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smilingsun 21-08-2018 03:11 PM

How do you contact your guides ?
How can i contact my guides and can i be able to listen clearly to them ?

Do they will answer the call, present themselves if they're asked ? Or can they choose not to ?

Does the communication is done in with precise words or can it consist only in vague feelings, sensations ?

John32241 22-08-2018 04:43 PM


My experience and my understanding is that we are all vastly unique. Which means each of us needs to figure out how to do this stuff on our own.


Empowers 23-08-2018 03:28 AM

Some people hear words and sounds, some people see pictures, some people feel things. Each of these translate into information. How I would recommend you start is to find a meditation, or create your own, that helps you learn what your received is. How do you sense energy... do you see, hear, feel? Use scenes from your memories, if you like, and let yourself discern how you are reliving/recalling. Once you understand what your energy sensing is, start using guided meditation to strengthen that sense. Eventually, you will be able to have your own relationship with the guides that are with you.

Be patient. This can take practice. But if you continue your practice, you will succeed.

Should you feel the need to say a protection beforehand, you can use "I am divinely guided and protected from within. Only goodness and light can come to me, only goodness and light can come from me."

smilingsun 24-08-2018 08:19 PM

John, Empowers

Thank you for your help this makes a lot of sense.

Nameless 26-08-2018 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by smilingsun
How can i contact my guides and can i be able to listen clearly to them ?

Do they will answer the call, present themselves if they're asked ? Or can they choose not to ?

Does the communication is done in with precise words or can it consist only in vague feelings, sensations ?

Anyone can contact their guides and hear clearly the answers.
They are always with you. They can change as you change. As you grow from one thing to another, your guides can change so the new guide/s can help with the new you. But some stay your whole life, and some come and go as you change. You also have access to a guide for everything. There is a computer guide and a cooking guide and a sailing guide, etc, etc, etc. Whatever you need help with, you can call on a specific guide to help with that.

If you don't ask, they can't answer. So a clear understanding of what you want will give you a clearer answer.

As to how you can hear them, it is like anything else that you have learned in your life. It takes a willing heart and practice, practice, practice. It is a skill, and it is like a muscle you have to learn to develop. Some people just have this skill - maybe they learned it in a past life, and remembered it early on - not sure how that works. I know I didn't want to learn how to contact my guides until my 50's and only then because my children could, and they told me I could as well. So, the children teaching the parents.

A good book to start with is Learning to Channel, by Sanaya Roman. It is ok to read a bit and think about it and do it on your own time line. Take it as it comes to you. If you get impulses, do that thing. Everyone is different, we all learn differently, but this is a good road map to get started with.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and yes, they are great with energy, and sending energy and love and clearing your energy. Even if you can't hear them, ask and allow that they are helping you and you will get the help, whether you can hear it or not. If you want, you can start at the top, with whoever your "guru" I guess you could say is. I'm speaking of Jesus, or Budda, or whoever you feel a connection with. That way there is no misinterpretation of who is helping you and it comes from the light.

scorpius_rex 11-09-2018 04:46 PM

I've recently realized who some of my guides are by looking into my family history... I suggest asking your parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts etc. about people who have passed away in your family.

The biggest place I've seen my guides is my dreams. This is how they come through to me - to you, they may have a different medium. I've always had vivid dreams my entire life, and that is my gift. I suggest you analyze your life and find an activity/outlet that you've always enjoyed, and more importantly you've enjoyed it so much you've felt a spiritual connection doing it, and while your doing that activity try to focus your energy/mind on the spiritual world and see what hear/see/taste/think...

It's during this time when your'e doing that activity that your vibrations are strongest, so tap into it! For me I've found this activities and dreaming and being near waterfalls. Maybe yours is painting, swimming, playing baseball, meditating, or going to a specific place in nature, or even in a bustling city! It's wherever you feel most happy/comfortable, whether that be doing an activity or going to special location. Everybody has their own unique way of raising their energy/vibration level. That's what makes us all special!

I've always had a dream about an old man my entire life. He's visited me about 4-5 times that I can remember. He's always sitting in my room, or standing, just watching/observing, not saying anything. I never got a bad feeling, I could always tell he was good, but just that I don't know the person. One day I had that dream and I remember seeing his face and I recognized him as my Great Grandfather. I recognized him because my Grandmother who is still alive has his exact same face, especially the same eyes (shape/color).

