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Honza 03-08-2019 04:43 PM

Today in spirit I ....daily spiritual happenings.
What happened to you in spirit today? Let us know your daily spiritual happenings.

Me? Today I was in a bit of discomfort and generally going up and down. I managed about an hour of my war game which I enjoyed and don't manage very often.

BlueSkiez 03-08-2019 05:31 PM

In the early hours of this morning I had a spirit come to me, they were just talking and talking and more talking, for what seemed like maybe an hour. Experiences like this I usually won't remember the things that are said, due to being barely awake and falling asleep. I got the impression she was a 20 something year old blonde hair woman. A couple hours before this happened, I was at another house and I heard someone call my name. Spirits seem to like me lately. At least they felt like they were at peace, jus kinda felt like they didn't need anything from me.

Ariaecheflame 03-08-2019 09:02 PM

That sort of thing happens to me almost every morning, Blueskies.

Occasionaly, if I journal as soon as I wake up it can help me to remember the messages.

ocean breeze 03-08-2019 09:48 PM

Shadowboxing, and outdoor running. Got to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Soak up the sun. Enjoyed ice cream and dark chocolate. More training later.

The joy of not working. :sunny:

Honza 03-08-2019 10:27 PM

I've just listened to one of the most amazing CDs that I have heard in ages. It was a DJ compilation of modern dance music. "Sunsetstrip by Hernan Cattaneo"

Just beautiful and uplifting.

Honza 05-08-2019 11:18 AM

Today I have managed to clear some blockages in my path. I often feel very heavy and weighed down. At the moment I feel lighter.

Pagandell 05-08-2019 12:08 PM

Made a new connection with my self that felt different but really good.

dream jo 05-08-2019 10:44 PM

usly i try to tun in medtat speek to spirtt sum tims thy ge thruu thy will not leve u alon till u giv mesge way u sopsded to do so

Ariaecheflame 06-08-2019 09:35 AM

I had one of those days... Which seemed quite normal on the surface but there where a few key factors ever so slightly different to usual that it made me feel as though I had stepped into a parallel dimension.

ocean breeze 06-08-2019 08:55 PM

I have all the free time. Much of that is spent martial arts training. I do this knowing full well i'm not going anywhere with it. There is nothing to become of it. I just do it because i like doing it. Its how i choose to spend my time.

Anyways i find myself asking myself, what would it take for me to really wake up? What would it take for me to become the person that wants to awaken? Its a question that repeats on my mind often. I know many claim to be awake and perhaps they've reached a certain level of maturity but they still seem too attached to their dream identities, to words, ideas, concepts, etc. And some still behave rather childishly to even take them seriously. I know right now i don't want to awake. Why awake from a beautiful dream? It doesn't make sense. But maybe deep down there is some form of longing otherwise the question wouldn't arise and repeat itself.

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