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tilly13 26-03-2015 04:58 AM

weight loss help
Hi, am looking to lose weight and wandering if there are any tea's, herbs or home remedies which could help me. Am all ready doing exercise and healthy eating and finding it hard to shift

PilotOfTime 30-03-2015 09:19 PM

Try to drink a medium-sized glass of water before each meal. It will help your metabolism.

jenriggs 31-03-2015 01:36 AM

Drink a ton of water..alot. also green tea. Kefir and raw natural saukraut are good for digestion to keep things moving and are.great.for the gut. Try a colon cleanse.

tilly13 04-04-2015 03:56 AM

Thank you, I will try these fingers crossed they work ��

Topaz 04-04-2015 09:17 AM

Also drink hot water and lemon with ginger before breakfast everyday.

Myvie 05-04-2015 11:59 PM

I have lost 38 pounds since going on a plan/guidelines of my own creation. One of my tricks is to take a fibre supplement like PGX, glucomanon or psyllium or whatever goes down easily enough with a low-calorie soup for one meal and eat a lot more protein than I used to. Makes restricting calories a lot easier. And taking teas with anti-anxiety herbs like valerian and passionflower and catnip usually about once a day because a lot of anxiety can come alongside the change and getting used to not eating or perhaps even binging in certain situations or times of day. I usually add the lemon to this as someone else suggested and also use a detox tea once daily with burdock, dandelion root and a few other things (not at home, can't check the box)
I also use NAC, it makes an AMAZING difference in my endurance and ability to breath during workouts and also is known to reduce oxidative stress done to your body during exercise. It is one of the most effective supplements I have ever tried, one of few I notice an immediate difference and makes exercise so much more enjoyable and refreshing. I take it usually 45 min to an hour before hand.

Myvie 06-04-2015 12:00 AM

I should have added that I was diagnosed with hypothyroid when I was 14 and I do have to eat less and exercise more than the average healthy person. It was so borderline that I chose to avoid medications. I do use supplements for this as well but knowing to what extent I have to adjust the math has been key in losing weight and my health improved alongside for the first bit, I think.... Like it seemed like the weight loss got easier anyhow.

calla lily 03-07-2015 05:58 PM

I recommend going vegetarian twice a week. I did this not to lose weight but to eat more healthy and I ended up losing weight. You will need to expand your menu to other cuisines though unless your cuisine already has a lot of veggie dishes. Otherwise, you will get bored of food and be tempted to grab something non-veggie.

I want to also suggest cutting out sugars. Sodas and other sugary drinks (i.e. starbucks).

Miss Hepburn 03-07-2015 06:04 PM


Thank you for the inspiration!

Clover 03-07-2015 06:18 PM

Water will be your best friend. I am super physical in gym and sport, but that is not what keeps me thin. or at my weight goal. It's all about portion control in what your eating. Keep in mind, just because you change your diet, does not necessarily mean you will lose weight either. For example, if your recommended calorie intake is 1200, than you must keep it within those boundries. Healthy foods including fruits and veggies are also high in calorie intake, so be careful with portion control. I remember being a marathon runner and putting in tons of mileage, but still being bulky because I was eating in access. Good luck, I hope you find the right resources that match your fit!

Health rule just in case we step out of conversation.:D

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