When I realized it was my Great Grandfather I felt nothing, because I didn't really know him. He passed away when I was around 4 or 5, and the only memory I have of him is when he wouldn't stop hugging me and I wanted to get away. This is when he started to go senile (dymensia). I was very young so I didn't understand why this man wouldn't let go of me. I found out (part) of the reason yesterday.

Last week I went to a beautiful/magical waterfall by my house by myself. I swam in it and enjoyed it. It was the last hot day of the summer before autumn, so it was good I enjoyed it while I could, because this week it's been cold and rainy. I've always felt very connected to waterfalls. I can tell because I get so happy whenever I see a waterfall, and it's my favorite thing in the world to swim in a waterfall. I spent about 2-3 hours at the waterfall by myself, swimming/relaxing/writing. It was very enjoyable.

That night I had a dream that my recently deceased Grandfather was at the waterfall with me. I was not alone! It was very good to see him there because he was beaming, smiling at me. The leaves around him were so green they were almost glowing.

Seeing my Grandfather in my dream made me remember how I've been seeing another deceased spirit all my life, which is my Great Grandfather as I've mentioned in the above paragraphs. When I made the connection it was an epiphone, because it made me realize that just as my Grandfather was watching over me at the waterfall, my Great Grandfather has been watching me my whole life. I am a woman, and I love being a woman and want to stay a woman, but my whole life I've always felt like I should've been born a boy. When I was very young I was always very tomboyish, wearing boys clothes, having almost all guy friends, etc. Today I work in a man's profession, Engineering. You always take up the qualities of your guide, for example if you are a man but your guide is a female, you will be in touch with your feminine side and can express emotions easily. So it made sense to me how it would be my Great Grandfather who is one of my guides, because he was a very tall 6 ft 2 MAN, and I've always felt I've had masculine qualities. When my grandfather was alive he was also very quiet, which makes sense because when I saw him in my dreams he always said nothing!

I told my Grandmother this, and she was very happy. I first told her how I saw my Grandfather (her recently deceased husband) in my dreams, and she was happy to hear that. When I told her I saw her Father (my Great Grandfather) she was extremely happy to hear that!

When I went to a psychic two years ago the first thing she told me was that I have a higher vibration level, and that I have 8-9 guides that filled the tiny room we were in. I've read recently that the first guide that comes out to speak is the one that has the most unfinished karma with you, and that's why they speak first, because they want to be heard. The first one to come out was my Great Grandmother, the wife of my Great Grandfather that I've been seeing in my dreams. The psychic was like oh this woman is very talkative , she's like Hello!!! Whats up!! How're you doing!!! She originally said it was my Mother's mother, aka my Grandmother who's still alive, aka the daughter of my Great Grandfather who I've been seeing in my dreams. The psychic asked is your Grandmother talkative?? And I was like no she's actually very quiet. That's how I knew the psychic got the bloodline slightly mixed up by one generation, she wasn't talking about my Grandmother (the quiet one), she was actually talking about my Great Grandmother (the talkative one).

She told me that this spirit is the carrier of all children in the family, she is the Mother of the family. All children come through her: My Great Grandmother.

I started thinking, what would be the Karmic reason for her to reach out to me first? What unfinished business did I have with her? I know that she stayed alive just to meet me when I was born, and she passed away shortly after. My mother would always say she felt my Great Grandmother stayed alive just to meet me. I also had the memory of my Great Grandfather (who outlived her by a few years) not wanting to let go when he hugged me when I was a small child.

I started putting the pieces together, and I knew that since this guide is a Mother from my Mother's side of the family, the best way to begin to deal with this issue is to look at my own Mother. I've always felt disconnected from my own Mother, like I wasn't her child. She was a great mother to all of us, but she would always pick on me. It started even before I was born, because I was the 3rd child born (there's 5 total), and the first 2 were girls. So, she wanted a boy. When she found out I was a girl she was dissappointed I felt like. So right from the get go she wanted me to be something I wasn't. Then when when I was younger I was quiet, and she would always pick on me like why don't you have more friends, why can't you be more social. Again, she wanted me to be something I was not. Whenever me and my siblings would fight, she would literally say, "If _______ is involved (talking about me), it's her fault." Like........ !!!!!!! What did I ever do to you Mom besides be myself !!!!

