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Lynn 15-07-2015 02:52 AM

SF Team of Staff Explained
Hello Members

It has been unclear to some members whom is Spiritual Forums Staff here. We have a full team of volunteer Staff here. We work hard to keep things running smoothly and in proper order.

We have levels of Staff here, Administrators show Purple with a User Name, Super Moderators show in Blue with a User Name, Moderators show in Green with a User Name. To easily find someone on SF Staff look for their User Name in the Members On Line.

We have two Administrators here - Lynn and Clover,we are available through PM or Lynn can be reached in E Mail by using the "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page.

If there is a posting you have issues with the content there is a "Report" function on site that sends an E Mail alert to "All Staff Members". We then get on it as fast as we are available to. This is a Red Triangle with an ! mark in it.

We do our best but remember that the SF Team of Staff are all volunteers and we do our best to keep things running for the members. We are members first and foremost so do not worry if we pop in and out from time to time in the Chat Room.

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