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PurpleMist 25-01-2016 08:30 PM

My Dad is Dying and I'm scared.....
My Dad was diagnosed with terminal Cancer last week and he is going downhill fast. I saw him a couple of days ago and he was so thin & fragile, it just almost didn't seem like him. I'm very close to my Dad, he is a very Spiritual man, we connect on that level. I asked him if he was scared and he said no. I trust that he will be greeted on passing over, by his Mum and dad and Barney our beloved Golden Retriever.

I just can't get my head around how fast this is all happening. We all celebrated Christmas less than a month ago. I've just recovered from a complete nervous breakdown and now this. When I was ill, my Dad came to stay with me for a week; now when I look back, all the things we have done in the last three years, were saying goodbye to this life. Like going to his hometown when my Grandmother died and we went to see his old house.

I know I will see my dad again, but I'm aching so badly inside right now, as it's just all too fast, I love him so much and he is the best Dad in the world. I can't believe I'm writing this, I'm breaking inside.

Aunt Bud 25-01-2016 08:49 PM

There is a blessing that your grief is front loaded and you have time to prepare for what may happen in the future. Be strong! I've been there. Its another part of your earthly journey. This too will pass.:angel7:

knightofalbion 25-01-2016 08:53 PM

So sorry to hear that, dear PurpleMist.

Firstly, yes, when his 'time' comes his mum and dad and Barney will be there to greet him. Indeed, they may come to accompany him over to the Other Side.
So, take heart at that.

I'm not going to lie to you, dear soul. It'll be stressful. But somehow, when the need arises, 'you' find the inner strength to cope.

Do you have other family/relatives? Or close friends? Always helps to have someone there with you. A bit of moral support and all that.

Prayer can be very strengthening at a time like this.

You have your memories of magic moments together. Nothing can ever take those from you.

Stay strong, dear soul. God bless.

Trinitydown 25-01-2016 09:06 PM

Always toughest on those left behind...:hug:

Treasure the good moments, as well as those good moments left to come before he passes--when he leaves, you will be able to let him go with a smile knowing that yes, you'll meet again someday, in another life.

Chances are he's a part of your soul family, and as you've had such a good bond in this lifetime, your souls will most likely incarnate at some point together again.

Silver 25-01-2016 09:53 PM

My heart goes out to you, PurpleMist.

PurpleMist 25-01-2016 10:16 PM

Now when I look back, we did all of the special things in the years before he got ill, we went to the Zoo, we went to childhood places, we spent quality time together, we talked, we sat in silence, sometimes we didn't need words (if that makes sense).

I am very lucky to have had him as my Dad, I love him so much and will miss him dearly when he leaves this plane of existence and moves to the next, but I know he will be watching over us. Just as I was typing that, there was a huge bang from one of the wardrobes, it has never ever done that before. Strange.

Thank you for your replies to this post, it really means such a lot to me at such a difficult time in life.
Love and Light, PurpleMist xxx

Native spirit 25-01-2016 10:20 PM

Hi PurpleMist,

I can empathise with you on more than one level its hard to comprehend that someone who you are close to will leave the earth plain,its a fact of life but it doesnt take the pain away,cancer has taken so many people in my own life
as you are a spiritual person you will know that your dad,wont cross on his own ,and he will be fully healed in the spiritual realm, im sorry you are getting over a Nervous Breakdown,and the support you had from your dad was invalueble.but he did it because he loves you,you can still speak to your dad you know this ,but have you got support to help you through what your dad is going through?, there are organisations that can offer support for you you dont have to go through this alone. if you want to talk to someone just pm me,
thinking of you.


Light Seeker 25-01-2016 10:48 PM

I extend all the healing energy at my behest to you personally to help you to deal with this singularly difficult situation.

I worry so much that my words of comfort can be taken as anything but.... In my experience the ones preparing to go home have an air of reconcilliation about them , In fact it is very often the case that an air of both peace and tranquility befalls them , because they know they have lived their lives according to their abilities and gifts to the very fullest....

It is , in my experience, (a very personal experience,I may say) that those who are to left behind are the ones that take on the most difficult of emotions.. So please take this love and healing as it is given .. For you personally.

PurpleMist 26-01-2016 07:16 PM

Thank you all for your replies, I'm really struggling today, the evenings are the worst. I can't eat and am living on coffee. The strength my Dad taught me is not here and I need it most now, because I'm so scared of losing him in this life and so quickly. Last week everything was ok, today, it's all dark.

I know my Dad will be going to a better place. I will look for signs. My Daughter said to me last night, that she will be long for white feathers and whenever she gets one she will put it in a jar to keep. I just wish I was there to hold his hand as he passes, but I can't.

I just went this all to have been a bad dream and I will wake up and he will be here...but that's not going to happen :(

Silver 26-01-2016 07:20 PM

It's hard to shake the fear when it involves a loved one. Just accept the fear (and all other emotions) as something that comes and goes. It's about the only way to not let it get under your skin, and if it's any comfort, you are not alone!

(Living on coffee is uh not so good for you - it'll only rev you up - whether good or bad feelings come.)

Make a list of healthy snacks to have ready to grab (I think apples and/or cheese or peanut butter and celery?) will keep that coffee habit at bay.

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