Yesterday I was on a particularly grueling day of my period, and my emotions were high and I had a bit of a fever. I sat and hung out with my real little sister and we talked and having a good time. I think having her there was important because it grounded me to my current family. As I was sitting with her the answers just came pouring into me head.... one thought after another.... and it all made sense.

My actual Mother had 5 children. The Psychic said my Great Grandmother was the Mother of all Children in my family. I keep on seeing my Great Grandfather in my dreams all my life (the "Mother of all Children"'s husband). The "Mother of all Children," my Great Grandmother, had only one child in real life, my Grandmother. She felt like she should have had more.

That night I asked my real mother about this person, my Great Grandmother. She mentioned some things about her personality, but then she said one thing that stuck with me .... My Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather had another child before my Grandmother, a son. He only lived one day, then he died in the hospital. There was some issue with her placenta or something.

Then I put all the pieces together, and I realized that I am my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather's child. That's why my Great Grandfather has been coming to me and watching me in my dreams all my life .... that's why my Great Grandmother came through first with the psychic ... that's why I've always felt that I should have been born a boy. Because I had been born a boy before, as recently as in the 1930's-40's. That's also why I've felt I've always been attracted to that time period.

I'm very glad I realized this, because it makes me feel like my life makes a little more sense now. I feel like maybe my Mother knew subconsciously I wasn't really her child, and she might've been a little confused/alarmed/resentful of that.

I'm also glad I had this revelation while my Grandmother (my cosmic-sister, since we should've been siblings) is still alive, so I can express this to her, and break this Karmic tension with my real mother, my Great Grandmother, while half of her is still being lived out physically through my still-alive Grandmother/cosmic sister.

I also want to mention that my Grandmother gave me an elephant statue that my Great-Great Grandmother bought in Manhattan around 1900. This is my Great Grandmother (my Cosmic Grandmother)'s mother. My Grandmother recently gave me this elephant about 3 weeks ago, and ever since then I've been having these revelations. First feeling anger towards my real Mother, then having these dreams, then having these epiphones ... I feel like having that Physical object that my Cosmic Parents looked at every day was the catalyst towards this revelation that they were originally intended to be my real physical parents.

I know now that the reason that my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather are sticking around Earth is because they want to raise me as their child. I'm so glad they love me. I also want their souls to move on and go to other places so they can feel even happier and experiences new world's/spiritual planes, so it was important for me to have these revelations so their souls can be at peace and move on. Soon I will burn incense for them and pray for their souls to move on.

In short, I truly feel like going to that Waterfall was the catalyst in me discovering these two guides. Waterfalls have always made me so happy when I see them, and made me feel so at peace like I am in Heavan ... so I suggest finding a place/object/activity that makes you feel a similar way, and spend more time doing that thing and see what comes to you!

Nameless 22-09-2018 02:52 AM

Scorpius rex - that was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure I'm a lot older than you (you are a newbie, that's how I know LOL). Anyway, what came to mind was forgiveness. Forgiving your mom might help move your energy - forgiveness is all about you and not the person you are forgiving. A few months ago I ran into a powerful forgiveness exercise. I'll post these for you if you are interested. The first is where he explains it, then the second is where you can have a guided exercise. I am one who loves lists. Tell me how to do something by #1, #2, #3. I know it drives my guides crazy, but that's just me. So if this works for you, you might want to write down your own list of how to do this and what worked for you, because trust me, once you do this and realized how good it makes you feel, you are going to want to try this more than once, for more than one person :)

(Hmmm... I hope this link is allowable, it has a bad word in it. Well, it is really a made up word, so maybe that counts.


Forgiveness exercise included in this meditation


Happy trails........

RadiantPearl 22-09-2018 03:39 PM

Hi although I’ve never spoken with mine I have seen signs that would point me in a certain direction. I think how each guide chooses to communicate with a person is different.

John32241 22-09-2018 03:54 PM


I agree. Each of us is unique and quite different. However I would say that guide communication involves our intuition. Trusting in that would always be helpful.


BigJohn 23-09-2018 06:21 AM

Generally I have a one on one conversation.

Sometimes I pick up on clues. For example
i wake up and it is 1:23PM.

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