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Pandora. 10-12-2019 12:27 AM

Christmas Tarot Game Ho Ho Ho
Whoís in for some lighthearted Christmas Tarot fun?

Each person playing draws a card to see what Santa might be bringing for Chrissie. Obviously you can play multiple times. In fact, letís see who gets the most prezzies and how many of those prezzies get recycled next year :biggrin:

Feel free to try out different decks and post pics if you want and let your intuition be your guide.

Iím looking straight at you 55Degrees. I recall in one post you were looking for some Ho Ho Ho ...

Iíll start. Iíve got no power all day so am limited by mobile phone and canít do any pictures so Iíll have to start with good old faithful Rider Waite.

4 of Cups

Oh bother another bottle of cheap wine.

Next ...

tealily 10-12-2019 08:44 AM

Queen of Swords

Some tough-love advice on what I should do with my future :(


Pandora. 10-12-2019 09:35 AM

:laughing4: :laughing4: You crack me up tealily ...

The Tower

Oh how very thoughtful. A gift card from Bunnings (the hardware store). Just think of all the filler I can buy with that!

tealily 10-12-2019 10:10 AM

8 of Wands

One of those thoughtfully-purchased but will-never-be-used cosmetic skincare (eg body moisturiser) packages. Definitely one for the "regift" pile!

Pandora. 10-12-2019 10:17 AM

Rider Waite
The High Priestess

Yay! I hit the jackpot. Santa's bringing me a Tarot deck, wooooo hooooo!

Clover 10-12-2019 02:34 PM

10 of Wands ~ White sage tarot

A health program certificate so I drop those extra ten holiday pounds!

55Degrees 10-12-2019 04:31 PM

4 of Cups.
Ooh wine.

Pandora. 10-12-2019 07:17 PM


2 of Cups

A lovely, ornate swizzle stick ...

55Degrees 10-12-2019 09:25 PM

Grand Luxe

7 of Swords.

All the GoT novels.......erm we're still waiting for the final 2 to be published George :icon_frown:

Pandora. 10-12-2019 10:30 PM

^ It's sooooo frustrating. He's been "finishing" them for what seems like an eternity.

Tarot of the Pirates
The Chariot

A gift voucher for a water park. I don't think I'll be quite as adventurous as the dude riding the turtles though :icon_eek:

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