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res 09-04-2012 07:35 AM

encouraging accidental suicide
I feel compelled to raise this issue in regard to people that will encourage accidental suicide. Meaning people that encourage others to take risks to better their chances at dieing sooner in hopes of returning to gods loving arms and this place called heaven where people skip everywhere they go around eating cotton candy and giving out hugs when you arrive at the pearly gates.

I have seen people encouraging this within these forums which reminds of a certain groups that encourage people to carry bombs into public places in some sort of sacrificial rite that will ensure their entry back in to gods house and carry out gods apocaliptic vision.

Do people actually realise that they are advising someones mother/ father, sister or brother, son or daughter? what if it turns out it is their own son ,daughter or mother or father that they encourage to take risks and succeed. Do they consider the persons age, mental health and responsibilities to the children that have been brought in to this world by them? I think not and i feel that a line should be drawn and that people that encourage suicide in any form should be banned from associating with what could be minors and unbalanced persons maybe even you own family in these forums.

They say that the greatest deciet that ever was, was the devil convincing the world that he didnt exist. If he did exist no one would follow him toward evil and rather he would lead you toward a lie. Could these people that lead others toward merrygo rounds and lollie pops handed out by supermodels with wings in the heavens be acting on evils behalf and the real deciet is that there is no heaven for those that have the slightest intention of taking their own life or maybe no heaven at all.

What actions can we take as responsible adults to protect the impressionable innocent souls on this site against people that will assist them in certain tragedy. Especially in this forum on death and the afterlife?

Do any moderators or admin have any suggestions? Is there a duty of care?

Do any of you fellow SF-ers have any suggestions?

CatChild 09-04-2012 07:46 AM

While I can understand your reasons for being concerned (and I am well aware of the thread that inspired you to write This one), it Might be better received if you were to state your concerns with less display of your emotional response. (That makes it seem and read as very personal). It Might make the replies less conflicting if that makes sense at all?

I too feel concern about anyone mentioning the word 'dying', yet at the same time, I have myself, felt like the life that I was currently living was ironically killing me slowly.

Yes we need to Live in a way that sheds the societal programming, but I still feel strongly that we need to remain accountable in part to our loved ones. In other words, make those life changes, RESPONSIBLY.

Perhaps if we see threads sharing content of 'dying' in a certain life or way of living, a PM to staff would be the best place to start, followed by a brief post expressing your thoughts/concerns and then suggestion to make a plan for the life change to ensure that everyone stays safe etc.

A PM to the member in question that would express further detail (your emotions etc) would be better than sharing that passion on the open forum.

This is my opinion and I thank you for caring enough to make this thread.

~ C.

res 09-04-2012 08:29 AM

Yes i agree that emotion got the better of me and you are right to highlight that Catchild, my apologies to anyone that was offended. I see so many kids on here and the advice they get is scary at times.

Thanks for the advice on how i should have gone about this. I suppose my suggestion was that we voice our concerns collectively and see if others have the same concerns or if i am just getting emotional over something that is not important enough with the members to be addressed. I did question the fact that i was emotional at the time and thank you for sharing that you have the same concerns as i do.

Maybe there could be a sticky thread that clearly states members concerns and consequences if this is an issue that enough members and admin share? I suppose it is a bit late to be sending pm's now and thanks again for your good advice.

JOHNTY 09-04-2012 09:12 PM


No need to apologise, I was not in the least offended. Sometimes it pays to have a good emotional rant. It brings out ones true feelings and at the same time releases an inner turmoil. It's good to share, to unburden yourself to your friends, be they in the flesh, here at SF or anywhere else on the internet. That's what friends are for.

And you made some very good and valid points. But not all such killers are brainwashed in others beliefs. Some people actually believe in the truth of what they do. They actually do believe that their actions are doing the work of their God.

Part of everyone's spiritual learning is to so believe in the love of God that they are willing to die for that belief. It is a belief that we must all go through at some time in the future. To die, to sacrifice ourselves for our God - as did Jesus, and all the others of ages past who died for the love of their God.

In your prayers bless all those who kill and all those who die.

midnightstar 09-04-2012 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by res
my apologies to anyone that was offended.

I wasn't offended res :smile: You've made some valid points :smile:

Native spirit 09-04-2012 10:41 PM

:smile: Hey Res,

I can see it from different sides to a lot of ppl as i am a counsellor and see ppl who are at their wits end, with one thing or another, it is not for any of us to tell another person to die sooner, but at the same time personal experiences do come into it, we are all human we all have our own beliefs and experiences of life, none of us are going to experience the same thing,
thats what makes us individual, we all have free will.
no one should tell anyone to end their lives just because things arent going right for them, but as in your own post emmotions will come into it.
we can only guide the person wanting to end their lives that there is always another way ,out of how they are feeling, but as i have already said, everyone has free will.


sumrwind 09-04-2012 11:06 PM

wow ! I really enjoy the actual heart felt opinions shared on this thread. sure gives me much to think about.

res 10-04-2012 09:15 AM

Thanks for understanding guy's, it nice to have friends that accept you..... faults and all :redface:

Its also great to know that there are counsellors like you Native spirit that are qualified to assist those in need. It would be great if those that are accreditted counsellors could be known in the same manner that the moderators are. Not to supply a service or be expected to help but just so that the person that you are chatting with knows that you are qualified and that your advice is coming from being fully educated in such matters.

Great to see you here sumrwind, there are so many very compassionate souls here at SF, you are in good company :smile:

Trieah 10-04-2012 04:32 PM

While I do understand your concern on this matter, I actually was offended at one of the things you said.


Originally Posted by res
and the real deciet is that there is no heaven for those that have the slightest intention of taking their own life or maybe no heaven at all.

My stepdad actually did take his own life, as have millions of other people that was either a friend or family member to someone. Do you wish us all to believe that our loved ones are eternally suffering from their actions at a time of their greatest weakness? Personally, I'd rather believe that my stepdad actually did find some peace. Also, I know hundreds, if not millions of people who have thought about, or wanted to kill themselves at some point (including myself). But none of them have acted upon that desire. Do you wish to insinuate that even those with the slightest intention of taking there own life are doomed from ever finding peace in the afterlife, simply because they have thought about the idea?

Yes, I do understand your concern on the matter. And I do understand that you were being quite emotional when you wrote it. But please try to remember my friend, nothing is so black and white, that there can never be a whole slew of different perspective to consider. I don't wish to chide you or anything like that. I do understand that we all have our own things we believe in. I'd just like you to consider another perspective of the same problem.


res 10-04-2012 11:49 PM

You make very valid points that i will take the time to explain when i get home from work. thanks for sharing and ill be back to you soon trieah.

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