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FairyCrystal 25-02-2020 04:47 PM

Meditation How Close are You to your Soul Calling?
I recorded this today and shared it on my YouTube channel. It is there for all, free to watch. There's a pick-a-card as well with the same topic.

This meditation/visualisation takes you into the place in between place the old & the new. Many Lightworkers go back and forth, wanting the new, feeling the new, but not daring to step into it yet.
This visualisation/meditation helps you to enter that place and to explore it, to feel the new at the Portal at the end and so on.
Doing this can help you tolerate being in this in-between place better, helping you to ease into being there, which helps the process along.
Enjoy! And don't forget the pick a card reading on this subject!

If it interests you....


ant 26-02-2020 07:40 PM

Thanks for sharing.

I've actually been working on releasing fear,anxiety and ptsd the last few months.

As well as being mindful of thoughts and the ego.

Releasing these negative emotions,i actually felt these starting to bubble in my stomach and felt these prominently around the end of december.

Perhaps timed in with the planetary alignment we had in Jan,the first in 513 years.

Anyhow,the heavy density i've been feeling,has moved from my lower stomach to in the last few days,it is now risen just below my rib cage...feeling bloated too.

The last few days,i've felt a deep and heavy frustration on my left side at times as well.

I've been fasting to help get more in tune spiritually,as well as listen more to my body.

Anywho,i'll listen to your guided meditation when i'm ready and see if it helps.

Tried it for a little while this morning and at this stage,can't get past the darkness,though i saw a square window surrounded by the edges with white light.

I have a lot of stuff to release and coincides with a vivid dream i had,about a chest full of locks.

Funny how the universe works and brings forth what you need at the right time in regards to a neighbor.

I had a neighbor move in next door,6mnths ago,like the female version of myself,but the opposite,aka mean spirited,and even has a 10yr old staffy x like myself,though my dog is male and hers is female.

She has biplor and i suspect a narcissist/sociopath/aspd/did.

All was well up till Dec 24th,then she done a 360 and out of the blue and for no reason,said she hated me,went on some vile rant and wanted to burn my house down.

In turn and in hindsight,this triggered ptsd,which btw,i didn't know i had,which was from a stabbing years ago and where i lived in fear for a few years.

I went in fright and flight mode and i thought i had gotten over it but looking back over the years,i see i have been living in a state of fear,anxiety,avoidance and essentially running from life.

Anyhow,with the neighbor being the trigger and i have no where to run nor a choice to simply ignore and avoid,i've chosen to just deal with it,hence release emotions as they arise.

As well as monitoring the mind and reactive protection mode by the ego.

No doubt in my mind,that the universe has presented the neighbor as a trigger to resolve unfinished business within myself.

Anyhow,thanks again,in time i'll push past the darkness and see the light.

In time and when it's time.

Till then,i have decades of emotions to release,as well as learn from the process.: )

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