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Patrycia-Rose 23-04-2017 11:28 AM

What does it feel like to Give energy healing?
I have developed a potential healing ability as part of a spiritual awakening.

I would like to hear from other healers who work with energy healing such as reiki, cranio sacral therapy, angel healing etc to ask what it feels like when the energy is coursing through the body. Is it always in the hands, other parts of the body, any chakra sensations, hot, cold etc etc?

The energy I experience when I receive this healing, which I can instigate at will, is warm and tingly. I could say more but I would like to hear from others as to their experience at this point as this is all very new to me.


seedoflight 25-04-2017 06:08 AM

Hello Patrycia
I'm an energy healer with a natural ability to flow infra red energy through my body... Oddly I do not feel a warmth like you would think, but I feel a tingly thrumming sensation, but those I work on do feel a pronounced heat.
The one very interesting thing is that I always feel great after a healing, its really not draining at all like some people tell me they experience with some modalities. The other pronounced sensation I seem to always have is an intense thirst...

Patrycia-Rose 25-04-2017 04:20 PM

Hi there

Thank you so much for the reply.

This is so interesting. Like you I feel emotionally uplifted after a healing session. I've only done this for ten sessions and it's only the last two that I've been told that the energy is now fully attuned to me or I'm fully attuned to it (not sure which way round that is).

I'm hoping that the energy will be able to heal four ailments I have; three caused by trauma. I haven't as yet noticed any improvement but it could be too early. I have been trying to heal these for the last 10 years via all sorts of methods but nothing's worked, so I could be being impatient (never one of my virtues!). I seem to be able to pull the energy into parts of my body, other times I'm guided to let it go where it needs to.

Is "infra red energy" what you've called it or is that the name given by any guides you're working with or is this a particular type of energy?

Also does the energy start off in your feet or hands, both, or somewhere else?


seedoflight 26-04-2017 01:43 AM

Hello Patricia

By the way, I'm not able to heal myself with energy...
I do use crystal singing bowls and herbs for that...
As for the Infra Red, it's the frequency of energy my body/me/I
Can just naturally channel and control. I finally realized what "it" was when
I had my aura photographed. I have a 100% Infra Red Aura. The photographer
Never seen it before and thought it was a glitch, so re-did my aura photo several
Different times and it never changed. There's more to it but that sums it up.
When I do a healing/reading session the energy comes in downward through my
Crown chakra, and also in through my left side, seems to meet in my heart chakra
And exits through my right palm. I can also flow it by visualization without touching.
Traumas, or rather how we react to our traumas, is really where most ailments
And most healings come from... Don't you think? I consider us all beautifully broken
Humm ok that might have sounded better in my head....
Have you ever read "Vibrational Medicine" by Richard Gerber? A lot of great info
On some of the scientific Research done on healing touch/energy healing.
Pretty much validates that everything is energy, and all energy has vibration, and how
It can all be effected by other energies such as thought and emotion.
As long as we... Withhold forgiveness... Healing will be limited. Oddly enough
I always found when I do a healing I end up doing more counseling and listening
Than I do energy work.

Patrycia-Rose 30-04-2017 08:37 AM

Hi there

I had a look at Richard Gerber's books; he seems to have written several on vibrational medicine such A Practical Guide to and The Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies. Were you referring to one particular book or do you think either of those are good?

seedoflight 02-05-2017 12:39 AM

I think both are very good.
They do a good job of explaining how everything is made
Of energy... The old holographic universe concept, and how
Energy can be effected and modified by thought/will/consciousness.
I feel they provide a very good foundation for understanding what
Is behind energy healing/work.
Cymatics helped to pull it all together for me... We all talk about "vibrations"
But to actually see the wave forms and designs of words etc. Really helped
Me to understand what was going on in energy healing... Cymatics helps you
To actually see the energy as it flows in energy healing. There is a free app for smart
Phones called wavelet. If you are interested.

Lucky 02-05-2017 01:12 AM

Hi Patrycia,
I was attuned to reiki level 1 and do mostly self practice for the past 3 months. On myself, sometimes I feel heat from my hands, yet the few family members I've worked on feel heat, sensation of icy-hot and tingling from me. I once felt tingling from my own hands when I was on my dad's metal knee replacement. I've become fascinated lately with Donna Eden Energy Medicine, which mostly consists of tapping on key points. There are a lot of YouTube videos with her demonstrating. Worth looking into.

Patrycia-Rose 02-05-2017 04:02 PM

Hi Lucky

I've come across Donna Eden before, I seem to remember she works on the meridian points, similar to EFT.

The healing energy, I've done about 16 sessions so far. I ask the energy to start up and it does immediately by starting as a hot tingly feeling in my feet. Then it shoots up my legs. My hands also get hot and then it can go up my arms and from both those places it can go into my neck, chest, head, whatever it is that it is healing. It's getting stronger all the while but I am being guided into what is going to happen by a clairvoyant group of four.

With the reiki, do you feel it anywhere else in your body or just your hands?

If you do healing on others, do you trust that the energy will find its way to where it's meant to go for the person you're healing? Do you place your hands on their shoulders?


Lucky 03-05-2017 01:10 AM

Wow, that sounds amazing what you're into. I'd like to know what it's called!

With reiki I only feel it in my hands so far, but I know I still have work to do on myself before I have any profound experience. I also see a neon violet light traveling through a tunnel when my eyes are closed. Not sure what exactly this is but two reiki practioners I've told said they see the same thing. Sometimes when I'm really focused I feel energy run up my left leg...not sure what this tingling sensation means. I don't feel so free to reach out to my reiki master with every little thing so I'm kind of left to explore on my own (which I would really appreciate some guidance). To answer your last question, I've been told and have read that reiki energy is intelligent and knows where to go, as well as the practitioner being guided to place hands where they feel it's necessary. I was taught to start above the crown, after smoothing the aura first. Then, I'll place my hands on the crown and work down the chakras.

Patrycia-Rose 03-05-2017 11:37 AM

When it first started happening, I also wanted to know what it was called. The clairvoyant group said to me to consider it "universal spiritual energy". They said that people do like to label healing such as in reiki, cranio sacral therapy, angel healing etc - but it is all the same spiritual energy.

I also have activity going on in my third eye whilst this is going on, usually it's aura soma equilibrium bottles and the reason they show me these is because it makes me focus on the energy. It's true, it does make me focus. I've also seen that purple light in the third eye you describe.

I think the reason you feel energy in your left leg, is because the left side of the body is the feminine, receiving side. The energy in my legs feels very different from each other. It's quite noticeable.

That's really interesting what you were told about the energy having an intelligence and going where it's needed. When I first started experiencing it, I use to ask for it to heal the most pressing issue for me (in the conscious mind) but now I just allow it to go where it's needed.

The other thing I've noticed is that many of the sessions really seem to lift my spirits and make me feel more positive.

It's all really interesting and expanding all the time. So good to link up with other people experiencing this.

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