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Osian 21-11-2011 10:18 AM

Does this represent money and sex? or death? i'm confused can anyone kindly shed some light. Thanks.

Greybeard 21-11-2011 02:12 PM

The Eighth House is traditionally "the House of Death."

It acquires its relationship with "the money of others (spouse, partner, open enemy)" because it is the Second House of the Seventh House.

As the "House of Death" it is actually death and resurrection. It is the end of this form of existence and the beginning of a new one. From this comes its association with "Transformation," and Sex. The Sperm and the Ovum die as individuals and combine to make a third and new life. Stars explode as supernovae and become two-legged apes practicing astrology. A man has the world fall down around his ears, and after some time, like Humpty-Dumpty, puts himself together again in a new form composed of what he always was: he transforms himself into a new creature.

The Eighth House also has to do with Healing, physical and psychological, including surgery and other drastic forms. It concerns all things "Occult" (i.e., "hidden from normal view") in nature. People whose Eighth House is active in the natal chart very often have a deep urge to "see beyond the veil."

The 8th and 12th Houses are the two "houses of infortune." Also included in this group is the 7th (partially - because a part of its content is "war and conflict, enemies") and the 6th (sickness, etc).

Greybeard 21-11-2011 02:51 PM

You must understand that "Everything Under the Sun" is included in the houses. So houses have multiple "meanings," or content. Horary astrology, the astrology of "answering specific questions," is a house-based astrology. The signs are important only insofar as they determine the lord of a house.

When you ask the astrologer a question, he considers the subject matter of the question and assigns it to a house. A thing may be assigned, quite often, to two or three houses. Where the astrologer places it depends on the context of the question. For example, if a child's primary education is the subject of the question, it will go to the 5th House, but if it is higher education, the assignment is to the 9th. A book might be assigned to the third, if considered as a bound sheaf of paper (an object), but to the 9th if considered as a "work" (a collection of advanced thought).

But the point is that Everything can be found in at least one of the houses. A gold ring, if seen as a thing of value, goes to the Second House...If it is seen as something your mother gave you and an important statement of "who you are," it would be put in the 5th.

Ah, also the 8th is "Debt and Taxes" (Ben Franklin said "Nothing is certain but death and taxes," both 8th House affairs. The houses opposite each other play back and forth, echo one another...

Consider this: You pay off a debt (benefit the 8th House by reducing debt) but by doing so you deplete your personal fluid resources, which belong to the 2nd House.

Other things you can find lurking in the 8th include coffins, undertakers, vultures, inheritance, and an attic full of poor dead Uncle John's porno magazines (if seen as an "inheritance".) Garbage dumps, junkyards, the "second" of your opponent in a duel or boxing match, your bladder (anatomical), wills and testaments, your penis (assuming you qualify to have one,) and the direction west-southwest are also things of the 8th.

Osian 21-11-2011 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Greybeard
People whose Eighth House is active in the natal chart very often have a deep urge to "see beyond the veil.

Yes this would apply to me. However i'm not entirely sure how active the 8th house is in my chart, the only other scorpio connection would be my mars venus and pluto placements.

All very interesting, great answer. I think ill have to dig deeper. I know very little about aries although ive had 3 relationships with mars in aries not that it should matter. I'm only now learning about the houses, my god........theres alot to understand, i was only trying to establish past life patterns if thats even possible. Confused! but thanks for reply.

Greybeard 21-11-2011 03:14 PM

Ah, yes. Sex and sexuality. The 5th house is romance, courting and illicit love affairs. But "raw sex" and the sexuality behind it belong to the 8th. Sexual orgasm is called "the little death" in some languages. It is a deep, powerful and often transforming sort of experience; (assuming at least an approach to the ideal, or perfection,) it takes you momentarily out of yourself and into a sort of union with the "beyond the self."

If you want to know about someone's sexual inclinations, you look to the 8th and its lord, among other things.

John F. Kennedy had the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, on his 8th cusp. Clustered right at that cusp were Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Mercury rules Gemini, and Venus is found in Gemini...so Mercury rules Venus, and Venus rules Mercury. Gemini is a dual sign, and with Venus the ruler of sex in that sign, we conclude "multiple affairs"; because Mercury is closely conjunct Jupiter, which Expands what it touches, this multiplicity becomes Legendary in proportion. Mars brings an animal-like physicality to sex, direct and simple, and this planet also adds the love of conquest and adventure. Gemini contributes to the dry, impersonal tone of Kennedy's sexuality. According to several of his partners, he was very detached. There are other things in a chart that must be examined, but that is sort of how it works.

Whether you are a Don Juan like Kennedy, a gay man or lesbian, a frigid old spinster, or whatever -- sexually...is determined at your birth and is visible in the horoscope. We are born what we are, and choice is not an issue. Knowing this, we might learn a little tolerance for the quirks we see in others.

Greybeard 21-11-2011 03:16 PM

For the life of me I cannot understand why people seem so concerned about past lives. First, their very existence is purely conjectural and can't be proven. And more importantly, don't we have enough to attend to trying to get through this present life without worrying about past lives, about which we can do nothing anyway?

Greybeard 21-11-2011 03:17 PM

Besides, past lives (if they even exist, which I seriously doubt) are found in the 12th House.

Greybeard 21-11-2011 03:22 PM

I thought you had Aries on the 8th....What does Scorpio have to do with it?

Greybeard 21-11-2011 03:35 PM

To "read" a house you must examine three things:
Strongest in influence over affairs of a house, because most directly concerned with those things, are the planets occuyping the house by body, if any.
Second in order of power is the lord of the sign on the cusp, and if there is an intercepted sign in the house, the lord of that sign also. What is the lord's "condition" by sign, house, aspects and so on? Retrograde, combust??
Third are aspects to the house by planets located elsewhere in the map.

Usually, planets in the house indicate what happens first, and then the lord of the house shows how it turns out in the end.

See how easy astrology is? For only $499 you can take my Diploma Course, "Become a Master Astrologer in 3 Weeks."

With Aries on your 8th cusp, Mars is lord of the 8th.

Greybeard 21-11-2011 03:41 PM

You probably have Virgo rising; if so, you will want to throw Mercury, lord of Virgo, into the soup. What is his condition? How does he relate to Mars?

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