control.over that.if.I'm signed.I'm at a hospital. I'm convinced that the environment I have(moderately stable.income) is much preferrab!e to an ER\hospital (atleast im the long term). There.are even organic sunscreens that provide.vit.D for.you,just add.vit c. Even certain light bulbs that can be bought that give.%100 natural vitamin D,it's just that.my financial situation isn't the best atm. Ironically enoug h I have Insurance for Hospital\Chiropractic\Vision\Acupuncuture\Dental,i t's just that I self medicate in hopes to.make those.processes easier and lesstime.consuming,especially.since im unable to utlitze them at this moment. And the freedom I feel of knowing im self.sufficient.even without them is very helpful for me.I do plan on utilizing these,just in the near future. Especially.Chiro/ Acu.


Due to not having alot of cash,over the months I've finally gained a strong financial hold,and virtually only pay for cost of living now, which include,just that-rent,food,and medicine,which leaves me.about half.of.my.paycheck left after the months over to save incase of emergency\more medicine. It also leaves me much free time to work on myself and talk to God\angels. @Josephine-Medicine runs me at most $150 every 2-3 months because the herbs are mixed together synergistically by the creator,so soon,because I've been struggling,I'll be able to make my monthly trips,and get the best of both worlds.

On a spiritual note, I've been meditating daily with various crystals and talking to my angels,as.I've been seeing master numbers for 4-7 months. A reminder that although im Struggling In.the.mundane world, ima master in an aspect that.I've yet to realize,and recently feel the pain more than ever since i started seeing master numbers. I've also been studying vigorously,which is tiring both physically and mentally,and I feel.the burn out.

healing with the stones is contributing greatly to the emotional intensity due to a severe lack of freedom and adventure(Im a. life number 5). The stones I have are :

Amethyst,rose.quartz,carnelian,citrine,cryatal.qua rtz, tigers eye,dragons eye,double thunderegg and.a pineal gland stone that I've had for years but been unable to identify. I occasionally include the small peices of shungite because the color black is associated with Kidneys\Winter in TCM. Lastly,I've been sleeping to 432 htz music,that's naturally healing which has helped noticeably. I would highly recommend looking into it for anyone whos interest is peaked!

Showlin 28-08-2019 06:01 AM

btw,if anyone is interested In learning more about:

-master numbers\angels
-And to the affordable,%100 vegan medicines they ive been taking(and many more kinds), I can provide the links. The information has helped me a great deal,and it's all for free!

Tobi 28-08-2019 09:10 PM

What I always did if I was unwell, and it didn't pass naturally in a few days is, I went to my conventional doctor, and if he saw it as necessary, also to any specialist referrals.
I listen to what they say, or the results of their findings. I then see what the treatment prescription would be.
Depending on the seriousness of results, and my own instincts, I might then decide to go to a qualified medical herbalist for herbal treatment.
But I would always collect all the data first.
Then there's no guesswork involved, and no herbs taken that might not work, or even do more damage. Herbs are quite strong medicines, and treatment has to be targeted.

ImthatIm 03-09-2019 03:22 PM

Here is what has occurred to me Showlin.

That is a lot of supplements and herbs.
The combination of which I could only guess could be sending the system into overdrive.
To much of a good thing is not always a good thing.
Maybe look into fasting some, like a liquid fast 1 or twice a week.
Or even liquid and light food. Stop all herbs and supplements, to give your
system a break and then reintroduce them back into your system 1 at a time.
Pay close attention to their effects 1 a time.
Maybe there is 1 that is not agreeing with you.
Maybe it is a combination that is not agreeing with you.
Or a possible build up or overdose of something your system can't tolerate.
Anything your body does not use, your body has to work to get rid of.

Then all the money you save, you can get some blood work and a professionals opinion.(MD or herbalist,naturopathic)

Of course this is simply 1 mans opinion, in an effort to help and give you another avenue
to consider.

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